The Aquarian woman is unpredictable and extraordinary in every way.

Women born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are guided by the planets Uranus and Saturn.

These two planets are very contradictory, with Saturn symbolizing tradition and fear of change while Uranus symbolizing progressive thinking and the pursuit of change.

This mixture of contradictions makes the Aquarius woman very surprising in her actions.

The symbol of the Aquarius sign is also very contradictory, where it is represented by a water carrier, although it is an air sign, but for good reason, because the behavior of Aquarius is changeable like the waves.

This woman is everything unexpected, but also very unique in the way she acts and thinks, which leaves everyone speechless.

The Aquarian woman has a broad understanding, and nothing is ever shocking or unacceptable to her.

They are kind of whimsical and you never know what to expect from them and these are the hallmarks of a true Aquarius.

This woman has her own way of understanding certain things and she never longs to adapt to her surroundings, as she can never act otherwise than she really is.

They often say things before thinking about them, but they also always tell the truth with no regrets or concern about what others will think.

This woman also doesn’t like spreading gossip, she wants to live how she wants, but she also lets others live how they want without judgment.

The life of others is not part of her thought process, and rather she focuses on herself and her own happiness.

The true independence of an Aquarian woman only shows when you scratch below the surface and get to know her a little better.

You will hardly find so much sincerity and unadulterated friendship in any other zodiac sign.

If you don’t like her, she will let you know, but if she does like you, you will make a friend that you can rely on anytime, anywhere.

She values ​​people who dare to be different, and she seeks a deeper meaning in everything.

After all, she is an air sign and her head is constantly in the clouds.

Characteristics of an Aquarian Woman

The Aquarius woman always does what she wants and never what others ask her to do.

Its appeal lies in its incomprehensibility and infinity, and it is often very difficult to understand.

On the other hand, she is a benefactress and has a big heart and is always ready to help, be it financially, emotionally or in any other form.

She likes progress, but on a personal level, but she doesn’t like too many changes.

This woman is deeply connected to her past and memories, which she holds as her greatest treasure, and she takes loyalty to a new, deeper level.

No matter how much the person she really loves has changed or hurt her, she will always strive to keep her bond alive, even if she is independent enough to endure a life without that person.

She may live her life without excuses, but she also has the strength to be alone at times, and she has enough responsibility to go through life alone without help.

The Aquarius woman doesn’t need other people’s support and help, and everything she has got through hard work without even a moment thinking about giving up.

Because she never listens to the opinion of others, she is very happy with her own self, her looks, her choices and is able to achieve her dreams.

Many women want to be independent and strong like them, but many also lack the courage to be true to themselves because they serve the opinions of others.

Even when she approaches people directly, she also gives others enough space and freedom to see how far they will go with her.

If someone also makes the mistake and hurts them, they will never take revenge or sabotage a person, but because they believe in fate, they will simply wait for fate to take revenge for them.

This woman may live for love, but she will never forgive those who do not appreciate her kindness and time.

The Aquarian woman in love

Do not expect a calm and smooth relationship with the Aquarius woman.

At first you will be overwhelmed by love, but once the excitement is over you will be dumped without warning.

No Aquarius likes the responsibility to break up, but if the partner doesn’t understand that the Aquarian woman has had enough, she will provoke an argument or create a situation so impossible that the other side will simply have to pull back.

An Aquarius woman also has the potential to be an ideal wife.

Still, it doesn’t fit easily into a marriage. She trusts her partner unconditionally, but she also seeks unconditional freedom for herself.

She behaves without bitterness and is a very pleasant and persistent person.

She is faithful in marriage, but she likes contact with the opposite gender in the form of friendship.

She is very attractive to men because she is original and mysterious.

This woman loves rationally rather than instinctively, and her love harmony often depends on her spiritual harmony.

She is lovely and graceful, she easily conquers, but she is also very demanding in love.

Once she has enough freedom and acceptance, she will still be able to be a wonderful partner and the perfect wife.

If you want equality, then an Aquarian woman is the right choice for you.

She will never pretend she is not who she really is because she is always true to herself, she is, after all, a woman who is original, unpredictable and unique in every way.

If the Aquarius woman falls in love, she will fall in love for the rest of her life and she will do everything possible to keep that person by her side and fight for their future together.

The dark side of the Aquarian woman

The Aquarius woman always lives life her own way, she disobeys, she does not submit to set rules, and if you try to tell her that, she will act even more scandalously just to get on your nerves.

She loves the attention it gets, and sometimes she even tests how far she can take things without taking responsibility for them.

Unless you enjoy trying new things and taking risks, the Aquarian Woman will have a hard time understanding you.

Their behavior is also very prone to change, and they can go from being completely extroverted to being completely lonely.

These women need to meet new people and try new things all the time, and even if they never forget their loved ones, they can sometimes neglect them for the sake of new people.

While they can keep other people’s secrets, they have dark secrets of their own that they can hide to perfection.

One of their more negative qualities is that they are able to live with the darkest secrets without remorse for hiding them, and they are able to act as if they had never done anything wrong.

Sometimes they can’t take responsibility for the unpredictable actions they take, and that’s pretty bad because they happen a lot.

How to Best Understand the Aquarius Woman

The Aquarian woman is anything but ordinary.

She is a person with a golden heart, but also with a deep love for peace and solitude.

This woman sincerely loves herself and others and sees things for what they really are.

She doesn’t want harm and unhappiness to arise in other people’s lives, and often it is one of the many reasons people still believe that happiness can be found in one person.

When everyone has already forgotten and left you, an Aquarius woman will come to remind you how important you are and give you the most original birthday present you can imagine.

Their happiness lies in the little things, and life is something to be hugged every day because we only have one chance to live.

For those who have her in their life, she will be an inspiration, a loyal friend and companion.

She loves taking her partner and friends on adventures and encourages them to enjoy life more.

It also teaches them that nothing in life should be taken that seriously and that all things can be changed for the better if one tries.

She keeps every secret as if it were her own, and she never does anyone wrong, even if you will never find out anyway.

When she loves, she loves deeply, and she hugs every flaw in her partner and loves them even when they are absolutely distant.

Her love goes so deep because she never lets go of memories, and she likes to think back on them when she lets her thoughts drift to heaven.

This woman is difficult to understand, but neither should she be because her beauty lies in the unconventional way she lives and loves.


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