How To Take Advantage Of The Energy Of The Taurus Season According To Your Sign

How To Take Advantage Of The Energy Of The Taurus Season According To Your Sign

The Sun has entered Taurus on April 19. Taurus comes into our lives to remind us of our connection to the earth. The key to connecting with this powerful energy is enjoyment and pleasure, but we do not always have everything on our side to be relaxed, to see the relaxed side of life. Taurus also has its explosive character, that although it does not come out often, be careful when it appears, because it lashes out without thinking. Each sign has its most natural way of approaching this energy and harnessing it. We bring you some tips according to your sign. How to harness the energy of the Taurus season according to your sign?


It’s time to bring out your Aries childish side, not think about it too much and get sunbathing and enjoying nature. Bring out your most creative side and unleash it, paint, write or dance like crazy! You will need to hydrate a lot with healthy drinks and when those situations come that get on your nerves, take a sip of water, take a few breaths, go out and look at the blue sky and laugh at how silly some people can be, without giving it more importance. Someone new may appear on the horizon, focus on slowing down and savoring moments. Find quiet activities that make you enjoy yourself together.


Taurus, it’s time to really be you, to love yourself and give yourself the best. Treat yourself to whimsy, spend your money on yourself, and do what you’ve been needing for a long time. Even if you consider it silly, it is very important. Spring brings you rebirth and you will be full. The earth is part of you, so you need to recharge your forces in nature and with your loved ones. Your brightness will attract many people from your environment who need to understand this energy to enjoy, so do not disappoint them, seek tranquility and live each moment as if it were unique.


How to harness the energy of the Taurus season according to your sign? Gemini, you are going to listen to what your body has to tell you, Gemini. Stop looking the other way, because otherwise, life will force you to look at it. But it’s for your good Gemini. It is so that you can anchor yourself to the ground. First, your body asks you to respect, eat well, play sports, and enjoy all this. Are you not excited to spend hours running on a treadmill? Well, try other disciplines, yoga, dance, climbing … The important thing is that you realize when you start looking at life, it will look back at you with affection. Enjoy every moment without thinking about what will come next. Because life is volatile and you already know this, but you get out of all the difficulties with wings, given by your ruling planet, Mercury.


Do you want to discover a new place? Share moments with special people? Well, as far as possible, make it Cancer. Give yourself the pleasure of connecting with that part of you that has fewer worries, that is capable of seeing life as a cluster of unforgettable moments. Aim to live each moment as if it were unique and enjoy it. If you find it difficult, start with the little things, enjoy the taste of a family meal, put the brakes on, and spend more time with the people you love.

With this energy in the environment, your emotions can be calmer, and from the tranquility, you can see where you are going, what you really want in your life. Do not be impatient if things do not come to you instantly, reality takes its time to manifest itself, have faith.


You have learned a lot in these months, Leo, and you will continue to do so, but now it is in your hands to do it from enjoyment. Because you also learn by playing. Take a break to spend a few days of tranquility, to take care of yourself, eat nutritious things and play sports, if it is even better in nature. The Taurus season asks you for a connection with the earth and this cannot happen if you go through life in a rush without time to look at what you have in front of you. Maybe some things hurt to see them but don’t worry because the changes are already underway. Now it is as simple as enjoying, that is what life asks of you, without going crazy, without falling into excesses or things that do not benefit your body. If you do it from health, you will prepare for things that are very interesting.


You have already taken the necessary steps to start, now it’s time to understand the growth rate for your projects. Let go of Virgo control a bit. Sometimes you are so worried that everything is perfect that you forget to enjoy the day-to-day. And your mind becomes so focused that very important experiences pass in front of you and you are not able to see them. Taurus comes to help you with this. You just have to get that side of you connected to pleasure, ask yourself what gives you earthly pleasure, and if you can’t find it, start with your skin. Massages, organic products, baths … You already know this, you are not bad at taking care of yourself, add being aware of the soles of your feet during the day and what your eyes are seeing, recreate yourself when you see something beautiful. And trust life, what has to come will come.


How to harness the energy of the Taurus season according to your sign? Now it’s your turn to be present in your Libra body You are an air sign and you tend to let your mind fly away from reality, but Taurus brings you the opportunity to feel the pleasure and beauty that your ruling planet, Venus, craves so much in your own body and in reality itself. You need time for yourself, relax your rhythm of life and allow yourself to be in contact with your senses, give them good smells, flavors, and the pleasure of walking barefoot through natural places. Connecting with Taurus will allow you to materialize who you really are and all your projects. If you leave room to enjoy the small pleasures of life, slowly but surely, you will allow all the ideas that you have not yet managed to materialize to germinate.


Do not resist the changes Scorpio, you who know how to tune in with the energies of death also know how to be in contact with the energies of life and rebirth. And now it’s your turn to be reborn Scorpio, Taurus brings you this impulse and who better than you to take advantage of it. The great Scorpio has died and been reborn so many times. Your most natural way to get closer to this energy, to the earth and to pleasure, is with love. There you connect with your body moment by moment, use this feeling and take it to other areas of your life, stop during the day to feel your skin, feel the soles of your feet on the ground, enjoy a taste, a smell …


Sagi, life asks you to face it, to surrender to the earth and to matter. That you savor every moment. Give yourself the pleasure of going a little slower, giving yourself what you’ve been wanting for a long time, spending time with your body, and of course getting plenty of rest.

Every day nature gives you thousands of reminders that you are alive and that beauty surrounds you. Choose one of them, like the sunset, and propose to see it every afternoon, have that moment to connect with yourself, with nature and greatness. At that moment breathe, feel the soles of your feet, and don’t think of anything else. From your skin and your senses, connect to everything around you. They are there so you can create things, in reality, do not put them aside.


How to harness the energy of the Taurus season according to your sign? Capricorn, finally a moment to rest if you manage to connect to this Taurus energy. You have been quite saturated with the acceleration and the fire that Aries brought, but now it is time to go back to being you, Capri, to feel your connection with the earth and the more leisurely time. Of course, do not lose the movement, even if it is a little slower. Achieving your goals is something very important in life, but don’t forget to enjoy that path, so everything will have a meaning.

If someone unbalances you, don’t give them space in your life, and if you can’t stop them from being there, look at them and laugh at how ridiculous the situation is. Because it is time to enjoy more and worry less. Pay attention to people who really bring beautiful and interesting things to your life. Enjoy small moments with them and recharge your energy there.


It is the moment to listen to your body, to connect with it, because it is the last push you need to bring all those wonderful ideas that haunt your head to reality. We know that it is not your strong point, but Taurus will help you with this, you make yourself available to be in contact with the earth, walk a lot, stop for a moment and feel your skin. You will have to find pleasure in your closest circle, in the place where you live, to have it present throughout the day. Be patient with the people around you, because Aquarius, you are always ahead, you live in the future and now is the time to be in the present. It is the way to materialize your wishes and your most innovative ideas.


Pisces, you more than anyone need to take advantage of this energy if you want to advance a little in your life. You are going to have to make a lot of contacts, moment by moment, with what is happening around you. Live the reality of each moment, and we know that this is not easy for you. The practice of sports or Yoga, which brings you back to your body, together with stopping a few times a day to ask yourself what you are doing at that precise moment will help you connect with the world.

Find pleasure in earthly things, indulge yourself in eating your favorite fruits, drinking natural juices and spending your free time walking through mountain areas or parks.


How To Take Advantage Of The Energy Of The Taurus Season According To Your Sign

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