How to say goodbye to your great love

Great love should last forever. It should never end. And most importantly, you shouldn’t have to suffer because of her.

Maybe you never thought that you would eventually have to say goodbye. You just couldn’t imagine it. And then the unimaginable happened and you went into shock.

It hurts and it’s incredibly difficult to deal with. You want to make sense of it, but you’re wondering if there’s any sense at all.

When you first loved, your heart was pounding and you were head over heels in love. In his arms you could feel safe and secure. You felt like you had finally arrived home and had a place where you belonged. 

You loved him so much and he loved you back.

But unfortunately, love alone is not always enough to have a long-term relationship. Maybe you just met this person at the wrong time, or life has thrown a spanner in the works. It may be that it was just a wrong decision that ended up separating the two of you.

The love could have been huge, but if everything wasn’t right about the relationship, then maybe it had to end at some point. Fate sometimes just plans something else for you and you have to let people in your life go even though you don’t want to and even though you don’t understand why.

You have to accept that some things in life just happen, couples break up and there’s nothing you can do about it. Only with this acceptance can you say goodbye to your great love and really let him go.

It doesn’t matter what you try or how much you cling to him. Maybe you even prayed that it would never end with you. But there comes a point when you have to let go. 

However, you should not simply forget this special love and hide the fact that this person once meant everything to you. Of course, that will be your first instinct. It’s a kind of protective mechanism that prevents you from suffering further. 

However, in your subconscious, the more you try to erase your memories, the more you’ll cling to them. You shouldn’t try to get all the memories of that special relationship out of your head. They are memories of the moments when you were happy.

You felt love and that is just priceless. That’s something you should appreciate because that’s hardly ever the case in this world today. There are people who have waited their entire lives to experience this feeling that you were allowed to experience. Maybe they will never see it. 

It may be that they will search for it all their lives, but their search will be forever unsuccessful. Perhaps they will never find the right lid for the pot. They may find someone they will love and marry and have children with, but it will not be their true love. 

They will always feel like they never found what they always wanted. And they will feel deprived because they have never experienced it.

If you have experienced great love, then you should not regret anything – because you have experienced it. So you should be thankful for this time and all the happiness that you felt. You have had the opportunity to experience love in its truest state. Even if it wasn’t forever, you can be glad that you were able to feel it.

Just because it’s over now doesn’t mean it was any less real. She will be in your heart forever and when you visit this place less often – you will have the certainty that true love exists. He couldn’t stay by your side, but he will always be a part of you.

It shouldn’t be a burden for you to carry around with you. It should be a gift that life has given you. You are lucky that you loved and you shouldn’t cry because it’s over. It meant something to you and that’s the most important thing. 

Of course, the breakup was painful, and you may feel like the pain will never go away. But you have to have faith in life. There will be a way to heal this pain someday. But to do that, you have to allow that special someone to stay in your heart.

Once you accept that it must end, the healing process will begin automatically. Some people will only come into your life for a while and they won’t stay a minute longer. Nothing is forever and everything is temporary.

The only thing left to you is yourself. That’s why you should be your own hero. Work hard for yourself because you are the most important person in your life you will ever have.

Maybe you need to let go of someone you hoped would be in your life forever. You will remember him and at some point you will feel the gratitude that you were allowed to love.

Have faith that you will be able to love again – even if the love of your life will occupy a part of your heart forever.

How to say goodbye to your great love

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