How to recognize true love? The signs are unmistakable!

True love, its sincerity is distinguished by acts far better than words. William Shakespeare

Few people have the chance to experience true love from the first encounter. Some even cumulate stories with no tomorrow to the point that they happen to no longer believe in true love. Because they can not recognize the true love of an adventure and because they no longer believe in love, they can miss out on their luck. For this to not happen again, learn to recognize the signs of a loving man or the subtle gestures and attitudes of a woman in love. Stop asking yourself questions about the outcome of your love story, discovering the signs that do not deceive, the signs of true love.

What is the point of knowing the signs of true love?

The love at first sight that unites two beings and keeps them together for the rest of their lives is not a myth, but it does not happen to everyone. Especially since nowadays, couples are formed and discarded with such rapidity that some people have given up trying to find true love.

With such attitudes, they can miss their chance because they can not decipher the signs sent by their lover.

But gestures are part of languages without words. People, too shy to express what they feel, use it to communicate with others. This is why every gesture counts because it also helps to understand the other.

Some gestures, more subtle and more discreet, are difficult to detect because they express deep feelings like true love.

Knowing how to detect the signs of true love can reassure you when you have an exceptional relationship. One also has the right to ask questions if in a couple, the “I love you” fuse but that these gestures that say a lot about a real love relationship are missing.

5 signs to recognize true love

Sign # 01: love resists distance

Tell yourself that your love story is serious, if, despite the distance, that is to say, the hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, which separate you, trust reigns. In this kind of situation, which is conducive to infidelity, neither wants to take advantage of the situation to deceive one or the other. This is because both of you respect each other. Moreover, respect and cordial exchange are the signs of a man in love: he can not be easily distracted from his love. That’s why most couples who have had long-distance love relationships and who have held up well are able to live together and easily overcome the difficulties they have to face together.

Sign # 02: You do not stop at the flaws of the other

If these are the qualities that attract people to each other, the defects that are revealed over time and the vagaries of life, allow knowing the people who really care about you. True love is the one that helps the other to become lovable, despite his faults. It’s not about excusing or finding reasons for bad behavior but trying to understand it. Understanding and tolerance are assets in a relationship. People who support each other, despite their respective flaws, sometimes infuriating, can overcome the challenges of time together.

Sign # 03: You argue in a healthy way

Only a mild and strong affection at the same time makes it possible to resolve the conflicts, which are inevitable. Sister Emmanuelle

Couples who do not quarrel are a myth, since there will always be differences of opinion. Everyone must be able to express themselves freely, otherwise, there is a malfunction. Or it is the man who has a hold on the woman or the opposite. In any case in a relationship where the balance of power is equal, there are always moments of discord. You live an exceptional relationship of love, healthy and balance if you know how to argue while listening to you at the same time! In the future, you will avoid the situation that angered the other person or you will make sure that it does not happen again. This attitude is a testament to your love for your other half, as you look after your emotional well-being.

Sign # 04: You live a relationship of mutual trust


In your couple, you live a balanced relationship, there is no dominant-dominated relationship, and everyone is free to express their opinion, while the other listens. In addition to the cordial exchange, you can rest on your half, on all aspects of the couple’s life: sentimentally, financially and physically. The fact of giving oneself 100% in one’s role, and finding the comforting and fulfilling relationship is the sign of a woman in love, while the man who wants his sweetheart will do everything possible to make her feel protected.

Sign # 05: Your love prevents you from giving in to temptations

A man in love does not seek entertainment elsewhere and prefers to spend time with his other half. This is the sign that his love is serious enough and prevents him from yielding to temptations. It is the same for the woman. In a “normal and healthy” relationship, fidelity is a sign of a loving woman who respects her partner and ensures her well-being.

Good communication is the key to success in a harmonious relationship. Even if the couple argues, a man in love or a woman in love will not let a slight difference create a tense atmosphere. Everyone will try to find a compromise or awaiting ground from where the interest to know to detect the signs which do not deceive to recognize true love.

Use clairvoyance to find out if your love is serious

Do not be afraid or ashamed to consult a specialist clairvoyant of Love. If you feel the need to:

  • To reassure you about your nascent history
  • Know the mood of your new partner
  • Determine the degree of commitment of your love story …

A seer can guide you and bring you all the answers to the questions that concern you. You can then let go and move forward serenely!

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