We are not going to deny that 2020 is being a very difficult year for everyone. We want it to end as soon as possible, but there are still almost two months to go. According to astrology, the last two months of the year are going to be crucial. Many planets that were retrograde enter direct and also on December 21 the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs. They are one of the largest planets in the solar system. It is an astrological event that happens every 20 years and that is why it is very important. It is THE EVENT of the year, which will affect the remainder of 2020 but will also mark much of 2021. Surely you are wondering how to prepare for the great conjunction of 2020, so keep reading to find the answer to that question.

To begin with, you must know what great conjunction is. Well, conjunction is when two or more planets line up at the same point. More technically, when two or more planets are in the same degree of the same sign. When this alignment occurs, your vibes mix and match. Saturn and Jupiter, both planets are closely associated with responsibility, maturity, and growth. On the one hand, Saturn is more associated with justice, constancy, evolution, discipline. On the other hand, Jupiter is more associated with morals, ideals, prosperity, and optimism.

When they line up on December 21, you can expect related power struggles over how to get things done. Globally, this conjunction will affect the way we govern, not only others but also how we govern ourselves. From now on, we are going to try to do things in the best possible way to move forward and not get stuck, but without anyone being disadvantaged. Things are going to change in the world, whether we are ready or not. Something very big is coming… This year, it was also the United States elections. The conjunction brings a very important challenge that will affect the world. It is a moment of total renewal …

This conjunction is different, it is special. What differentiates it from the others? Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius almost at the same time. This conjunction occurs in zero degrees in Aquarius. A sign closely linked with social aspects, humanitarian, justice, but at the same time with creativity and independence. It is a sign that is characterized by its open mind. For this reason, this conjunction has a lot to do with the rights that human beings have and is closely linked to equality. The conjunction also happens in degree 0 so it marks the great beginning of something new. Both as a society and on a much more personal level. We are going to start looking more for ourselves in order to take care of the good of others. Finally, we are going to understand that the important thing now is to take care of ourselves, to protect ourselves from the virus so that the rest are not in danger.

How to prepare to take advantage of the great conjunction? It is time to put aside old habits because the way you see things is going to change a lot. If you are not willing to change, it is very possible that from now on you will feel very uncomfortable with everything. Jupiter and Saturn are planets that are also related to work and career, so the best thing you can do before they line up is to write down on paper what you want to do with your work life from now on. We must be willing to change EVERYTHING, we must prepare our life to reach our goal as soon as possible. It is renewing or die.

This conjunction, as you know, happens in Aquarius, so it will drive people born under this sign above all, but the other air signs will also be greatly influenced. In general, all the signs of the zodiac can take advantage of their energy. You know, it’s going to be something super strong and powerful. Here are some little tips to know how you should prepare for the great conjunction:

If you are an EARTH sign – Taurus, Virgin, or Capricorn:

This conjunction is going to directly affect your career. You are going to take a big step ahead. You have to target especially your well-being and forget about everything else. It is obvious that money matters a lot, but you know that now it is NOT the most important thing for you. The conjunction is going to help you get a job that you really like. It may not be a job as such, but you are going to get a new position that will positively affect your career in the long run. Get ready because you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone if you really want to see benefits soon. Your reputation will get the boost it deserves.

If you are a WIND sign – Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius:

You are going to free yourself at last. Many of you are already noticing and intuiting what is going to happen. This conjunction is going to help you realize many things. Get ready to prioritize your happiness, your pleasure, and your well-being. You are at a time when you value learning very much. If you’ve been playing it safe, this conjunction encourages you to take risks and dream big. From now on it is time to allow yourself to go further. It is true that you are someone brave, but it tends to scare you to jump right in and go for what you want. If you act now, the great conjunction is going to help you achieve your goals sooner than you imagine.

If you are a BLAZE sign – Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius:

Your love life is about to take a 180-degree turn thanks to the conjunction. Everything about your relationships is going to change a lot. To you, especially, this conjunction is going to help you meet new folks. Not just any people, but people who come to stay. Get ready because very soon you will begin to feel a very special connection with someone unexpected. This conjunction will bring you closer to people who will not only stir your feelings but will also teach you many new things. Vent your heart and open the doors wide for all that is to come.

If you are a RAIN sign – Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces:

This conjunction brings medicine to heal your wounds. A few months are coming when you will realize how important it is to take care of yourself. Everyone tells you that you have to look out for yourself before others. The great conjunction makes you reflect on what you share with others versus what you keep to yourself. After all this, you will feel that your heart is more complete than ever without having to fill it with someone else’s love. Get ready because this conjunction brings a change related to where you live, something that has to do with a move. It can also be a change of partner or a change that will positively affect your relationship. It is a change that will make you feel more secure and at home.


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