Each person manages emotions in a certain way and in addition, the thing also changes when that person is your friend, your family or your girlfriend. And emotions also change. In this article, we will see how your girlfriend handles anger according to her sign:


Aries: The girlfriend Aries is an explosive girl, very explosive and the truth is that she doesn’t know how to control her tongue when she wants to send you the shit *. Yes, not everyone is patient and has all that tranquility in the body. If you fail the Aries girlfriend and betray her, the softest thing you will hear from her mouth will be a son of pu ** so, you better think things twice before acting. Of course, what has noisy is noble. Just do things right and that’s it. Aries for the good, the best.

Taurus: When the Taurus bride goes into a rage (everything must be said, probably because you have done something to make this happen), you will notice how suddenly she is silent. She is processing everything that has happened and although she feels a brutal rage within herself / or knows how to control herself. But don’t expect it to last long because it also explodes. With Taurus’s girlfriend first comes silence, then screams and lack of control.

Gemini: Although Gemini is as she is and seems almost indestructible when rage takes hold of her she feels that she is drowning and cannot breathe. The Gemini bride will notice how tears begin to fall down her face and to try to control something like that, she will leave to cry somewhere alone. It is very hard, of course, it is, but it is also very sensitive. And when you are in moments as critical as these, much more.

Cancer: The Cancer girlfriend in a moment of anger needs to let off steam with someone in some way. Sometimes, it’s complicated, but you will try anyway. Although many times you prefer to be alone or in times of downtime do not call anyone, anger is very different. Because you can get to do things you don’t want to do, you can get to shit it out of anger or pride. Therefore, he needs people who can give him his opinion and make him stop if necessary.

Leo: When the girlfriend Leo enters a crisis of anger, she is able to swallow, bite her tongue, look forward and pretend that absolutely everything is fine. Yes, Leo is incredibly powerful when he wants and in fact, he also knows how to control himself for his sake. It may be that when time passes, it will come down and yell at you, and scream at you, and cry as if there was no tomorrow. But he also has pride and a lot. And self-love. Do not forget.

Virgo: The Virgo bride can’t live with anger. These moments overwhelm him greatly. When he has some kind of problem he distances himself and if the anger is towards you, he will do the same. In addition to physics, he will also do it emotionally and that is the worst because recovering it later will be complicated. Ask yourself why you have left, why you came to that moment of rage … Start at the beginning.

Libra: Be that as it may, Libra is a sign that prefers peace rather than war, so, rarely will you see it too pissed off, and if it is, it will try to control its anger at all times. He will have an honest conversation with you, he will not leave or leave you insight. She assumes the consequences of everything, and whatever it is, she will speak it. And he will tell you what is in his mind, what he feels. And maybe in that conversation, there are screams, but in the end, at least, it tells you in the face.

Scorpio: When the Scorpio bride accumulates anger, it is normal for her to leave, to go outside and if it can be far better. Any Scorpio full of rage is dangerous, very dangerous so, it is best to decompress all that rage away. She knows it and in fact, it is the only way to heal herself. At least understand that staying alone will make things worse.

Sagittarius: If Sagittarius has anger inside he will begin to demand what really belongs to him. Outside being good and giving everything. He was tired of it. Sagittarius is a super good roller person and when he starts to feel this bad, it is because he has bottomed out for some reason. So, do not be surprised that it demands that, or you start to treat it better, or it will end up marching.

Capricorn: When the Capricorn bride goes into anger, everything becomes complicated. A lot. Because you want it or not, it has already exceeded some limits and it will be very complicated that things can be as before. Capricorn can bite his tongue at that time and get poisoned. It is full of rage. But don’t think it will be that long. It will end up breaking and you will immediately apologize. Of course, not for the fact, but for the forms. Remember that an apology does not mean that everything is as it was before.

Aquarius: The Aquarian bride knows how to control her anger. You may be burning inside, you may be super mad at everything, you may feel that you lose control of situations. But on the outside, it’s the opposite. He has everything super measured and knows that he cannot lose the papers because if he loses them, he loses everything. He will sigh and snort a lot, but in the end, he will have that self-control that we all want. Just be prepared to make strong decisions. Nothing will be the same anymore.

Pisces: The girlfriend Pisces handles anger in a very peculiar way and is that she will not always yell at you or she will go crazy for telling you how bad you are behaving if not that, many times it will be the other way around, she will give short answers to everything, she will prefer shut up before saying things that you can later regret. He just wants you to notice and know that inside is full of rage. And of course, he wants you to understand that nothing will ever be the same again. He needs great regret, very sincere apologies … And then we’ll see …