How To Make An Affectionate Disabled Person Loves: 4 Ways To Get There

Although you tried to avoid it, you fell in love with an emotional handicapped person or even a destroyed man and you simply do not know how to show your love, how to prove to him that he can trust you and especially – how to make sure that he loves you in turn.

You can not help but wonder how to make an emotionally disabled person fall in love with you.

You end up with no hope and feel helpless, precisely because you are unable to answer this question.

But what you do not know is that there are tips and effective ways to conquer this type of man. Here are 4 of them.

1. Show him that you are his friend


One of the first tips I could give you, so that an emotionally disabled person falls in love with you, is not to introduce you as a potential girlfriend.

I know your ultimate goal is to become that man’s girlfriend or even to marry him, but if you put all your cards on the table right away, he might get scared and run away without give you the slightest chance to show him everything you have to offer.

So, if you want him to focus on you, you have to show him that you do not just want to become his girlfriend – you want to become her friend too.

He needs to get to know you individually, before getting to know you as a potential girlfriend.

You must understand that he will never let you into his life if he feels that all you want from him is a commitment.

Because he will perceive this as an attempt to rob him of his freedom. That is why he must above all see your qualities.

He must see you as someone he can rely on and he must know he can count on your support.

When you spend time together and bonds begin to form, his feelings for you will grow without him even realizing it.

This is the only way to go beyond the shell of this man. So, he will simply accept you as someone who is part of his life.

In time, he will get used to you and will not be able to imagine a day that you will not be part of and that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

2. Do not put too much pressure on him


I know you want a commitment. You believe in the labels and want a stable relationship.

Of course, you also want every man on your side to know that and hope he wants the same thing.

But unfortunately, things are very different when you come across a disabled person.

Because if a man is an emotionally handicapped person, he will run away at the slightest mention of words, “engagement”, “exclusivity” or “couple” because he has the phobia of commitment.

You do not know how to do it. You do not want to get into his game and you want him to know what your expectations are of a relationship.

Although there is nothing wrong with sharing your desires with your partner, if he is an emotionally handicapped person, just make sure you do not put too much pressure on him, it would be just counter productive.

Rather than continually asking if things are going to change and if he plans to get involved, have a serious conversation on this topic and take stock.

Then give him time to work on him and take things from day to day.

People with emotional disabilities simply do not like being forced to do anything or put pressure on them.

They will run away as soon as they feel that someone wants them to do something against their will.

The last thing you want is to look too sticky, addicted or desperate to him.

Moreover, even if he agrees to make a commitment to you, you certainly do not want it to happen because you will have forced it.

You do not want him to do anything against his will, just to please you.

3. Do not talk about the future


If you’re wondering how to make someone with an emotional disability fall in love with you, you need to learn to live from day to day and enjoy what your relationship is all about now, without thinking about what arrive tomorrow.

This is the only way to keep it at your side.

Yes, he’s probably a broken man with a lot of emotional baggage, but if you really want him to fall in love with you and your relationship works, you have to stop thinking about the reasons for this condition and those being at the origin of his emotional handicap.

I know that you want to imagine the future and want to know if this man is the one who will be able to accompany you in life, but if you mention it constantly and if you continually question him about his future projects, you will only frighten him.

You know where this guy is and he must have made it clear that he did not want a serious relationship at the moment.

This means that you have only two options: to get away from him or accept his decision.

You stayed with this man, which means you accepted his conditions.

So, your best option now is to enjoy the present and live from day to day.

I’m not telling you to completely forget about the future, but just to avoid thinking too much about it because it would wipe out all your chances with this guy.

When we go out with a man and we have feelings for him, we want to be with him all the time and we want him to know how much we love him and how much we need him .

But what you may not know is that most men fall in love with girls being mentally strong and showing them that they do not need them to feel complete.

Therefore, if you want a man to fall in love with you, especially if he is an emotional handicapped person, you must show him that he is not indispensable to you.

Yes, you feel strong feelings for him, but that does not mean that you will run after him or beg him for his love and attention.

You are an independent woman and you can live without him, despite your feelings about him.

It also means that you will not allow him to treat you any other way than you deserve and that you will not endure his inappropriate attitudes.

Moreover, whether we admit it or not, men are born hunters. It’s in their genes and that’s what attracts most men to women.

Also, you have to make sure that this guy comes to you, you have to push him to run after you. This is one of the ways of doing things.

This is one way among others to show him that he can not take you for granted and that you will not agree to be his last resort or last point on his list of priorities.

Show this guy that you have your own life, without him. Show him that you have family, friends, interests: he is not your only concern.

There is also no harm in making him a little jealous and showing him that other men are interested in you.

To do this, be seductive as soon as you are in his company but do not hesitate to ignore it from time to time.

Also, do not go out as soon as he calls you and show him that you have other things to do.

He will be afraid of losing you and will undoubtedly think twice about his behavior.

4. Open to him


One of the signs that the man in front of you is an emotionally handicapped person is that he usually has difficulty opening up to others and letting them into his life.

He is like that because he is afraid that people, especially women, will hurt him, use him or hurt him in many ways.

When we enter the life of such a man, he often sees us as a threat and does not let us go beyond his emotional barriers.

Therefore, if you want a man with an emotional disability to fall in love with you, he needs to start seeing you as someone you trust.

He must see you as a woman he can trust, a woman who will not use his weaknesses and vulnerability against him.

He must see you as someone who will not benefit from his feelings.

And if you want to succeed, the first thing to do is to open yourself to this man.

He must see that you have no difficulty in sharing your secrets and that you trust him completely.

It’s the only way to push him to share his own secrets and make him feel safe with you.

It is also a way for him to get to know you and to realize that you are well worth the trouble that he is cutting down the walls he has erected around his heart.

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