We tried to love him. Men came and went, but none of them succeeded.

They all failed.

Those who do not have enough strength do not even need to try to conquer it. It will take a lot of time and a determined love to find the way to his heart.

If you do not have it in you, do not even try because you will fail.

This woman who has gone through hell and is coming back will put you to the test. She will make sure that you have what it takes to be worthy of her love.

If you do not know how to be her sun after a storm, she will push you away.

She will make sure you never get too close to her. She will not give you the opportunity to hurt her.

She is unpredictable. When her pain and suffering take over, she will turn into a hurricane, destroying everything in her path.

But when it is calm and constant, it will be as sweet as the summer rain.

During the moments when she will be calm, peaceful, but still a little broken and sad, love her anyway.

When she is furious with a raging force that scrapes everything in the process, love it even more.

She will always be torn between her fear that you will leave her and her fear of being trapped.

She will have a hard time finding the middle ground. His mind is still not quite connected to his heart.

She will never tell you what she feels. She will never admit that she is afraid of herself.

One day she will want you to be near her, giving her all the love and protection she needs, and the next day she will want her independence.

She may feel trapped in your relationship because of the ghosts of her past.

While you sleep, she is awake, looking at the hands of the clock and time passing. While you sleep deeply, she is well awake.

She is afraid to close her eyes because she does not know what to expect.

All the creatures of her worst nightmares can come looking for her, all her greatest fears.

You will wake up the next day, fresh and satisfied, while she will walk like a zombie with big dark circles under the eyes. When that happens, leave her alone.

Do not smother her by trying to help her or make her smile. In those moments, all she really needs is herself.

She will need to be alone. She will have to face her fears.

When she asks for your attention, love her.

When she pushes you away, love her even more.

Although independent, she is terrified like a little girl. From the outside, she may seem fierce and brave, but from the inside, she collapses.

Every new situation, every new person she meets makes her anxious and nervous.

She will try to prove to herself that she can resist all the challenges and fears that consume her. She will play the role of a hard girl.

But every time she fails, she’ll need you to be there for her. Sometimes you will have to hold her hand and hold her in your arms.

And sometimes it will be read as a book to know exactly what she wants because she will not know it alone.

When she tries to fight her own battles and does the best she can, like her.

When she is afraid of failing, and she pushes you away, love her even more.

She will always be torn between not being good enough or being too much for someone. She has trouble finding the perfect balance between the two.

She is afraid of not loving you as she should, and she is afraid of loving you more than you deserve.

It would be perfect if she could find the middle between the two because she never managed to find someone who would like her when she is both.

When she will love too much, love her.

When she does not love enough, love her even more.

Sometimes she will suffer and all you will see on her face will be expressions of sadness and tremendous pain hidden behind her fake smile.

But sometimes she’ll be the happiest girl in the world, laughing with all her lungs, you’ll see it’s the sweetest melody you’ve ever heard.

When she laughs honestly, love her.

When she hides her pain behind the smile, love her even stronger.

She will always love you with a dose of caution. She will always have an emergency exit, in case something goes wrong.

The part of her heart that has been hurt the most, she will keep it hidden. She will not take the risk that her scars will open again.

She knows you will leave her. All who loved her have left her.

You can swear the opposite now, but you too will leave it and hurt it.

Since she knows you may be leaving her, she will try to sabotage your relationship.

She will try to find a reason to leave you first and avoid what is probably an unavoidable pain.

That’s how she’ll make sure she does not finish hurt again.

When she wants you by her side, love her.

When she wants to chase you, love her even more.

Never take away his freedom. She needs to feel the wind in her hair. She needs to dance barefoot under the sky.

She has to make sure that there is always a way out, that she controls the situation.

Do not put a bird in a cage because it wants to fly. Do not do this to him. It will destroy it.

Love it when everything is fine and love it even more when it is not.

Love her and prove to her that she will never have seen a love like the one you give her.

Love her as if you knew what risk she must have taken to give you her heart. Love it as if you knew how lucky you are to love it.

A woman like her does not need a man. A woman as she chose to be with a man.

And you are the one with whom she chose to be because you are strong enough to survive the hurricane she is carrying.

You, because in times when she will push you away not knowing how to love you, you will love her even more.

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