You know this moment when you meet someone and you click instantly? You do not know how that happens, but all of a sudden you become the best friends. We choose the people in this life; some remain with us and others do not. But when you find your best friend – the one who will stay with you during the good times and the bad, it’s when the friend becomes the soul mate  ! Here’s how to know that the friend becomes the soul mate.


You communicate sometimes without even speaking. You are so close that you can communicate only by looking at each other. What is strange is that they completely understand what you are trying to say without you saying it.

You, unconsciously, wear coordinating and matching clothes when you are together. You visit him or her and you find that you both wear a striped shirt and jeans. How did it happen ? No idea, but it happens quite often and you are basically like binoculars wherever you go.

Even when you are not together, you can feel if something is wrong with the other. On days when you feel sad and alone, your best friend’s telekinesis powers are activated. She is there for you even before you have the chance to ask for help. This is when the friend becomes the soul mate!

You finish the sentences of the other. One tells a story and the other jumps to finish it impeccably. You are both on the same wavelength and can predict what the other will say before you even say it.



You have an endless list of jokes on the inside that make no sense to anyone else.

No one else understands your sense of humor; everyone feels left out and you are the only ones to laugh hysterically.

You can spend weeks, months, even years without seeing it and you are able to continue where you left off. Time is irrelevant when it comes to catching up with soul mates. The nature of your friendship has always been constant, no matter how long.

You are literally unable to stay angry with her for a long period of time. Of course, you can have a fight from time to time, but you can not stand the thought of not talking to each other. You apologize without hesitation because you know it will be a huge loss to finish your friendship.

She is the first person you call when you have big news (or news at all).

All these elements help you know when the friend becomes the soul mate.

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