How To Know If Your Relationship Is Healthy Or Toxic According To Your Sign

Your Relationship Is Healthy Or Toxic

How To Know If Your Relationship Is Healthy Or Toxic According To Your Sign

Wow, this love thing is complicated, especially because we have grown up with the wrong idea of ​​what love is. It seems that the more tension the more they love you, when in fact it is the opposite. A healthy relationship is not full of conflict, it is not the flutter you feel when you fall in love. Yes, he has his good and bad streaks, but from there to normalizing a toxic bond there is a huge distance. How to know if your relationship is healthy or toxic according to your sign?


You are the sign that does not beat around the bush, you do not plan to fall into a relationship in which uncertainty is what governs everything. Perhaps, for some, you are too reckless and impulsive, but you prefer that before being in a toxic relationship. You realize that you are on the right track when your partner becomes the companion of your madness when he respects your way of seeing life when you are not afraid to tell him anything that happens to you. A link where honesty is the main ingredient, but also where they want to see you fly. You do not want anyone to dominate you, you want a relationship of equals so that when they are together they bring out the best of themselves. Life is hard enough to be with someone who stresses you out.


The truth is that the last thing a Taurus wants is to have to deal with someone who pressures him, he is not willing to be with a partner who wants to change his way of being. You know that your thing is tranquility, as long as everything is under control your walk is perfect. You really don’t like the idea of ​​breaking the rules or getting out of your comfort zone, when you find peace in something you try to keep it for a long time. You realize that you have a healthy relationship when your partner understands it, does not dare to judge you, and simply finds a way to include you in their plans. without making you feel bad. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all for a bit, stay home and cuddle up with your partner while watching a good movie. There is nothing wrong with it, always remember to be true to yourself.


For Gemini to decide to share their days with a partner, they really need to touch them beyond the heart. He is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, he is not satisfied with conversations that lead to nothing, and he wants to feel stimulated in every way. Gemini, does love changes, this idea of ​​breaking some rule in order to feel the adrenaline throughout the body. For nothing in the world would he stay with someone who turns off his light, the idea of ​​falling into monotony is the worst thing that can happen to him. He wants to go out and enjoy and take advantage of every moment because he knows that they go like water in his hands. That does not mean that you want someone just like you, you just know that he is healthy when he values ​​your way of being and does not want you to necessarily fit into his plans. 


You are the type of person who when it comes to giving yourself to a relationship you do it in a very genuine way, your partner really receives a lot of love from you. You like to worry about their emotional, physical, and mental well-being, for you there are no exaggerations, only people who are prepared for a lasting bond. That is why you do not expect less from your partner, you know that your relationship is healthy when it is something reciprocal when you do not have to beg for a space in your life. It is healthy when he pays attention to your emotions, he does not minimize them, he really wants to see you achieving each of the dreams that once crossed your mind. Your partner is not only your lover, he is your friend, your support, those arms in which you can take refuge when everything falls apart and return to day-to-day with more desire.


At first glance, most people believe that you have everything under control. Leo, security is in your steps, you know that you are in this world to achieve great things and that you have the ability to swim against anything, but… that does not mean that you do not have your bad moments, like everyone else, there are things that you they bend, that make you doubt yourself and that end up becoming obstacles to achieving what you want. However, you know your relationship is healthy when your partner pushes you, reminds you of your strengths, and doesn’t run away when you’re down. The type of relationship that makes you a better person, that fills you with joy, with the desire to continue fighting. It’s not that you want someone to solve your life. On the contrary, it’s perfect when everyone works on their own projects and then finds a moment to bond.


Talking about Virgo in love implies mystery, it is not the type of sign that gets carried away easily, it needs something more so that the enormous emotional barrier that it puts up when someone seeks to conquer its heart can be broken. Virgo wants bonds that can go at her own pace, not only at the couple level but also in terms of friendship and family. So, you realize when you’re in a healthy relationship if that person is tolerant, they don’t minimize your quirks and they don’t label you a perfectionist either. A healthy couple for you is synonymous with giving love, with understanding that both have their bad and good points, but that they are not going to get hooked on that becoming a reason to fight all the time. Virgo wants calm because his mind never stops and he flees from the toxic.


The best and worst thing about Libra is that they have a good heart. A sign that often ends up in the wrong arms, because she has a bad habit of digging deep to supposedly find the noble side of people. However, with the passage of time, she has realized that there are those who are hopeless and that it is better to let them go before they continue to absorb her energy. Now, she understands that a healthy relationship is one in which she is given the place she deserves, in which she doesn’t have to beg for attention. A couple that does not become a torment, that gives her peace and at the same time respects her individuality. She doesn’t want suffocating love, and for that, she better stay alone. What she wants is to love without feeling guilty.


The truth is that Scorpio is not for everyone, he doesn’t care if they call him exaggerated, he is very clear about what he deserves. In the past, he has been the person who did everything in his power to save a relationship that only wore him down physically and emotionally. Now, he prefers to be mysterious, and cautious and not get carried away at first. He wants someone who is not only enchanted by the warmth of his body, but also of his soul. He knows that he is in a healthy relationship when the other person looks for a solution head, there are no secrets, and there is no need to pretend, but there is a great desire to build something beautiful and durable. A relationship in which drama is not welcome, in which you can sleep peacefully knowing that your partner will give you your place regardless of the situation that comes your way.


For Sagittarius it is difficult to find healthy relationships, he does not see it as impossible, but over time he has realized that there are many broken people trying to unload their emotional shortcomings on others. Sagittarius, is very clear that his way of being is not the conventional one, because his soul is free, he does not allow himself to be dominated by anyone and he does not intend to change either. Adventure and the desire for adrenaline are something that will always be part of his essence. Hence, he considers a healthy bond when his partner adapts, when he does not invade his space or have to monitor what he is doing 24 hours a day. He doesn’t want to have to explain himself to his partner as if he were in boarding school.


Even when it comes to love, Capricorn prefers to err on the side of caution. It is a sign that many things are kept, not by far from hypocrisy, it is just that you want to be sure that the person with whom you share is worth it. He likes to protect his emotions because although at first glance he seems to be ruder, in reality, he is very sweet and sensitive. Capricorn realizes that he is in a healthy bond when he feels at peace and for a few moments puts aside all his problems. Those types of couples give you the feeling that everything is fine and that if something goes wrong you can find a solution together. Someone to think twice before removing the sore from his wounds. That person who knows all his weaknesses and decides not to use them against him.


Aquarius and relationships have a strange relationship, it’s not that he doesn’t like to love when in reality he feels comfortable committing himself to be the best person in this world. He likes to give others security and not minimize his feelings. That is the reason why he expects the same from his partner. However, he knows that he is not with the right person when they judge him as crazy and do not take into account his dreams. Aquarius is very intelligent, his head never stops and if he has the confidence to share a project it is because he really trusts you. He knows he is with the right person when he is listened to and valued. The moment he feels supported, he becomes the most grateful being. That’s when he gets carried away and shows his most vulnerable side of him.


Fall in love without ceasing to be, to dream, to investigate something else. That is the Pisces who decides to immerse himself in the questions of love. The truth is that a sign that listens to her intuition when he feels that the other person is not appreciating all that she has to give, he simply puts up one barrier after another. He has a hard time letting go, but he is very clear that he does not want something toxic. He wants a healthy partner, someone who respects his decisions, who inspires him, who keeps him going and doesn’t tell him that he’s lost his mind just because he wants to make some unusual idea come true. Simply, someone who accepts him as he is, who does not seek to handle him as if he were a puppet, while he destroys his peace of mind and clouds his emotions.

How To Know If Your Relationship Is Healthy Or Toxic According To Your Sign

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