There are some people who are better at hiding their emotions and therefore hiding when they are jealous. There are some clues that will lead you to discover if that person is jealous or not. And it can help a lot to know which sign of the zodiac that person in question is. Everyone, at some point in their life, has been jealous, either to a greater or lesser extent. Read on to find out if they are jealous based on their zodiac sign.


When Aries is jealous, they become a totally different person than they are. He is someone with very strong emotions and an overwhelming personality and when he feels jealous, suddenly it is something that scares him. Jealousy is not something Aries often feels, but when he does, it is very difficult for him to hide it. He will not dare to tell you that from one day to the next, but you will be able to notice it perfectly in his attitude and in his way of communicating with you. You will start to be a little more possessive, especially when it comes to making plans. And if you reject their requests, Aries can get their temper out and even form small arguments. When Aries gets jealous, it can get a bit chaotic. Through his attitude, you will know what happens to him.


Good and without jealousy, Taurus is a loving person and very attentive to his partner. The typical one who sends you messages to worry about you, who always asks you what you are doing, who is not lazy to spend time with you. But when Taurus gets jealous, they do their best to hide that feeling, because it is true that they can be a bit ashamed to be that “type” of person. The best way to know if you are or not is to look at your daily habits and see if they have changed. Instead of being kind and caring, he has surely become a bit of a nosy and even arrogant person. Instead of sending you good morning messages, he will be waiting for you to ask and take the initiative. A jealous Taurus can be a very territorial person …


Geminis have no problem saying everything that bothers them about your attitude to your face. In fact, he would rather be honest than keep things to himself. But with jealousy, something different happens. When he feels jealous, he thinks it is best not to tell you for fear that the reason for his jealousy is true. He will be silent, but you will still notice it in his attitude. He becomes a quieter person and sees that in Gemini is something rare. Even when you mention it and ask, Geminis will joke about it and pretend nothing is happening. It is very difficult to make Gemini admit that he is jealous, but calm because in the end, he will know himself that it is the best.


Cancer already has to deal with strong emotions on a daily basis, but when faced with jealousy, these emotions can become even more complicated. In moments like this, Cancer becomes a person who needs a lot of attention and at the same time can become distant, which can be somewhat confusing for you. He may tell you that he doesn’t feel like making plans to suddenly change his mind and sign up for whatever. A jealous Cancer can be very unpredictable. The best way to know if he is jealous is to pay attention to whether he is having passive-aggressive behavior. Suddenly he can be a super loving person, to regret what has happened, but as soon as he feels jealous again, his character will reappear.


When Leo is jealous, he will convince himself that he has every reason to feel this way. You have the self-confidence to believe that you are not wrong about how you feel. This can be very dangerous, especially when trying to show him that there is no reason to be jealous, so be careful with Leo. When you’re jealous, you suddenly drop your optimistic and caring attitude and become a little more arrogant and even have reason to argue in any way. But above all, he becomes a very dramatic and somewhat childish person. In truth, jealousy for Leo can be something super dangerous, because there is nothing he hates more than being unfaithful. So please don’t give him reason to bring out the lion in him.


For Virgo, jealousy is a very difficult emotion to manage and control. So try to keep your feet on the ground always and not imagine things that are not real. But there are times when it is impossible … When Virgo is jealous, their immediate reaction is to hide it. You will have to look for signs. You will notice that he is jealous because he is far away from you, he is quieter, he does not want to talk about his emotions, etc … Above all, you will realize that Virgo is much less attentive and careful with you and with the relationship in general. Suddenly, he starts to go more to his ball and stops counting on you to make certain plans. When jealous, Virgo feels like he has to put his love on the back burner until he knows what is really going on.


Sometimes Libra uses jealousy as a tactic to get closer to you. Libra thinks that if he shows how different and how good he can be compared to other people, you will stop doing things to make him jealous. It may seem somewhat confusing, but in Libra’s mind this all makes sense. Think that it is your fault that he / she feels this way. The problem is that negative emotions, such as jealousy, can make Libra childish. When he / she is jealous, he / she becomes a more loving person, because he / she wants you to also be more loving to him / her. If this doesn’t work, Libra can go to the next level, much more dangerous … Libra will start flirting with anyone, simply to make you jealous again.


Don’t worry, if Scorpio is jealous, you will know it. One way or another, but you will know. Your reaction will not go unnoticed and suddenly your attitude will change completely. Even if you tell and show that there is no reason to be jealous, Scorpios will want to figure it out on their own. At first, Scorpio will get angry and very angry, do not expect him to talk to you or to distance himself because of it. Scorpios will quickly get angry and bring their strong temper out into the open. He will become a super paranoid person until he discovers that all that drama he has staged has been for nothing. Scorpios need to learn to handle these types of emotions, because it is true that it is a bit difficult for them to know how to behave when they feel jealous …


There is nothing Sagittarius hates more than feeling jealous. He is a person who does not want to be tied or committed to the maximum in any relationship. Therefore, when he gets jealous, he thinks it is because he has been overcommitted. At first he will deny it, especially because it is difficult for him to accept this new emotion. But once you accept it, they will try to play down the issue by joking around or directly ignoring the issue. But in reality there are certain thoughts that worry him and that is that, deep down, everything that he can feel scares him. Certain intrusive thoughts enter your head that make you anticipate the situation and imagine what would happen if someone else really already existed. Luckily whatever happens, Sagittarius will know how to deal with the situation.


It is very difficult for Capricorn to accept that he is jealous. But still, Capri is a human and at some point in her life she will have been jealous of someone. When Capricorn inevitably feels jealous, it will be when he begins to be a much more sensitive person. Suddenly, you feel more disgusted and negative about everything that has to do with love and relationships. He will complain a lot and start to be suspicious of everything, even any nonsense. You stop taking care of your relationship and caring for your partner’s needs, which can be dangerous. When Capricorn begins to feel jealous, he directly abandons. The best thing you can do is explain everything to him, with hair and signs, with graphical data that show that he does not have to be jealous of anyone.


Aquarius does not like to feel jealous because it goes against his philosophy of life, it goes against that free love that he always defends. Jealousy is something that makes Aquarius very uncomfortable and they are likely to pretend they have no idea what you are talking about when you mention their jealousy. He is very good at pretending in this regard, he may even give you reasons to convince you that he is not jealous. That’s when you have to start worrying. He may not admit anything, so be patient and wait until everything is much clearer so that you can talk to Aquarius calmly. Their jealousy will not last long, but you should be careful because it can create unnecessary tension in the relationship.


Pisces is a very sensitive person and when they feel jealous, that sensitivity becomes much greater. Suddenly, you feel like you have the need to compete against someone to receive more affection. You may convince yourself that your jealousy is because you are not a good partner. He becomes much quieter when he is around you just for you to ask him. That is their way of knowing if you prefer to be with him/her or with someone else. Jealous Pisces can be a difficult person to deal with, so it is best to make everything clear to him from the beginning so that no more movies are made in his mind.