How To Know If That Special Person Thinks Of You According To His Sign

How To Know If That Special Person Thinks Of You According To His Sign

There are looks that pierce your depths, looks that take your soul out, that kiss you from a distance. They stay in your thoughts and when you least realize it you are already imagining a whole life next to that special person. You want to share the days, the memories, the fears, the tears, you want everything and a little more. But … how do you know if that special person thinks of you according to their sign? It may not say it, but your sign gives away when you also feel a flutter in your stomach and heart:


Aries is the soul that hardly accepts the first time when it melts for someone else. It is the sign that hides in that outgoing and risky part, because he does not like to confess that someone else dominates his days. Let’s not forget that it is a fire sign, that they have passion in their pores and love the courtship phase, the more complicated it is, the better for AriesAries thinks of you when you become his priority,when he is looking for a way to be by your side, when he cannot stop smiling when he is close to you, his gaze says more than it is silent.


Although Taurus is an Earth sign and the romantic part is not always given to him, Venus also governs his actions, so he has that touch, the one that makes him value love and beauty. How to know if that special person thinks of you according to his sign? Taurus is the person who tells you that he cannot stop thinking about you when he looks for a way to tell jokes, he wants to break the distance between the two. Taurus is the master of flirtation, he does it in such a subtle way that you don’t even realize it at first. In addition, he likes to play with body language: hand rubbing, hair strokes, hugs. It is telling you everything.


If there is a sign that is quite complicated when it comes to showing love, it is undoubtedly Gemini. She is the charming, versatile soul and with the gift of words, that is why it is not easy to know if you are the owner of her thoughts. Gemini has two sides to falling in love, it can be very sweet or very cold. Somehow, they send a confusing message, Gemini wants to go against what they feel, because commitment scares them, getting lost for someone who is not worth it. It is an air sign, it runs away from its emotions, but there comes a point where it cannot take it anymore and simply screams its love.


Cancer is the one who lives up to the word compassion, he is the one who has such a sweet heart that he is always willing to help anyone. Cancer enjoys filling those he loves with love and gifts. How to know if that special person thinks of you according to his sign? When Cancerians fall in love and think a lot about the person, they move away a little, they need to reflect and their shy part is activated. Cancer does not dare to tell you that he wants everything with you, he takes stealthy steps before jumping into the ring. However, if they notice that they are losing you, they will do anything to get your attention, it is a very unconditional and passionate sign.


Leo is the one who has fire in his heartbeat, he is the one who will do whatever is in his power to make you notice it and boy, is it easy for him to shine. Leo becomes the best conqueror of all, he likes to attract attention and public demonstrations are at the top of his list. Leo forgets about discretion, he just wants to spend more time with you. A kind of unstoppable energy takes over his being and once he has you in the palm of his hand, he becomes the sweetest, most charming, attentive. Leo is very loyal, he hates to play with the feelings of others.


Virgo is able to put a pause on his perfectionist part when someone takes over his thoughts. Let’s say that he becomes the most accommodating person, he is the one who puts himself at your feet and is just when you feel that you can’t take it anymore. Virgo is analytical , pay attention to your hobbies, your habits, what you love, what you can’t stand. He wants to be sure that you are the right person because he has a hard time showing his emotions to anyone. Virgo is not one of those who initiate the action, but it leaves you surprised on the first date, its details remain in the heart.


Libra is the one who treats love like a glass box, he walks slowly, he is terrified to know that it can break and that the pieces of his dignity and his self-esteem end up on the ground. He has Venus on his side, so when he feels safe he doesn’t feel sorry for stealing a kiss or two. Libra is carried away by the moment, if his heart feels at peace and his skin bristles with feeling close, he simply does not think about it, he breaks with the tension. How to know if that special person thinks of you according to his sign? Libra shows you that he thinks of you when he reminds you of the moments that you are not by his side. Like when he remembered your favorite dish while going somewhere.


Scorpio is very special when it comes to putting emotions first. It costs him a lot of work and for the same reason he puts one armor after another. Scorpio gets lost in your gaze, he likes to appreciate the existence of that special being. Scorpio is intrigued, wants to know everything about you, looks for a way to talk and uses any absurd pretext to end up talking about some topic. Scorpio is intense, passionate, he is the one who needs to taste the taste of your lips to realize if you are the right soul, he needs more than the meeting of two bodies, a spiritual and emotional connection.


The archer is one of the most difficult signs to decipher. And it is that they always go against the clock, they have a thirst for fun, to know, to lose themselves in a lot of heart. Sometimes, it seems that he is the best friend of all and that is when it becomes a mystery to discover if he thinks about you. A clear sign is when they slow down to their fast pace , they are the ones who put you at the top of their schedule. Sagittarius does not stop looking for adrenaline in his days, but he does take the time to invite you, he wants you to accompany him to break with the conventional and escape from the routine.


Although it may not seem like it, behind that huge reserved and disciplined shell, hides a noble heart. The one who gives himself the opportunity to lose himself in love. And it is that not everything is to immerse yourself in work, worries and family. There comes a time when they give themselves the opportunity to build, they want to invest their time by your side. Capricorn approaches slowly but surely. Of course, he does not do it from falling in love, he wants to know your real part, where your dark side hides and seeks deep conversations. Capricorn loves the genuine and runs away from the superficial.


A touch of independence, of sweetness, of intellect. A touch that plunges into the depths of your soul, when you fall in love with Aquarius there is a part of you that feels insecure, because it does not know if behind that distant personality there is a heart willing to love. How to know if that special person thinks of you according to his sign? Aquarius thinks of you when he wants you to be part of his world, when he invites you to places with his friends. Aquarius changes his way of being when he is close to you, he becomes more serious, nervous, with that need for approval that is screaming at you that he cannot take it anymore and wants you by his side.


They say that we must dream, with what we have and with what we do not have, but never stop doing it and go that Pisces knows perfectly what I am talking about. It is the sign that likes to immerse itself in the emotions of the other. Pisces is the one who loves their freedom, but also to be in their space. When he falls in love and thinks of you, you realize why he wants to spend time with you , it comforts you and he gets involved on an emotional level . Pisces is very reserved and serious, but when someone attracts him, he looks for a way to get their attention. Pisces may not say anything, but they want to be where that special someone is.


How To Know If That Special Person Thinks Of You According To His Sign

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