How To Know If That Person Is Crazy About You

Person Is Crazy About You

How To Know If That Person Is Crazy About You

It is very difficult to read hearts, especially when they are in the initial stage. During courtship, the signals can be confusing and make us wonder if the other is really interested in having something with us. If we add the touch of falling in love to that, things get worse, because we tend to let ourselves be carried away by illusion and idealize. That’s when we build a castle that only exists in our imagination. So how do you know if that person is crazy about you? Each zodiac sign shows it in its own way. 


An Aries enters your life very gently, he does not want to take your breath away, he seeks to become the person who listens to you, fills you with energy, and is moved by the good things that happen to you. When he is in love he asks you a lot of questions, because that way he shows interest in you and he is not afraid of taking the first step. Don’t test his sensitivity, because love makes him twice as intense. He is a tender, constant lover, he will never ignore you and he puts you on his priority list without you asking. 


Without a doubt, Taurus is one of the most difficult signs to decipher, because they don’t like to look too obvious, especially when they don’t know the person well. He can be very cold at first, he is an expert at burying his feelings and staying very firm until the person proves that he is worth it. Taurus is very selective when it comes to choosing a life partner, if he is with you it is because he trusts you. Otherwise, she prefers to stay alone with him. However, once he realizes that you are a good catch he will not let you go easily, he has the gift of conquering. 


Geminis get the romantic that they carry inside. It is a sign that she is not afraid to say what she feels and she loves to live in the moment. The way to conquer him is through the word, really his intellectuality speaks for itself and when he becomes fond of what he wants is to sweeten your ear. If a Gemini feels a deep, real, loving connection, he won’t give up until he has something nice. He may not dream of the fairy tale that is for life, but at least he is aware that the time they decide to be together, he wants it to be sacred, transparent, and with a touch of passion. He has no measure when he loves. 


Cancer, you already know when you love and for the same reason you set limits by yourself. He is too passionate and sensitive, not everyone is ready to deal with the whirlwind of his emotions. When he is crazy about someone he prefers to be cautious, because he is terrified of ending up in the wrong arms and his intensity can lead him to crash in the worst way. A Cancer in love is very indecisive, because he is on the same channel as you, wondering if he is reciprocated or not. That makes him feel very insecure, but at the same time, he will try to make you smile. He loves to pay attention and make it very clear how much he cares about you. 


In the case of Leo, things are a little more territorial. Let’s say his ego invites him to seek control all the time. Please don’t expect Leo to beg you, seeing no clear signs early on he walks away. He is not one of those who has a lot of patience, he wants to know if it is worth investing his time and energy from the beginning. You can tell when he’s crazy about you because he starts to care about everything that happens to you, he doesn’t harm you, but he makes it very clear that he will be with you when you need him. Leo, is very charismatic, and funny, he does not give in easily and that is very attractive to his partners. Of course, he does not hesitate to impress, he tries twice as hard. 


Although Virgo finds it hard to accept it, when it comes to love, they feel a little terrified, because it is synonymous with the fact that they are no longer in control as before. Virgo likes stability and falling in love makes her feel not agreeing with what she thinks is the logical part of her. It is very difficult for someone to see when he is madly in love because he is not very expressive and his messages are often confusing. In that case, the best thing is confrontation. He is not afraid of putting the cards on the table, it is better because he can decide if he is with you out of habit or out of love. 


Libra shows when someone likes him because even if he doesn’t plan it, he doesn’t have eyes for anyone else. She may start very subtly by including that person in her conversations until she can’t talk without mentioning him. Your balance is definitely thrown off, but not always for the worse. It’s just that there will be times when you are more distracted and that slightly affects your daily activities. He likes to be with you and is capable of changing some events in order to spend more time with you. However, he is very independent, do not expect him to drop everything for you, because it will not happen even in your dreams. 


The heart of a Scorpio in love does not lie. Probably, I won’t tell you, because he doesn’t like to expose his feelings at first, but… if he is crazy about you he is secretly very loyal. It is not a sign that jumps from love to love, although they love to paint it as the villain of the signs. Scorpio is very calm, and emotional, he is not going to allow anyone to play with his vulnerability and that is why he puts up a couple of obstacles at the beginning. He is intrigued to know if the other person is also willing to give everything to start something nice. What he hates most are games. Do you or do you not want to be by his side? If you are looking for something temporary, say so, maybe they are on the same channel. But be honest. 


If you want to know if a Sagittarius is interested in your heart, you just have to pay attention to the way they want to include you in their days. Sometimes, they may think that it is a sign that they are friendly with everyone and invite them to explore, but the truth is that it is only friendly with those who awaken something beautiful inside. Sagittarius, in love, wants to show you the entire planet and not necessarily what is around it, but also its day-to-day life. He wants to share his madness, hobbies, charms, and energy with you. He doesn’t get bored of you and he likes your company so much that it becomes a relief to share with you. However, you need to breathe from time to time. He doesn’t like to feel suffocated by anyone, freedom is what he loves the most. 


Capricorn is not intense, many may think that because from the beginning they want things very clear. However, for him to tell you that he wants to formalize something is because he really cares about you and also because he has been analyzing everything you do for a while and he loves it. Of course, he dreams of a future by your side and he will tell you because he is not the type of person to be scared by commitment. He takes life very seriously and if someone falls in love with his heart, he has to know that he is not playing and that affective ties are sacred for a Capricorn. If you’re not ready for something formal, don’t waste his time. 


They say that everything that is worthwhile is not even simple hair. The truth is that Aquarius is proof of this because he doesn’t like to be seen with his feelings, even though inside he wants to be with that person all the time. In matters of love, he has had several experiences that have put him to the test and with some scratches that cannot be removed. That is the reason why he prefers to be very thorough with saying yes. To know if he is interested, you just have to pay attention to the way he includes you in his plans. Aquarius, when he is in love he becomes very sociable, he likes to make that person feel special. 


Maybe Pisces isn’t the person who flirts with you all the time, but they have another way of showing you that they care. It is the sign that he gives himself to you from the depths, he wants something more than the classic relationship in which you just hold hands and show a smile to the rest. It is a sign that inspires you when courtship begins because he tends to find the most beautiful in your essence. He shows you letters, songs, with poetry. It is his soul that is full of creativity and sensitivity. Pisces, it fills you with calm, it is the coat that does not let you go. He doesn’t go around sharing with just anyone what makes him cry or shout with joy. 

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