How To Get Someone To Like You Without Devaluing Yourself

Do you worry about how you can get someone to like you, but you don’t want to devalue yourself? Maybe you have a certain person on your mind or you are generally worried that one day you might meet someone and you don’t know what to do?

Getting someone to like you without losing yourself is actually easier than you think and something you can create if you know the keys.

What are they?

6 keys to getting someone to like you without devaluing yourself

1. Like yourself.

How can you expect someone to like you if you don’t like yourself?

The key to making someone like you is to make sure that you are happy with what you are in the world. That you’ve done your job and are happy with yourself.

People who are damaged and unhappy tend to attract people who are also damaged and unhappy. Likewise, happy and confident people tend to attract happy and confident people.

So did you do your job?

Are you happy with your career, your relationship with friends and family, and your mental and physical health?

If any of this could be improved, I encourage you to tackle it immediately. Working on yourself is a great way to become happy and confident.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fix everything before you can work on making someone like you. If you are aware of your problems and actively work on them, it will show and you will attract someone who is also self-aware and who is developing.

2. Always be yourself.

One of the biggest challenges in new relationships is that because we want someone to like us, we are not always who we really are.

Instead, we represent the best version of ourselves or even act like someone else entirely. Our person falls in love with that person and not with who we really are.

People who are not themselves in relationships are doomed to failure. At some point, the real us comes out and when that happens it can turn your person off.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients going through a breakup say I wish things could go back to how they were in the beginning. They can’t. And that’s partly because at least one person wasn’t themselves, but the person they wanted to be.

And once it is gone, it can never come back.

3. Be the best you.

We all have parts of us that we really like and are proud of.

For me, I know that I’m a really good questioner. So when I get to know someone, I ask a lot of questions. People like when other people ask them questions, so this often works well to get them to like me.

What’s the best part about you The part you like the most. Show that part of you when you are working to make someone like you.

4. Don’t be a follower.

If you’re wondering how to get someone to like you, one of the most important things you need to know is that you can’t be a follower.

What do I mean by that? I mean, it’s important that you don’t let your person make all the decisions in a relationship.

Relationships are there to be balanced. Sometimes you make the decision, sometimes he does. You are aware of the other person’s desires and longings and sometimes respond to them, but you never let them pass over you to get what they want.

People who are doormats for other people are not attractive. You may be worried that the person might get mad at you or leave you when you express your wishes, but don’t do that. If your person is unwilling to at least discuss your thoughts, then they are not the right person for you.

Imagine that you spend the rest of your life doing what your partner wants and that your own desires are never considered.

How annoying would that be?

So speak up. Be flexible, but speak up!

5. Use your words, but not too many.

An important part of the success of a relationship is communication. The most important part and often the most difficult!

I encourage anyone wondering how to get someone to like them to practice communication. Communicate about who you are authentically, what you want in a relationship. What is important in your life.

Share it with your potential partner and let them share with you. Understand each other so that you can decide if you want to continue together.

It’s also important that you don’t share too much. Of course, you want your partner to get to know you, but talking too much can be daunting, especially for men.

Let your man get to know you slowly. Keep the secret and you will attract him in a way he will never want to leave again.

6. Don’t make it what it isn’t.

If you’re wondering how to get someone to like you, there is one piece of advice that should stand above the rest – don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole.

For many of us, when we first meet someone and become attracted to them, we get fixated on them liking us. We do everything we can to get and keep their attention.

What many of us ignore, however, when a red flag shows up, is that that person is not right for us. Or that no matter how hard we try, our efforts fail and they keep turning away.

If someone you like turns away from you or is obviously not a good fit for you, stop your efforts immediately. You don’t want to waste any more time with someone who is not the right person for you. And the more time you spend making someone like you, the harder it will be for you to let go!

So, if you are trying to get someone to like you, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and that your efforts have not already failed.

In life and in love, it is very, very important to know how to get someone to like you without devaluing themselves.

The only person you really have in the world is yourself and you don’t want to disappoint yourself by looking for love less of yourself.

So make an effort to like yourself first, be you and only you, present your best self, communicate openly, sometimes take the lead and make something out of nothing.

If you follow these guidelines, love is yours to get it.


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