If astrology can help you find love or understand your character traits, it can also help you see more clearly about your boss’s attitude. Because there is nothing more frustrating at work than not knowing how to deal with your boss. That’s good, we give you our advice to get along with your boss according to his astrological sign. All you have to do is investigate your date of birth …

1. Aries:

Here is a leader bursting with energy and an impulsive strand. It’s the kind of boss who does several things at the same time and wants everything, right now! If you want to have it in your pocket, you will have to be dynamic, enterprising, determined and not counting your hours!

2. Taurus:

Taurus is a relatively conciliatory boss. Very attentive to his collaborators, he understood that a happy employee is an efficient employee. The best way to get along with him is to show him that you are organized and give him all your impressions. He appreciated your transparency!

3. Gemini:

As a boss, Gemini is not always easy to pin down. It must be said, it is a sign addicted to change and it is not easy to follow. To get along with him, you should not be afraid to improvise and submit innovative ideas. So, do not stay in your corner at the risk of going unnoticed …

4. Cancer:

He is surely the most sensitive boss he is. Ultra tolerant and empathic, you can always count on him in case of a hard blow. Suggest that you have lunch together, talk to him about yourself and you can be sure he will take care of you! You have understood, be yourself and friendly with him!

5. Leo:

With its imposing presence and legendary authority, the Lion, at first glance, is an intimidating boss. If you want to please him, you must put your pride aside. Do not expect too much recognition but on the contrary, flatter it! Remember that to compliment a Lion is to have it in his pocket!

6. Virgo:

He is the most organized and disciplined boss of the Zodiac. Indeed, the Virgin, not supporting the unforeseen, will ask you to respect all your commitments. This includes making the files on time and never waiting for the customer. Normal, will you say! Yes, but with her, you have no right to the error!

7. Libra:

You can not be more sociable and happy as a boss, than a native of Libra! With him, it is the atmosphere assured in the offices. To make you notice, all you have to do is offer your good mood, in addition to your efficiency. And if you propose activities to weld the teams, it will only be filled!

8. Scorpion:

Renowned for its impulsive character and thirst for power, Scorpio is a boss that can be scary. With him, it must go right! So, one piece of advice: do not contradict it if you do not have real arguments to justify yourself. And above all, do not lie to him, his incredible intuition will be a mouthful of you … You are warned!

9. Sagittarius:

It’s one of the easiest bosses to live. Optimistic and voluntary, Sagittarius wants the atmosphere to be lasting so that everyone comes to work in joy and good mood! And if he is so appreciated by his teams, it’s because he does not support salary inequalities! Open-minded, benevolent and unifying, that’s how you behave with him!

10. Capricorn:

A sign of ambition, Capricorn is a formidable boss. With him, you can say goodbye to extended lunch breaks and gossip in front of the coffee machine. Because he does not count his hours and expects as much from you. You understand that, to get along with him, you will have to work tirelessly and talk to him only about work …

11. Aquarius:

Known for his eccentric and avant-garde temperament, Aquarius is an original boss. It is a manager who has the advantage of being open to all proposals. And for good reason, he loves new ideas! So, even if they are crazy, do not be afraid to tell him about it, they will not be in his eyes and he can only appreciate your approach!

12. Pisces:

It is well known, the fish is a most sensitive being. But it’s mostly someone unstable emotionally speaking. Result? When he is at the head of a team, he can be very moody according to his moods. To get along with him, you must be able to adapt to his mood swings …


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