Relationship – you really want to conquer a single who may not even be looking for a partnership? With these tips, your chances will increase significantly

With these tricks you will conquer a place in his life

It’s a myth that all singles long for a relationship. Some are also extremely satisfied with the status quo, with freedom and independence. And someone who has really made friends with being single is therefore difficult to inspire for a relationship. We reveal how you can still make a partnership with you palatable for him (and which 7 things you can tell that he is definitely the wrong person).

1. Give him his freedom

A clear advantage of being single is the freedom to do what you want. To give up again is difficult for many – especially long-term singles. It is therefore important to proceed cautiously and not to want too much too soon. If the single realizes your desire that he has to forego activities that are close to his heart because of you, he will see you more as a disruptive factor than an enrichment.

2. Make it exciting

The time he spends with you has to be above all: stress-free, but still exciting. Avoid dull meetings, especially in the early days, where nothing happens except for a walk through the park It doesn’t have to be a parachute jump – a visit to an exciting football game or a gripping film in the cinema can just as easily leave him with a memory that there is something exciting to experience with you.

3. Let him hunt

If he’s really a happy single, he doesn’t really miss anything. If you present yourself to him on a silver platter, he will hardly be able to get excited about you. As clumsy as it sounds: men prefer to hunt instead of being hunted, says our man explaining . So don’t make it easy for him. Don’t be available or don’t have time when he’d like to see you. He’s all the more happy when it works out again. The more you make him feel that you don’t really need him, the more likely he will want to convince you of the opposite and want a relationship with you.

4. Don’t make plans for the future

The happy single is very satisfied with his current lifestyle. Plans for a common future, for which he might have to give up parts of his current everyday life, are therefore rather counterproductive. So avoid talking about it. Since you do not know whether you can really inspire the happy single to be in a relationship, you should also avoid giving yourself too high hopes too soon for reasons of self-protection. Do it like him: just see what happens.

5. Be easy going, and most importantly, be yourself

As much as you would like to conquer the happy single: Despite all the tips and tricks, you should never give up on yourself or pretend that he actually gets to know a completely different person. Think the scenario further: if you actually become a couple, there is no way you can keep the false facade on forever. You should therefore always be yourself. Because one thing has to be clear: if he doesn’t like you that much, he is simply not the right person for you. And it’s not that bad, after all, being single also has these great advantages.


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