Not all signs are persuaded by the same weapons. Some are the words, others the details, and other death plans. Some make it easy and others take longer to show any sign of interest. Let’s see how to persuade each sign to have a small path traveled.


With Aries, it is best not to show much interest. He likes difficult things and the easy thing bores him because it is not a challenge. Also, if we take into account that Aries is a warrior and hunter, you have to motivate him with that. With the challenge, there has to be a fight and the prize is one of the good ones. You have to be someone strong, who values ​​himself, someone who will give everything but as long as Aries wins it. And that you are not going to make it easy for him (nor very very difficult because he turns around and leaves).


To fall in love with Taurus it is clear that you will have to have details that enter through the senses: a good dinner in a restaurant, a getaway to a place surrounded by nature, or a good exhibition or concert of music that he likes. When it comes to capturing their attention by talking, keep in mind that Taurus likes to talk about normal things, do not be a stick mystic or throw yourself into talking about some topics just to make yourself interesting because Taurus knows a lot, and you will probably look bad. Be natural. Take an interest in his hobbies and see little by little, he will feel very comfortable. Be careful, with Taurus, no eccentrics, loud talking, hitting the mark, or being rude. Hates it.


Gemini falls in love with being insightful and resourceful. Gemini is smart and communicates easily with words. If you want to capture their attention you have to do it with a good conversation. Talk to him about all the things you do because he admires those who have traveled, studied, or lived many experiences (in general, he does not like apathetic, sedentary, and blind people). If you like to learn about interesting things, you have a good social agenda and many plans to share with Geminis, you already have enough possibilities to interest him and show attention to what surrounds you …


Between how sensitive it is and what it empathizes with others, you will be able to easily capture Cancer’s attention if you take all this into account. Cancer falls in love with potential soul mates, people who feel, suffer, and are very protective, like him. If you are not sentimental, you move on from family commitments, and are cold and superficial, you will not have as many chances to persuade your Cancer. With romantic plans, they melt; with the romantic details, too. With everything that makes them feel and exciting, I won’t even tell you. We leave you to think about what to do but recognize that you have an amazing range to offer your little crab.


Leo likes safe, loving people, with a spark and with a good image. The glamor puts them a lot and showing off with someone with a lot of style and class in cool places, too. All this helps to capture their interest but it is not essential. What you should not forget with Leo is that he is willing to give himself but needs the person with whom he does it to be special in some way. Because Leo is special and wants to show off having the perfect partner. The lion has to die to share what you offer him. That is why you must offer him a world of experiences, fun, love, details, pampering …


Virgo likes order, healthy life, and people who are calm on the outside and with an active mind on the inside. His interest begins to be aroused when he is faced with someone who knows how to talk, who has concerns, who wants a stable relationship, and who takes care of himself. Do not be nervous about their analysis or their small criticisms. It is his way of testing you, and if what you want is to persuade him, you will have to pass the exam. As you become interested, move forward little by little so that Virgo assimilates it. It is not cold, far from it, but it is not one of those who enter the rag at the slightest sign.


If you are a hermit who does not leave the house because he does not like what is outside or interact with people, it is better that you forget to persuade a Libra. Libra is sociable by nature and does not want to get into poor relationships that isolate him from enjoying all that. If you are the opposite, he will start looking at you with different eyes. If you also tell him all your experiences with life and others, the better. Make it easy for him and Libra will make it easy for you. It is difficult for him to decide and he likes to be facilitated any subject. If you like it and Libra shows you too, take care of moving forward yourself. Make plans and Libra will be loved. He’s not one of those complicated people at all. If he likes you, you have options (if he doesn’t like you, forget it… he won’t let himself be loved because he’s bored).


Scorpio is mysterious and to conquer him you must have some mystery. The first time he sees you, Scorpio will read inside you and will soon know if there is something new to discover and what you are hiding. If you are someone interesting, not very vulgar and with the right conversation (no superficial chatter) you can try to persuade this intense sign. Once you have passed your first assessment and it is good if you hide some forbidden value or some perversion (even if it is only a taste for some dangerous game or a wild side hidden behind your very normal appearance) you can go thinking that perhaps your Scorpio it can end up in your networks. Scorpio lives on excitement, so as you get closer to him, never forget to keep this fiery at a good level.


That Sagittarius likes to travel is well known. To make him fall in love, it is not that you need to work in a travel agency, but it will help a lot that you like to travel, that you have done it and that you plan to continue doing it. Use this information to generate good conversations, to plan trips, to help you want to do them with you. Parallel to travel, Sagittarius is persuaded by knowledge, experiences, and culture of all kinds. Try to cultivate these concerns to get their attention but if you do not have them, let yourself be introduced into that world by the Archer. The goal is for Sagittarius to see someone in you who can accompany them wherever they want to go. And there is no more.


With Capricorn, the persuasion will begin when you learn what is all that this sign does not like. Capricorns have very clear ideas and know well what they want and what they don’t want. That is why you should know well the possibilities you have based on this. They like responsible people and not at all those who live life in any way, very crazy and with little desire to commit. If you want to talk about yourself so that he gets to know you, tell him about your life but do not alert him with episodes that sound like chaos, irresponsibility, or many bed partners. Once Capricorn relaxes, it is you who has to open him up to a world different from his and take him by the hand so that he wants to accompany you. And please don’t cause any more trouble, it’s important, Capri has a thousand worries on her mind,


If you are a rebel without a cause, Aquarius may start by looking at you with different eyes. But it is not worth it to be lip service. This sign likes original people, but really original. With a point of madness and to pass what others talk about. If you have experienced or you like plans that are very different from those that everyone does, tell them about them, because your head will start to feel something you like (and from there the taste will drop to your stomach … uhmm …) If you are someone individualist, you will not It matters to go against the tide and unconventional, as an Aquarius, you have a good chance of persuading him. If the other signs are looking for someone to do things or complement themselves, Aquarius likes someone who is like him. That to begin with. Then it will be seen.


Pisces, with his dreamy mood, is conquered if you really end up getting closer to his dreams if you get them to come true by supporting him and giving him warmth. Pisces women believe in princes and knights and Pisces men believe in feisty, feisty heroines. Pisces listens well and empathizes a lot. It is easy to get to him by telling him things or involving him in hobbies, such as alternative topics (which attract a lot of attention), and yes, to look a little further, not be too materialistic and use feelings more. To capture his most complicit attention, he has to see in you a person who shows what he really has inside, and who makes it easy, nothing to give a million turns to everything or to get dizzy; to a safe person who makes you feel safe. Because Pisces needs to feel safe and if you do, you have him. And it is that Pisces is wishing you had him …


How To Fall In Love With Each Sign Of The Zodiac


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