The whole world is cut in half every now and then. Well, not all at the same time, but fighting is so common that many consider it part of being human. Inherent or not, relationships are complex and arguments are inevitable. Today you will learn how to turn arguments into affection and improve your relationship.

Before you jump to conclusions, keep in mind that I am not saying that it is a bad thing. Disagreements are a natural part of life. And even if that weren’t a problem, human communication isn’t very efficient or effective.

Anyway, that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. Arguments are not bad in and of themselves, after all, they help us reach an understanding, well, sometimes. The real problem comes when, after having gone through an exhaustive fight / argument, things still feel unresolved. We feel like something is wrong or that we haven’t achieved anything.

Just one note: I’m speaking from my perspective to clear things up on a female SO, but that goes for both men and women.

Here’s how you can put these arguments out forever, while at the same time wiping away those strange feelings of discomfort or discomfort after an argument. Because for relationships to work, the solutions must be mutually centered on the other.

Each must make the other feel like the problem is behind them by:

1. Listen

Start by summarizing every concern she had during the argument.

For example, you can say, “Ok, I want to understand you and solve the problem, so let’s sum it up. You feel this because of this situation and you feel this because of that. I’m right?”

This makes it clear that you have been present and listened and understand their concerns. Try to use the words and phrases your SO uses and that will be a clear sign that you are seeking their wellbeing. Never devalue what the other is feeling. And if she says the situation is different, listen again and wrap it up until you get it right.

2. Understand

Next, you need to make the other person feel like you care about what you are achieving by showing that you understand their feelings.

After you’ve wrapped up how she’s feeling, you can ask her, “Then you want this to happen to make you feel good, right?”

With this you are pointing to a solution that you both find appropriate for the situation. As long as this solution does not conflict with your wishes and needs, you can reach an agreement. She will feel that you understand her and help her alleviate the negative feelings.

3. Soothe them with affection.

Tell her that everything will be fine and that since you both agree that everything is now resolved and she doesn’t have to worry.

This is the final part, so to speak. What often happens is that after an argument, both of you may feel that reconciliation is strange or uncomfortable because you were just fighting.

Overcome this by showing physical affection. This barrier is mostly pride, so don’t hold back and show some love with a smile on your face.

In a way, it should be a celebration because you’ve just solved a problem together, like a team. While we’re at it …

For a relationship to work, both of them need to feel that the problem is solved. Any part-focused relationship is definitely one that is doomed to fail. Now is the time for her to do the same for you. Share your concerns and ask them to do the same for your feelings.

You are just as important as they are. She is just as important as you.

Not because it is selfish, but because both have to have the same status and of course both have the right to feel happy and loved. Free from any emotional conflict.

Never try to rush to apply a solution as this will undermine your relationship. Do not use these steps until you have both spoken and are ready to resolve the problem and move forward.

Most relationships can be repaired as long as both of you agree to make amends and fight for love. But above all: to change as much as necessary in order to prevent one’s own weaknesses from harming the other.

Do you think that all relationships can have a future? Do you think yours can have one

If you think this will help others or if it helps you, don’t forget to share and like. Thank you for reading!

Master yourself. Master your life.


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