Not only women divide men into “boys” and truly “men”. They also divide women into “girls” and “women.” And the difference, of course, is not in age or physical characteristics. The difference in maturity. 1. Everyone wants attention in a relationship. But the girl wants to be treated like a princess, to be spoiled. A woman wants just respect and understanding of what is needed for a relationship.

2. The girl will complain, and the woman will evaluate and consult. A girl will often be bored, she can terrorize you so that you come up with entertainment. A woman will simply discuss the problem, propose her own solutions.

3. During a quarrel, the girl will cause a scandal, and the woman, on the contrary, will try to calm emotions and solve everything in a sober mind. She wants to solve the problem, not inflate it.

4. The priorities of the girl – her own desires and needs, the priorities of the woman – your relationship. She will not spend unreasonably money if she knows that they are important for your family budget.

5. The girl will literally follow you on the heels, leaving you no personal space and time, she will be jealous and suspicious, like a girl too attached. A woman will give you the freedom and personal time.

6. If your relationship ends, the woman will accept it with dignity, and the girl can complain to you all, even slander.

7. The girl will try to make your relationship perfect for Instagram photos, and the woman for real life. It doesn’t matter to her if you aren’t perfectly in the photo – the main thing is that it will remain in memory, and not that she has nothing to put on the network.


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