In the face of conflict, the astrological signs do not all react in the same way. Some like the natives of Fish and Cancer, will take refuge and feel the most unhappy in the world. Others, such as Aries or Leo, will prefer to raise their voices to show that they dominate the situation. To prevent things from festering, find out all our tips for defusing an argument with the person you are holding according to his Astro sign.

1. With an Aries:

Known for his impulsive temperament, Aries can be easily carried away. So, if you take your head with him, avoid getting into him. Conversely, show yourself calm and reasoned by explaining your arguments with wisdom and maturity. He can only bow …

2. With a Taurus:

Although he is stubborn, Taurus can be very conciliatory in an argument. But for that, you must be open to dialogue. Give him your point of view with gentleness but never set the tone with him at the risk that he shines.

3. With a Gemini:

A specialist in humor, Gemini is easy to mollify after a fight. Just a little joke to give him a smile and make him forget your conflict. But anyway, you will have to open to him by talking if you want your relationship (friendship or love) to endure!

4. With a Cancer:

If there is an astrological sign that hates conflict, it’s Cancer! So he is able to take refuge alone in a corner to hide and avoid the slightest clash. In short, if you are angry with him, it is enough to offer him a new beginning with tenderness and beneficence …

5. With a Leo:

A sign of fire par excellence, the Lion can be ruthless during an argument. Let him get upset alone. When he has calmed down, bring him your arguments but never question his person. His ego being oversized, he has trouble with the critics … We warned you!

6. With a Virgo:

Very pragmatic and ultra-serious, the Virgin does not take conflicts lightly. If you have to start an argument with her, do not cut her off and listen to what she has to say. One thing is certain, you will not solve anything with it if you show yourself virulent and immature!

7. With a Libra:

Find the right balance. This is what you must do to reconcile yourself with a Libra. Remember that she embodies justice and is the most pacifist sign of the Zodiac. If your arguments are serious, she will be able to hear them and listen to you with great interest. Take this chance!

8. With a Scorpion:

Ouch, if you’ve fought with a Scorpion, you’ll have to put your pride aside if you want things to work out. But our best advice is to NEVER provoke it! If you talk to him gently and show him your desire to do well, he may even question himself.

9. With a Sagittarius:

If you take the lead with a Sagittarius, you may suffer his words a little hard. Because Sagittarius does not have its tongue in its pocket and never thinks before speaking. So to make things right, just forgive him for his lack of tact and quickly draw a line on what happened. Because of conflict, Sagittarius hates it!

10. With a Capricorn:

Find compromises. That’s what should save your fight with a Capricorn. Indeed, this astrological sign of the most serious needs to concretize the thing by finding pragmatic and constructive solutions. But most importantly, he expects the other to be inclined to make efforts for more than that to happen again.

11. With an Aquarius:

Not easy to know what an Aquarius thinks when he is angry. The easiest way to defuse an argument with him? Offer to chat over coffee in a relaxed way. Show yourself open-minded, let your heart speak and you can be sure that the quarrel turns into a beautiful reunion.

12. With a Pisces:

Ultra sensitive sign, the fish does not support conflicts at all. And often, it is likely to darken if it happens to him with a person he wears strong in his artichoke heart. To find a balanced relationship, you will have to reassure him and show him how much you care about him.


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