The way in which our anger is aroused is different in each one of us. Some of us prefer to be alone and others need to be accompanied. Each sign of the Zodiac is a world and that is why we will teach you how to calm the anger of each one of them.



If what you want is for Aries to calm down, what you have to do is give it time. Let it pass and leave your space, if you overwhelm him too much, all you can do is increase. The last thing you have to do is try to get Aries to reason in the midst of all that chaos, if you act that way you will get a lot more pissed off than it is.

What you have to do is walk away and let the fire go off little by little. When Aries gets angry, he destroys everything that is close to him / her. Of course, everyone knows that Aries’ angers are passengers, intense but passengers. When you see that Aries is completely calm it is time to approach and talk to him / her.


To calm the wrath of Taurus, the last thing you have to do is go smart, that is, leave your arguments for another time because you will not get anything with them. Let Taurus assume his anger, to shit on everything he wants and get away. Taurus is a very calm person but when they run out of patience it seems that the world is coming to an end.

Even if you are right, let him assume his mistakes he / she alone. The last thing Taurus needs when he’s pissed off is someone telling him: “You see how he was right …” that may be the end of a relationship. If you really want Taurus to stay by your side, the better your mouth is closed because the more you talk, the more you will light the bull.


When Gemini takes out all his anger, the best thing everyone can do is close his beak and let Gemini vent his best. The safest thing is that your tongue starts to release things without any meaning, things that neither he / she thinks. But well, the best thing not to piss him off is to keep quiet and not try to control his anger. When Gemini is angry, he will release thousands of poisoned darts through his mouth, so it is best not to oppose him.

For Gemini to calm down, all you have to do is let him rant, apologize as many times as necessary and do something good for him / her. Treating him thus his anger will disappear, you will realize that his anger, suddenly, has disappeared.


Unlike many of the signs with Cancer, what you have to do when you get angry is to stay by their side and speak to them in a soft and reassuring tone. That screaming does not go too much with him / her, if you go that way you better run because as Cancer hears a single scream it can get crazy.

Calming Cancer may seem complicated, but it’s really one of the easiest things in this world. All you have to do is apologize once and a thousand times and show how much you love him. It seems silly, but with Cancer, war is solved with love. That sensitive spirit will make the anger of Cancer last rather short.


When Leo explodes the last thing you have to do is treat him as if he were the victim, as if he were a poor little boy, as if he / she didn’t defend himself. What you have to do is listen to what you have to say, let him speak so that he says everything he has to say. Leo treats him as if he were a child much more pissed off, is strong enough to need help.

To calm Leo you will have to try to correct everything that has hurt him and you will have to be very kind. Surely Leo’s anger is resolved very soon, faster than you think, but let him see that you are truly sorry. In your hands is the fact that this anger is fleeting or for a lifetime.


Virgo is a person who seems to get angry easily, but nothing to do. Virgo doesn’t waste time getting angry about nonsense, he has better things to do than argue. When it explodes it is because it has accumulated a lot of shit inside and there comes a time that it can no longer. Maybe he explodes for nonsense and the others don’t understand him, but he had too many things inside.

To calm Virgo all you have to do is make him see that you understand him and that his anger may be silly, but you will never throw it in his face. You will have to apologize and if they are sincere it will take nothing to forgive you. Of course, first he will have to tell you the things that you have done wrong like an eighty thousand times …


For Libra to get upset, something quite fat has had to happen. Libra is a person who has a lot of patience, but when he runs out he loses the papers in such a way that it destroys everything that lies ahead, so, you better have luck, good luck, because you will need it.

The only thing you can do to calm Libra is to get away and leave him alone, your company will not fix anything. Libra needs time to pass the anger, so it is better that you spend enough time. When the opportune time passes, Libra will let you know and then you will have to take the step, you will have to go calmly and let him see that no matter how much you did to him, you want him by your side, then, Libra will forgive you without any problem.


Scorpio is one of those people to be feared when they get angry. When you get angry, you can let go of things that you wouldn’t even have heard, things that are likely to do more harm than you think. The safest thing is that Scorpio starts to throw things in your face, things that you don’t even remember, but it is that Scorpio remembers everything and that is his best weapon.

Scorpio will never forget anything, but if you really regret it, what you have to do is show him that you have realized that you were to blame for his uncontrolled anger. Most likely, Scorpio will forgive you, but be clear, that forgiveness does not mean forgetting …


Sagittarius does not usually last much anger, is a person who easily forgets everything and more when there are excuses involved. Sagittarius prefers to live life full of joy and positivity, but when he gets angry his world is engulfed in a kind of strange darkness from which he will want to leave as soon as possible.

What you have to do to make Sagittarius calm down completely is to buy something you like as a symbol of peace. Sagittarius will quickly get angry, but to trust you again, you will have to be very honest with him / her and show him day by day that you want to stay in his life. Fuck, Sagittarius sometimes good is dumb.


When the wrath of Capricorn wakes up, it is best to remain silent. Capri can’t stand to open his mouth when he’s pissed off, it’s something that turns him on even more. Moreover, do not even think to ask for forgiveness … Capricorn is a serious person and sometimes a little cold and thus show his anger. It is not a person who mounts too much drama simply with his face and his look you will know that he is raging inside and it is better to disappear, if not, it is likely that you will take a grenade.

All you have to do to calm Capri is to let time pass and when you spend meeting him / her to solve things. He will never forget what happened, but Capricorn has a heart that does not fit in his chest and will always end up forgiving you.


It is very rare for Aquarius to get angry, but more rare is that he gets angry for a long time. Aquarius is a person who goes his way without getting too much into the lives of others. That is why it seems that it can never explode, but it does explode, and when it does, everyone finds out. The anger will not last long, all you have to do to calm him is to be very honest with him / her, admit that you are wrong and the matter will be more than settled.

Aquarius doesn’t want bad vibes in his life, so, the sooner he gets angry the better. If you see that you do not give your arm to twist it will simply leave you out of your life, because it happens to interact with shitty people like you.


Pisces, unlike most of the signs, does not need space for anger to pass and for his anger to disappear. What you usually need is a simple hug, a sincere hug. P iscis is a very emotional person and needs to feel loved, that is why all you have to do to get angry is to pamper him. Ask him for forgiveness, hug him, and tell him that nothing happens, that you feel what happened, that together you will be able to do everything.

You cannot imagine what Pisces suffers when he is angry, that is why all Pisces wants is to resolve the conflict and feel that peace has returned to his life. Many do not understand, but Pisces does not care …

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