A Lion is never dumped. While a Cancer is able to pretend for months to not be at the initiative of a breakup. As for Aquarius, his ex usually end up becoming very good friends. As you can see, all the astrological signs have their way of dealing with a breakup. Discover yours according to your astrological sign …

1. The Aries:

For Aries, there are no good times, no good situations to break. So when he has to get down to work, he does it as quickly and simply as he seduces his future ex! And as he quickly moves on, he has no problem staying in touch with his old partners …

2. The Taurus:

If a native of Taurus begins to flee his home and leave his spouse at home, this is not a good sign. Indeed, Taurus never goes out without his half and tends to find a way out when his relationship gets complicated. In fact, he needs time to ponder and be sure not to make the wrong decision.

3. The Gemini:

It must be admitted, Gemini is an astrological sign of the most undecided. So when it comes to breaking up, it can take weeks of thinking before taking action. To such an extent that it sometimes ends up disappearing without any sign of life. Fortunately, his behaviour predicts the situation before arriving there!

4. Cancer:

Ultra shy and reserved but especially not very brave, Cancer is one to let the situation rot. And even if it takes time, he thinks that his partner will end up getting tired of the context and do the work for him! In any case, it is a sign that internalizes his feelings for fear of suffering and pain!

5. The Leo:

Leo tends to dramatize his breakups. When it happens to him, he speaks to all his relatives and takes care not to disclose a bad image to his knowledge. And if he ever feels in danger in his relationship, he will take the lead and leave his partner first. That’s how it is, the Lion always stands head high a break!

6. The Virgo:

Because she does not like to attract attention, the Virgin plays it extremely discreetly when she faces a breakup in love. Anyway, it’s a most mature astrological sign, and it does its best to leave his partner in the best way. And even if there is no ideal solution, she tries …

7. The Libra:

By emotional dependence and with her phobia of decision making, Libra prefers to let things happen naturally. And then, if she meets someone else who capsizes her, she is able to let go without changing her relationship. In fact, Libra rarely leaves anyone without finding someone else …

8. The Scorpion:

Of an entire and determined nature, Scorpio says things as they are. And if he must, he is able to speak calmly for hours to explain his state of mind. Conversely, if the Scorpion is dropped, it could be that its reaction is much more explosive. And if the reason for the breakup is deception, you can be sure that he will take revenge sooner or later …

9. Sagittarius:

In a break, Sagittarius always looks detached and insensitive. Especially if it is him, at the origin of the decision. If he is left, Sagittarius shows everyone he lives well but this is not always the case. It must be said, he is far too independent and proud to confess to others, his sentimental weaknesses …

10. Capricorn:

With his calm and thoughtful temperament, Capricorn plays it honest and straightforward when the time has come to break. Anyway, he has never been very good for beautiful speeches, beautiful sentences and small touches. But be careful, do not get me wrong, Capricorn hides a deep sadness deep inside him …

11. The Aquarius:

When Aquarius decides to leave someone, he does it on the field, without thinking! It’s simple, he prefers to be alone than badly accompanied. No wonder when you know that the thing he holds most in the world is his freedom. On the other hand, he is quite capable of transforming his love story into a beautiful relationship of friendship …

12. The Pisces:

Whether it is her decision or that of another, the breakup is one of the worst things that can happen to the Fish. Recall that it is an astrological sign ultra-romantic but especially very idealistic. And since he’s head in the air, chances are he does not see anything coming. So, to get back on the slope, he’ll have to surround himself with his closest friends!



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