First appointment with a man, we give ourselves thoroughly!

You just got a first date with a man who does not leave you indifferent … and you are both excited by this meeting but also anxious at the idea of spoiling everything. What can be done to make this first appointment a success? What behavior to adopt, how to dress and how to steer the conversation?

Just as our astrological sign can be a great help in getting to know others better, it can also help us to adopt the best behavior at the first appointment, according to the astrological sign of the person you would like to seduce . How to make the person, sensitive to your charm, want to go further? And aspire to a beginning of love affair with you?

The first date of love: the key to a promising relationship

The first date can be a source of anxiety and stress for many people. What’s more legitimate when we do not really know who we’re dealing with … but we feel the need to seduce, the need to please, the need to interest … Because you feel that there is really a map to play with this man!

Indeed, the first impression you leave to others is decisive. If this impression is satisfactory, it leads to a second appointment.

But if it’s disappointing, it will be hard for you to get a second chance to catch up. It is therefore normal that the first date is stressful.

But if we consider the first meeting as an opportunity, then it is easier to approach it with serenity: you can tell yourself that if we have given you an appointment, we are not not insensitive to your charm. And vice versa: if we have agreed to spend time with you, it means that the intended person finds you a potential lover. It’s up to you to do the rest so that your first appointment goes well! And to do this, we give you a few keys down!

Choose your outfit to fit his style: if your style is out of sync with his, then you’re unlikely to agree with him. Take an interest in what interests him and bring the conversation to what interests him. As for your attitude, it is also crucial: if you are too enterprising, you risk frightening and this person will find excuses to decline a second appointment. If you are too reserved and you feel inaccessible, then we can say that you are not for him.

In short, behaving yourself at a first “love date” is not easy, unless you know better the person you have in front of you. You can help her astrological sign to adopt the best behavior at the first appointment .

What behavior to adopt at first appointment according to each astrological sign?

Take charge and give yourself every chance to make your first appointment a success, according to the astrological sign of your partner.

First appointment with a man Aries

To be able to interest a native of the sign of Aries, who likes to meet the challenges, avoid all unpacking at the first appointment. Give him the impression that he is the one who leads the boat and seduces you. And not the reverse. But paradoxically, the Aries man will like to perceive your desire to dig … you will be able to show yourself daring with him!
They are extremely sensitive to the games of seduction through conversation that acts as a true aphrodisiac! So, do not hesitate in the innuendos and reveal your mutinous side!

First appointment with a man Taurus

The native of Taurus loves elegance and beauty. He will be sensitive to the way you have prepared. And his first impression is important! So avoid neglected clothes, take care of the details (perfume, jewelry) without doing too much! To seduce a man Bull, who is not one to put the cart before the horse, stay natural, do not do too much because he hates extravagance. Ask him rather his opinion on the subject that fascinates him because he likes to feel useful.

First appointment with a man Gemini

The Gemini sign has easy communication. But it’s a double-edged behavior: it will test your spread and the way your mind flutters! But he sometimes keeps quiet … So it’s time to slip a subtle joke: the Gemini man is quite mischievous and full of humor! In a big brain, the gemeau loves deep conversations. Do not hesitate to question him and ask his opinion, he loves it: his reading of the moment, his latest film, a hot topic. Bright, cultured women attract him and you will likely have more interest in you.

First appointment with a Cancer man

The sign Cancer is usually reserved in love and he does not like to venture towards the unknown. So do not hesitate to take the first step, to open, but not too much. If he is confident, he will seek to know you better. The Cancer man hates extravagance. So avoid being too talkative. It will be sensitive to your natural, even on the physical level: makeup but not too much, subtle perfume, sober and efficient outfit. It’s a pretty “blue flower” sign and will be sensitive to “good manners”. If you arrive with a small present (bottle of wine, homemade jam …) it will be marked. Avoid putting pressure on him or he will set sail …

First appointment with a Lion man

The man of the Lion sign is undoubtedly the most charming sign of the zodiacal wheel! So, it will take extra effort to shine in his eyes! He is very sensitive to the appearance, so be assiduous about your dress: he will like a classy outfit with a romantic strand. The Lion, who needs to be the center of attention, does not like to hear the story of another person who has succeeded in a field where he has failed. So do not tell him about your old conquests … Instead, talk about his job, focus on his successes, laugh at his jokes … and you’re done!

The First Date with a Virgo Man

You must be tactful with a person of the sign of the Virgin . Do not expect to seduce him from the first date and let him have the time to enjoy you. He is a very analytical person and tends to “put people in boxes” (This is to be reassured). So, side dress, do not do too much. And be measured in all aspects: conversations, clothes, attitudes … In the meantime, lead the conversation to exciting topics: a little bit of everything! Highlight traits of your character and life that will reassure him: your CDI, the fact that you own, investment in an association, your passions …

First appointment with a man Libra

All that a person looks for in the Libra sign is the feeling of balance in all aspects of his life. The Libra man will be sensitive to a woman who is likely to bring him this balance. So be “dosed” in your approach, but not stuck! He hates routine and preconceived things, so be spontaneous and show him your joie de vivre! Give yourself a likeable and serene image that will make him want to know you better.

First appointment with a Scorpio man

The Scorpio sign , reserved and suspicious is not one of those people who confide in the first comers. The Scorpion man at the first appointment needs time to be able to trust him. And that will go through a complete analysis of the person he has in front of him … Stay relaxed … take yourself to the game and answer all his questions tactfully. If you want to interest him, keep some mystery, use games of the mind and avoid talking to him about your old love relationships.

First appointment with a Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius sign who is a born explorer likes to go to the unknown. Also a Sagittarius man will live his first appointment with a woman in a very exciting way! He will look forward to meeting you and knowing more about you. So to arouse his interest, talk about travel and adventures, places that make him want to discover (and why not with you!). Furnish your conversations with topics that interest him. But avoid speaking of failure or defeat because the Sagittarius man is a great optimist by nature.

First appointment with a Capricorn man

The Capricorn sign likes to go straight to the point, so do not hesitate to make him understand your intention, but in a subtle way. The Capricorn man appreciates stable and posed women. To begin, avoid arriving late to your first date. Orient the conversation towards work, studies, long-term projects. Despite its sometimes cold and distant (in fact it is in the analysis …) do not hesitate to show you joyful and mischievous. He will be charmed by the serious profiles but not too much, because he needs a woman who will help him to escape from his daily routine.

First appointment with a man Aquarius

The Aquarius sign does not like compliance so surprise the person with a lively conversation but talk about topics that are of interest. In general, they appreciate the topics open to the world: ecology, geopolitics, the associative world even the topics that affect the paranormal world … If you want to hold his attention, be lively but not exuberant, he hates that! As he hates being put under pressure and feeling restrained too: the Aquarius man loves his freedom.

First appointment with a Poisson man

The Fish sign hates suffering, so as long as you have a confident and confident face, he will also be confident. Adopt a Zen attitude in all circumstances and talk about pleasant topics: families, happy childhood, travel anecdotes etc. and you will have his full attention. The Poisson man is a great sensitive and dreamer too. He needs us to get into his world more than he feels the need to know yours – at least in the beginning! So ask him about his passions and what makes him dream with sweetness … To seduce him, exit the exuberant and voluble attitudes! Play the natural card, as well for your dress.

Remember that each person is unique, and therefore it is up to you to discover what will put you in phase with the one you want to seduce …
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