How To Be More Productive In 2021

In 2021 we all hope that things will improve. The pandemic, the economic crisis, unemployment levels, our spirits … As part of our day to day, being active at home and socially, and of course in our work or studies, are essential to face the new year with strength and mind well occupied. And so as not to get carried away by negative thoughts, covered under the blanket on the sofa. If you want to know how to be more productive in 2021 and face whatever it takes, read on. And take note of some tricks that will go very well with your character.


Impatience is your weak point, your Achilles heel, your cross … call it what you want, Aries. Doing everything possible to combat it should always be on your daily schedule. In 2021 even more. When you have to do jobs that you do not agree with, you rebel internally, but since you will have to swallow it, while anger eats away at your insides, you may lose concentration. In general, and when you see that impatience takes hold of you and wants to lead you astray, try to stay still, for at least two minutes. Do the same also when you get bored while you have to do something, lower the heat before starting to boil. Simplify your thoughts into one: think of something that relaxes you. And break from the spell that was going to cause you to jump like a spark, setting fire all around you. Another trick, And as we know of your innate mental and physical speed, do the work, the task, or the assignment as quickly as possible. This way you will not have time to get impatient, or to get bored, or to start warming up to explode.


Taurus, you love awards and recognition at work. They put you in a good mood and encourage you to continue fulfilling 100% with all your obligations. The problem is when those compliments do not arrive, and you stir a little inside. You feel the injustice of not being recognized for something you worked hard on because you always try so hard. And from that mini anger, you can rebel by doing a little less, lowering your arms, going through everything… so they know. Do not fall into that childishness because you are going to feel worse, and more you who like to comply and things well done. Forget about stopping your productivity. Congratulate yourself! If it doesn’t come out normally, do it out loud in front of a mirror. It usually works. And then, reward yourself with the small pleasures of those that you like so much. A good bath at the end of the day, or a meal at your favorite restaurant on the weekend. Or a walk through that place that so relaxes you. It is about activating your pleasure centers to motivate you and to face serenely any responsibility that is thrown at you. And do it better every day.


Geminis, you have plenty of intelligence and work capacity to be very productive, but against you, you have plenty of ease to be distracted by a fly that passes by. It is true that it is because your thoughts are very fast and agile, and in the meantime, you can disperse, something serious when it comes to fulfilling your tasks. Start by not spending so many hours in a row because you are not going to take advantage of them. If you can, divide your day into shifts or your tasks by hourly blocks. If you have to stick to an eight-hour schedule, for example, dedicate two or three very intense and productive hours for when you are more focused. Take advantage of another hour for tasks that require less concentration. And so he fragments the day to take advantage of it by blocks. Or schedule yourself to stretch every sock, send a few messages, or have a coffee. These mini-breaks will refresh you to ensure concentration that makes you more productive. And when you see that it works, you will manage your mind to take advantage of your lucidity to the maximum and to schedule a few minutes of relaxation every time you see that you are thinking more about what you are going to do on the weekend than about your obligations.


Cancer, if you think about how to be more productive in 2021, look for an application for your phone that disconnects it every time you have to go to work. Or when you have errands to do or chores of any kind at home. And also program that application so that it only lets you use it for five minutes every hour. Because if there is something that reduces your efficiency when you have to fulfill your obligations, whatever they are, it is that you are distracted by calls and messages a lot. Because of the way you are, you are one of those who complain but also do something to change what bothers or hurts them (there are people who complain and complain, but never do anything to change). So anyway, putting this application, you feel stimulated, organized, and “watched” to combat what hurts you, in this case, be less distracted with your mobile when you have an obligation to fulfill. If it’s not an app, ask someone to take your phone from you, but distractions are one of your problems when it comes to being productive. And the mobile is among those that hook me to leave the urgent thing to be on the phone for an hour with … your partner, your mother, friend or your third cousin.


Leo, if you really want to be more productive in 2021, try to give more time to each issue, and do not be in such a hurry to finish everything. In general, you work and comply magnificently every day, so much so that at the end of the day you have done everything you had planned. But finishing each thing does not mean having done it well, and that is your weak point. That you face your pending tasks like a speed race to finish all of them as soon as possible. But you don’t finish each one well. You love to cross off your To-Do list, over and over, and over… but think that a good job is good when it has been done but also when it has given good results. And sometimes you don’t care about quality control. Doing a lot seems more important to you than doing it well. And you want to do more and more, but you don’t look back or monitor what’s done to see how it goes.


Virgo, to be really productive, which you are, one of the most productive in the Zodiac, one could say, you need to oxygenate, relax, breathe … Yours working is of such intensity that you lack hours a day because you always need more. You do everything you must and more, and also, everything has to be perfect. And it almost is, even if your feeling is always one of dissatisfaction and that you should have done a little more. Ohmmm. But all intensity is stress for your body and for your mind. Take a deep breath, Virgo, and include in your agenda for the day as something NECESSARY to take a walk in the middle of your day, or at the end of it. Or go to the gym, or do yoga a couple of days a week. Anything to give your mind a break. If you can’t do any of the above, there are great apps for doing meditation or stretching exercises in your work chair. And nature helps, so if you can’t take a daily walk in a green and quiet area, but a good plant on your work table. And take a deep breath, breath.


Libra, your intelligence and ability to work are beyond criticism. What fails you is your excess of diplomacy. You do not know how to say that not all those people who ask you to do, who ask you not to do, that if they see, that if you go … and they stress you, they slow you down in your tasks and directly close you off. For you, how to be more productive in 2021 is going to have to be a mix of setting limits. It is clear? Your time and energy should be focused on what is important to you, not on attending to what other people want, thinking only of themselves, and wanting you to put yours aside. And thereby forcing you to run to finish what was your strict responsibility. That you will, but at the cost of your nerves and some crying too. Also, have another NO prepared for your friends, They may want you to go from that weekend job to accompany them to this or that place. Or for your boss, who in case you had little work, has had the wonderful idea that you take charge of a new project. As you want to take care of everyone and everything, you will exhaust yourself, in addition to being less productive in your own things. Think about it.


Scorpio, you can be productive and super productive if necessary, because there is nothing that can resist you. But recognize that sometimes you waste time by not being more organized before. You have the strength and drive to give and give, but you want to act so fast that you don’t think about what, how, when, and where. And sometimes it is better to think and then do. Get organized and take advantage of your first impetus for the most difficult tasks, and when you lose steam, do the less important ones. Remember that what with other signs does not work with you: leaving the important thing until the end to “warm-up muscles” (that is, there are people who are activated throughout the day). You do not. You get out of bed with the propulsion of a rocket and from minute one you are ready to start taking over the world. Well, take advantage of that energy, And don’t go upstairs thinking that you can allow yourself to wander and do little things and then tackle really hard. No. Get your hands on the mess of the day as soon as possible to get it ready, don’t risk that whatever the day is complicated, and that, which was the most important thing, is left half. ORGANIZATION AND PLANNING. You’ll see how well you’re doing.


Sagittarius, for you to be more productive in 2021 you will have to go through better organizing yourself with your pending tasks. With that active and spontaneous personality of yours that takes you through life making and undoing, complementing your ball, you get everything to go well (sometimes as if by magic), and then, why change? Well yes, reconsider doing something new but because you have a winning mentality. And you will always want to make sure at the most. If you want to be more effective, recognize that you do your job well but not always with the best quality indexes. Product of having been a bit sloppy, for having deconcentrated, for having trusted you … And take change as a challenge, one of those that you like so much. Buy yourself a super agenda and write down according to your tasks the urgent, the important, the secondary, the easy, the complicated … And control it. And go adjusting. Nor is it that you suffer looking at the agenda every hour. Allow yourself some flexibility, but all within an order.


Capricorn, talking to you about productivity is like trying to give advice to the teacher, a mistake. Although as always you want to improve, surely you do not mind learning or adding some good advice to all that you could give (many and good, for your good knowledge, do and for your experience). The first would be to organize yourself better. You are a working machine but better organized you could be almost infallible. When you undertake your tasks every day, you are blind to solving them and in some moments you could improve them if the night before, for example, you had planned a more rigorous plan in terms of hours and times. By doing so, you will be calmer knowing that you already have some control before. And you will be able to concentrate better, and you will stress less when an inconvenience arises. On the other hand, nobody wins you efficiently, but perhaps you can sin of vanity. The one that leads you to think that it is impossible to be more. Well, be humble, and assume that like everyone else, you have some small fault working. Apart from these two things, for the rest, congratulations because you are a worthy example to follow.


Aquarius, you can be productive, even very productive if you want, as a result of that privileged mind that you have and your great handling of new technologies. Make no mistake, they are machines that help us to be much, much more productive. And who controls them, scores points. But of course, you would like to increase that productivity, you are competitive and you like to learn continuously, two other virtues with which you work very well and with which you obtain very good results. How could you be more productive in 2021? Well, coincidentally, disconnecting a little from so much computer, tablet, mobile … recognize that they help you in your work but they also hook you at other times, they take away your concentration in some moments when you have to get a lot of pending work,


Pisces, in 2021 you will be able to be much more productive if you think a little more about yourself (and less about others). And you will say, how? Well, resting more. Little sleep takes away your strength and energy to work the next day, and being tired is the beginning of a fish that bites its tail: you don’t do more things because you are very tired during the day, you worry about not having done what you should, You don’t get enough sleep thinking about all that you have left to do, you wake up again worn out and with your abilities slowed down… and thus the days of low productivity accumulate. This is not that it always happens to you, but it does that in the times when it happens to you, it bogs you down enough to slow down the course of your pending tasks and to prevent you from being up to date with your affairs for a while.


How To Be More Productive In 2021

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