Do you consider yourself intuitive? Sometimes, when we try to overcome a difficult decision or make a correct decision, it is easier to turn to our mind, rather than our heart. Sometimes we forget that it is the heart that knows us best and we don’t pay much attention to it, especially in some situations. Next, you will discover what are those situations in which you should pay more attention to your heart to be a little more intuitive according to your zodiac sign.



Aries, your inner voice can tell you many things when you feel angry. It is very important that you listen to your heart when your temper starts to wake up. You are a very passionate person and it is very easy for you that all that passion you feel becomes anger and fire when things do not go well.

Instead of letting your temper come on, come out and destroy everything around you for no reason, try to look inside your heart and ask yourself if this is how you want to solve things. Is it worth defending and putting all your energy into a feeling of anger? You will be surprised what your heart has in store for you.


Taurus, sometimes your instinct can push you when your life is not going the right way. It is the best time to listen to your heart instead of continuing to guide you through your cloudy mind. In general, your intentions are very good and especially clear, but there are times when you are no longer completely sure of what is happening in your life.

Before going through that situation, especially before feeling lost or confused, take time to sit down and reflect. Your heart knows you better than yourself, although on many occasions you do not want to pay attention to it, it is he who has the solution. Give him the benefit of the doubt and let him guide you when you need some help to guide you.


Gemini, contradictions and confusion are times when your intuition touches your shoulder so that you can hear what you have to say. Listen inside when you don’t know what to say. You are a person whose communication is luxurious and not knowing what to say almost never happens to you, but when it happens, listen inside and listen to your intuition.

You are a person who has a hard time expressing their truth, so you prefer to write a text message. Expressing everything you feel in the face terrifies you, but when you don’t have another and you have to do it and feel that you are not sure where to start, let your intuition speak to you and guide you, you will never be wrong.


Cancer, when you feel grumpy inside you start talking to you. You are a person who is constantly taking care of others, you are always listening and tending everyone’s problems, except yours. That’s why at the end of the day you always feel exhausted and in a bad mood.

It is important that you have some emotional outlet so that all that time you spend caring for others does not turn into resentment. Listen very well to what your heart wants, pay attention to it and don’t wait another second. You need to pay more attention to your intuition, it has always been your best ally and you cannot put it aside. With her on your side you will feel totally renewed.


Leo, you need to develop all your instincts, especially when the drama begins to take over your life. You are a person who lives and breathes passion, your heart always pumps thanks to that love you have for life. But the intensity with which you feel things can happen to you a bad play, you have to be very careful because it can take you directly to the drama of your life.

When you feel that your whole life looks like a soap opera, take a break. Let your heart tell you what it needs, a retreat to reconnect or just a day away from everything around it. You have to take care of your heart, pay attention to your intuition, you know what you need in life, just let your interior occasionally remind you.


Virgo, you may think that intuition does not exist, but you only have to do one thing to convince yourself that it does exist. Listen to your heart when your critical voice starts to sound too loud. There is no harm in being critical of yourself, especially if they are healthy doses, but sometimes you take it too far.

No one is perfect, no matter what efforts you put into trying to achieve it, because you will never be and that is something you must internalize. Listen to your heart when things become especially difficult because you will always have the right solution. Deep down, you just want the best for you, just don’t let your fear of failure keep you from listening inside.


Libra, people have told you thousands of times what you have to do. You should leave the opinions of others aside and pay more attention to your intuition. You are a person who always makes the right decisions, it is true that it may take a long time to make them, but you always find the right solution. Simply because you want the best for everyone.

But Libra, when you feel that your life is unbalanced, listen to your heart more than ever. You will feel very lost, but it may be the light you need to find that balance you want so much. Your intuition will give you the best advice for you to get out of that hole where you have gone. Do not avoid it and listen to it with all your senses.


Scorpio, you are a very brave person and normally you don’t have any fear of life, but sometimes inevitably in some moments of your life, all fears come to light. When that happens listen to your intuition, it will give you the best advice to face all your fears and insecurities, all those things that stop you and do not let you move forward.

When something tries to make you feel bad or when you find yourself face to face with some dark emotions, listen to your heart. Scorpio, it will always be scary to face all those things we don’t want to face, but sometimes there is no other and we have to do it. In these situations, pay more attention to your intuition, you know that it has never failed you and you know that now it will fail you less …


Sagittarius, listen to your heart when you have one of those issues that you can’t stop eating your head for. You are a very thoughtful person with a very philosophical heart, so finding the most profound and meaningful answers will not be very difficult, you just have to know how to ask the right question.

Having a question does not mean you find the answer indicated. You have to inquire a little inside and search, allow yourself to be more open than normal and listen to the points of view of others. That way your intuition will make you see what is the best solution for what so many headaches are giving you. Open your heart like never before, you never know what you can get to learn!


Capricorn, don’t turn your face when your heart starts talking to you, listen to it because you need to face your feelings. You are a person who is used to let go of all your desires and needs for work reasons. That is nothing healthy, in fact, in the long run it can take a toll on you.

It may seem very difficult, but being as you are, you will strive to get it right. Capri, it is very important that you dive deep inside and wonder what you really want in your life. You may not like the answer, but it is important that you have a meaningful connection with your heart and your intuition, they are the only two things that will never fail you in this life.


Aquarius, you must listen to your heart when the time comes to feel once and for all all your feelings. You are used to thinking about the feelings that you never give yourself the opportunity to get carried away and really feel. There is nothing wrong with being emotionally open, but that is your turn to discover.

Whenever you feel that something deep is happening inside you, let that feeling come to the surface instead of pushing it and hiding it deep inside your heart. Feelings and emotions do not always have to have an answer, you should not worry, your intuition will wake up and you will know what to do when you are lost, trust it.


Pisces, when you have trouble expressing all your emotions with words, all you have to do is listen to your heart. You are a person who is deeply connected with all your emotions and feelings, but you cannot always express everything you feel and this can be quite frustrating for you.

Instead of blaming yourself or others, simply because you feel it is easier than admitting that you are trapped, listen to your heart and your intuition, they always have something to tell you, sooner or later they will always give you the answer that You needed to hear to move on. Pisces, you know that your intuition has given you many benefits, never leave it aside … she has never done so.

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