1. Take ownership of your role in things.

Traditionally, women want a man who respects them and gives them attention. Why? Because many women are emotional beings and will make decisions based on how you make them feel.
On the contrary, most men learn to make decisions based on logic. Only you know how you don’t really present yourself to her.
It is time to take a new path because the one you started on doesn’t seem to work anymore. From now on, take responsibility.
Don’t blame your partner, don’t play the victim and show yourself 100%. Often, partners blame each other for their faults and this is what turns the arguments around.
Are you already going there? It happens because no one takes ownership!
Understanding that you are a separate being – even in a relationship – and if your partner is unhappy with something, you respect the fact that they’ve been honest with you and can take charge of what you are. did wrong or what you can do. better.
The best thing you can do is keep that mindset to stay in your zone. Do not worry! It does not bring animosity or blame to the relationship.

2. Be present to her.

Women want to be heard and they want to feel that their man understands and supports them. The biggest step of all is to take a moment and start to really listen to it. Be 100% present when she talks to you. Put down your phone, stop watching sports and be there for her.
You might be thinking, “But she talks constantly…”
The moment you start to get into the habit of listening to her and being fully present when she speaks, the less she will approach you on the same topics. Why? Because her needs are met and emotionally speaking, she feels listened to.
This, in turn, ensures that she is safe and satisfied with the relationship. Another thing to think about is what you are giving her. Do you communicate in a positive, productive and healthy way?

3. Make sure she knows how much you appreciate her.

Before bed, just talk about the positive things that happened in your day or what you are grateful for. Spend about ten minutes doing this, then go to sleep.
When you wake up in the morning, you don’t say anything to your partner for the first 15 minutes of your day. All you have to do is hold yourself for 15 minutes. If you do this activity for 3-4 weeks, you will feel a new closeness to your partner and a drastic change in your relationship.
It can help remove any emotional attachment to a negative situation and help both of you make the effort to be a better person.
Many women are looking for a man who will make her feel safe, secure (which also means loyal), happy, honourable, heard, beautiful and independent.
It’s not that hard to be the best boyfriend if you understand what’s behind your partner’s needs.
And if you don’t know what or how she would like to hear, ask her!

4. Invest in your own personal development.

Many men think that when they find the right woman, it will take all their pain away. Then they wonder why the woman they love might not be enough.
Usually, it’s something that stems from childhood.
When a man has grown up in a family where love is not shown much (or not at all), it is common for passion to die in him when he begins to feel loved and secure.
These men get addicted to the thrill and pursuit of a new relationship, so when a woman starts to open up and share her love for you, they wake up.
If this sounds like you, chances are, as a child you were emotionally wired to resist love. It is something that you have subconsciously adapted to.
Another common trend among men concerns the relationship between their parents. If they grew up in a household where their mother and father argued a lot, they end up reproducing the same behaviour in their relationships as adults. It seems normal to them.
This can lead to a lot of fights and can progress to emotional, verbal, or physical abuse.
Models like these explain why in order to be a better boyfriend or a better husband, you have to do your own job to be happy and healthy.
When you really work at the root of the problem and challenge yourself to overcome it, you will move on to personal development.

5. Accept your flaws.

You can’t just keep blaming your partner. You have to take responsibility if the problem is with you.
Everyone has faults. You can only control the behaviour for which you are responsible.
If you are guilty of little things that might annoy or upset your partner, then you need to make the appropriate changes.
Are you always late? You might expect her to cook every night, even though you’ve both worked all day. What are the recurring problems?
If you don’t know, ask!
Maybe you feel stuck in an unhealthy relationship and haven’t made the changes you need to be happy. If you ignore the issues you are in control of, you are relinquishing your power and blaming others for their faults.
You will never be able to control your partner’s actions, but you can always set a positive example. If one partner does not show up, the other can walk away.

6. Create healthy boundaries.

When you set a positive example of the man and partner you want to be and what you will tolerate, your partner receives subconscious direction and sets healthy boundaries as well.
Borders can seem a little scary at first.
Do you know when you were a little boy and did something wrong and had problems? There’s that little scary moment when you know you’ve screwed up. You have crossed a border.
It should be a point of reference in a relationship.
The decisions you make are based on you and your partner. You’re not going out until five in the morning with friends at a strip club if your partner doesn’t like it. If you do, you lose respect and break boundaries.
Treat your partner’s boundaries the way you want your partner to treat yours: with respect.
Discuss your desires and values ​​in a relationship, then set the tone each day by living by them.

7. Capture your masculine energy.

Owning your male power is huge in a relationship – especially when you want to know how to be a better husband or boyfriend.
Despite the way it’s portrayed in movies and on popular television, male power doesn’t come from your ego.
You don’t have to scream to be heard, to raise your voice because you are more dominant than your partner, to tell a woman what to do or how to act because you are the man, etc.
This is all disrespect and if you find yourself doing this it has to stop or you will never be happy. A man possessing his masculine energy is something a woman thrives on.
You need to have both female energy and male energy in a relationship. This is how you maintain balance. But that doesn’t mean that men have to be traditional “manly men” and that women have to be a subordinate stereotype.
Men and women share both masculine and feminine, but there must be an equal combination in a relationship. You must allow yourself to be strong and also gentle on your wife.
Remember, a man’s role in a relationship is not to always be the dominant one, but to know where he fits and where he presents himself best. When disagreements arise, give her a chance to speak, and remember to always speak from your heart.
Before you answer, ask yourself, “Is this from my heart or from my ego?” “
This gives you the opportunity to be more present with her and it shows that you set positive limits.

8. Stay committed to your partner and be trustworthy.

There is nothing better than a man taking action! This is one of the most important things women pay attention to and it can ultimately destroy the relationship.
A man gains real credibility when he keeps his word and takes action in his follow-up. This is where confidence and security are built for a woman.
She wants to know that you are reliable and wants to know that she can count on you. You show him that through the actions you take as a man by keeping your word. Stay away from temptations that can lead to a breakdown in your relationship.
Find new ways to experience passions and thrills with your partner.
Do you want to be the best boyfriend? Let go of bad habits and really show yourself with confidence to be 100% loyal. You both deserve it.

9. Respond to her needs and wants, intimately and emotionally.

Your physical relationship is important, yes, but so is emotional stimulation and connection. Find out what interests you both. What are your partner’s passions?
Learn about them to stimulate his mind and talk to him about things that interest him. Find out what she values ​​in life. When you can lie down and chat about the things you both enjoy, and the intellectual connection is formed and it can lead to greater physical intimacy.
You might be surprised at the responses women give when asked what they find attractive in men. It is often not what men expect.
A common thread? You have to be there for her.
For many women, the most appealing is when a man can be connected in a way that is emotionally attracted to him.
It means being in tune with yourself, being honest and open, and sharing that part of yourself with her.

10. Respect your own happiness and needs, and take care of yourself.

What does it take for you to be happy and in a relationship? It could be financial freedom, or to get you a college education, find the job you want, or just break free from your past behaviours.
There is nothing better than a man with a positive outlook on life.
It is highly valued (and rare!) Quality in this world today. If you are a man with a positive outlook on life, not only will you be desirable to women, but you will also be desirable to yourself.
Self-love is something we weren’t taught growing up, but it’s the key tenet of everything in life – not just relationships. When you manage to love yourself more than anything else, you will set the tone for all of the relationships in your life.





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