How The Zodiac Signs Manipulate You

Manipulate You

How The Zodiac Signs Manipulate You

There are signs that are like some volcanoes, they remain still, focused on their things, but when they are disturbed they explode. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not about them losing their sanity, their cunning is superior and they prefer to use their manipulative skills to put a stop to those with bad intentions. Some say their wickedness knows no bounds, yet few wonder what was done to them to respond like this. Until you know the true history of the signs of the Zodiac better not say anything. How do the zodiac signs manage to manipulate you?


If your intention is to make Aries fall at your feet, let me tell you that you are with the wrong person. It’s a sign that he can hide, that he doesn’t hurt a fly, but when he sets his mind to it, he activates his narcissistic side and rips apart in seconds. In truth he is relentless, rarely giving up. If someone bothers him, his stubbornness speaks for itself, he is not afraid of conflicts and if he has to be aggressive, he is. He is not afraid to use his aggressiveness, does not trust his smile, it can be lethal. 


I’m telling you seriously, think twice before testing Taurus because he has the gift of making you feel guilty in the blink of an eye, he knows how to turn the tables very well. It is a very strong sign, with its feet firmly on the ground, and can detect your weaknesses. If you hurt him, you should know that you will end up crying, because he does not touch his heart. Wounded Taurus is capable of making you apologize and then he will ignore you


If anyone can win the throne of manipulators, without a doubt, it’s Gemini. He has no problem convincing you, he surrounds you with his intelligence, and when you least realize it you are already meeting his demands. If it’s about getting what he wants, lies are his best tool. He’s a good actor, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He manipulates, as long as they mess with his stuff. He is very special with his space. 


The worst thing you can do is underestimate the grudge that Cancer holds because when tears are brought to him, he stops at nothing. At first, his world falls apart, because he considers his sensitivity to be sacred, but then he dresses in dignity and that’s when his brave side kicks in. Cancer is the kind of sign that won’t waste time doing harm, teaches you a lesson, and then disappears. But believe me, you will never forget it. 


The funniest thing about Leo is that when he manipulates, you hardly notice it, because he behaves in a very tender and innocent way. He’s the kind of person who has the ‘ it wasn’t me ‘ face, but you have no idea how much he blacklists from him. He is confident in himself and knows how to use his abilities to unnerve his enemies. He is a lover of victory, it is best that you do not test him, because he does not stop until he wins. 


On the outside, Virgo seems indifferent, they don’t like to get into trouble, but they are an expert when it comes to using passive-aggressive comments, they really hit the point that hurts the most and do not flinch when they see the pain of the other. His intention is not to harm anyone, but if they provoke him they will know the most dangerous side of him. He is an intelligent sign, he does not require using physical force to knock him down, but his words leave their mark forever. 


A pretty face and a positive vibe, perhaps those are Libra’s best weapons when it comes to making you suffer. Once he puts on the cloak of innocence, no one perceives his evil. Libra is not bad, but nobody is left behind, they complain when they defend themselves because they think that they will always be permissive, but that version of theirs is already in the past. He can defeat you with his charm and his flirting, you don’t see his revenge coming, he pretends nothing is happening. 


The way in which Scorpio develops is very stealthy, they do not like to scare anyone, but they have a reputation for not allowing meanness and they are real. He can’t stand relating to disloyal people, at the first sign of betrayal he puts an end to it. He is a master when it comes to threatening, he does not forget any secret and that is when he manipulates on an emotional level. He knows that what shakes the heart hurts more than what damages the body, that’s why he uses hurtful words in his favor. 


There is no doubt that Sagittarius uses kindness to his advantage, he knows that his charisma and the way in which he connects with his conversations are unique. However, when he can’t control you, he changes the way others see you. That is very hard because he does not touch his soul if he wants to sink you. Ultimately, he uses your insecurities to make you feel fragile and the more cornered you are, the more he hurts you


It is impressive how subtle and at the same time direct, with which Capricorn makes you feel like the most ignorant and stupid person in the world. His knowledge is superior and he does not stop when it comes to using it. He remembers that he loves to plan and doesn’t miss any detail. What he keeps inside of him is a threat to whoever causes him pain. If you mess with Capricorn you can fall into depression for months, I’m not exaggerating. He takes away the desire to release poison again. 


One of the things that Aquarius has learned about life is not to force anything, conversations, love, friendships, nothing. For this reason, he prefers to put an end to it when he discovers that you see his face. He is not one of those who forgive easily, if the only thing you receive from him is silence, it is because he really has finished with you. He doesn’t have time to manipulate, he decides to invest it in himself and get all the garbage out of his life, there’s no more. 


Pisces finally understood that they will not always receive the same affection and importance that they give to others. He struggles because the kindness in his heart tends to put people on a pedestal and when he opens his eyes he discovers that some are worse than his enemies. So he activates the deceitful side of him, the one who loses his head and says everything he thinks and feels. He is too creative to respond to criticism and he has no regrets, if he rules you out of his life there is no going back. 

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