On the morning of this Wednesday 8, a supermoon occurs, which is the second-largest Full Moon of this 2020. This Moon is much closer to Earth, therefore, it looks much larger and brighter than usual. Full Moons always affect us, both positively and negatively, but the energy of supermoons is much more special. It is the first Full Moon of the astrological new year so it will mark a before and after and, in addition, it is in Libra. Stay to read how this Full Moon will affect you according to your Zodiac sign:



This Full Moon asks you to try to solve, in the way possible, those ups and downs that you have right now in your work. You must have a conversation, in this case by phone, in which you make clear what your priorities are. Aries, it’s time to talk. but also to listen. Do not put ahead the relationships that your needs. Never, Aries. Right now you are focusing on making a certain relationship work and you forget about what’s important. The Moon will help you open your eyes and realize that you were going the wrong way.


During this Moon, Taurus, you must keep your feet on the ground as much as possible, because during these days you will reflect a lot. In order not to go too far and not to forget reality, anchor your feet well to the ground and keep things very clear. This Moon will help you maintain a balance between your responsibilities, your work, your studies and your life in general. Despite all that chaos you have on your mind lately, this Moon will inspire you a lot. It is time to order your routine and prioritize your health, Taurus, that is the most important thing.


After so many days being fed up with everything around you, Gemini, and more susceptible than normal, this Moon comes to give you that peace you need. In love, this Moon makes you more flirtatious than normal, so make the most of the opportunity to send that message or to attract that person anyway. The Moon also helps you find new ways to develop your creativity. At last, you will find that balance that you have been searching for so many weeks. The Moon will finally help you to be at peace with yourself and with others.


Full Moons affect you more than others, Cancer, and this was not going to be the exception. This Full Moon makes you feel more vulnerable about love. It is a complicated time for it, but it is time to open your heart and show that person your true self. The Moon will put your emotions on the surface, and you will even want to cry, but, Cancer, do it without fear. You need to clean yourself inside, you need to take out all that you have been accumulating for weeks and weeks. Above all, lean on your friends.


Communication flows in the best possible way, Leo, so take advantage of that drive to be faithful and honest with your feelings. The words will now mark a before and an after, especially in a certain relationship, so say everything you have to say. Express yourself clearly and with diplomacy. Everyone’s emotions are on the surface and that can make the drama come out of nowhere, but no, Leo, you should stay away from it. Don’t get carried away by such nonsense. Moonlight will help you see things that you thought were hidden.


Your emotions will be more awake than ever, so Virgo, take advantage of the moment to show the people you love how much you care. That small gesture can be of great help to many more people than you think. The power of the Full Moon illuminates your self-esteem to the maximum and makes you feel more comfortable with yourself in many aspects, but, above all, in the professional one. Although it is not a good time, you know how much you are worth and that is the important thing. There is nothing I can with you and less now.


This Moon is in your sign, Libra, so the strength and energy that it will give you especially is incredible. This Moon will help you attend to your needs before those of others. It will give you the confidence to advance in those projects and in those little secrets you have in your hands. It’s time to focus on yourself to the fullest, Libra, and forget about everything else. You will not have to explain, you do not have to try to please everyone. That is past water. This Moon helps you focus on the present and on yourself.


During this Full Moon, you will feel a very special connection both with yourself and with a person who is important to you. So it is the perfect time to lean on and talk about your fears. At work, you have to set some limits so as not to exhaust all your energy and all your patience. You will have to establish a routine that is healthy for your mind. At last, you will find all those answers to those doubts and those questions that haunt your mind in these last days. Thanks to the moonlight, you will see things clearer.


This Moon helps you stay much more connected to your people despite the circumstances. It is important that you do not lose your most social side, so the Moon will tell you to make an effort to keep it always active. Right now, staying connected with others, both with your family, with your friends or with your coworkers will make you feel better about yourself and that your morale will not drop at any time. During these days, Sagi, take good care of yourself because you deserve it.


The Moon awakens your most romantic and sensitive side, so you want to spend more time with your partner or with that special person, but since it is not possible right now, you will have to find ways to feel closer to that person. The Moon also helps you rest and put aside what was weighing you down so much right now. Finally, you will find the answer to many of your doubts and finally, you will be able to make that decision that was worrying you so much. This Moon will give you a kick of incredible energy.


The Moon brings to light your most sensitive and at the same time most loving side, Aquarius. Limits cease to exist and you will finally start to come out of that shell. It is a good time to learn new things, to start new projects, to leave all your fears behind and focus on your dreams. Leaning on your people now will keep you at peace and avoid falling into forbidden temptations. This Moon brings that balance that you were longing for. Finally, you will discover that it is not worth getting involved in certain matters …


During this Full Moon, your intuition will be activated more than ever and you will know who you should lean on and who you shouldn’t. The Full Moon illuminates the path to truth and will help you see what you want more clearly. You will have to face difficult decisions and equally, your intuition will help you to solve those small doubts. Feel free, to be honest, and always respond truthfully. Finally, you will have that conversation that has been pending for so long, so take advantage of it to set the necessary limits.