Often the signs, for whatever reason, prefer to hide what they feel from the other person, not to say what is really going on inside them, what is being removed, what they even want. And they can feel too much, it can stir a lot inside of them and they may want to tell you a million things. But they won’t always. For one reason or another, this is how they hide the signs that they are in love.


In love or not, you like to “sting” the people around you, you take them to action and you don’t shut up with anything. That also happens to you when you want to hide that you are in love or do not want the person to find out about anything. You get kind of sarcastic, you fight and argue often, and even if it’s not exaggerated, you like to make yourself a bit noticeable and seem crueler than you are. You try to be bad but the truth is that it doesn’t turn out too well.


If you don’t want to fall in love with someone, even if you are to the bone, ignore it. You ignore Taurus all the time. That thought of love comes to your head because you try to silence it anyway. You avoid talking to that person, crossing paths with them, looking them in the face. You know that in the end, it could be fatal and lead you to fail with your plan to forget. The theory is clear to you, the practice is something else.


When you don’t want that person to realize that you are in love, what you do is an act. What you do best Gemini. You pretend you don’t care about anything, in fact, you also talk about other people so that they understand that you may be interested in them. If Gemini doesn’t want you to find out how they feel about you, they will do very well. And you won’t find out.


If you do not want that person to find out how you feel about them, what you do is that you behave the same with him/her as with everyone. You do not make him feel special at all, you are kind, yes, but with everyone, therefore, he will believe that he is one more. Actually, this “performance” will not last long for you because you will not be able to maintain it for a long time but hey, you will endure something.


It almost never happens but when you want to cover up your feelings and that the other person does not find out that you are crushed through their bones, what you do is affection in some way. Talk about your standards, tell them that they are very high and that there are actually very few people capable of reaching them. You will make him feel like he has no chance with you.


If you don’t want anyone to know what you feel, you are directly lying Virgo. Try to make believe that there are no feelings towards that person. You make him believe it because you tell him directly, even if you know you are lying. You have an end, which is that you don’t know it, and the end justifies the means.


It will give you a lot to talk about others, your previous partners, how you ended up, why … And the truth is that it will give the impression that the only people that interest you are in your past. It is precisely what you wanted, that that person does not find out about anything, and if it has to be like that, then so be it.


When you don’t want someone to find out that you are crazy about him/her, Scorpio, what you do is treat them as a friend, you act almost as if they were your platonic love and also make it clear: “I wish we had met in another moment “or” I love you but it can’t be … ”


Sometimes if you know there is going to be drama, in the end, what you do is you directly ignore those people you fall in love with and cut them out of your life. You do like other signs, you pass completely and force yourself not to see them, not to cross paths with them … Time, in the end, will end up softening those impulses …


Capri, if you want to hide from that person that you are in love with her, it is normal for you to act as if she does not exist. So, directly. You are not going to fake something in front of her because it would not come out so, you prefer to avoid her at all costs. Not knowing what he does or what is in his life or if he will be here today and there tomorrow.


If you do not want that person to know that you are in love / or what you do directly is to say that you are not interested in having any type of relationship right now, much less long. You start telling everyone that you are very comfortable single or that you intend to stay that way for a long time. Surely in the end, either because of you or because others tell them, it will reach their ears and your plan will have been successful.


When you don’t want anyone to know that you are super “caught” what you do is hide all the time and also joke. Like you’re never “serious”. You can “drop” a comment that indicates that you like that person a bit but in the end, it always seems that you are joking all the time. And since it is not serious, nobody takes it as such. With you, it is like one of lime and another of sand all the time.


How the signs that they are in love hide

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