How The Signs Pass From Love To Hate

From Love To Hate

How The Signs Pass From Love To Hate

Love is a very complex subject. Each person lives it in their own way and expects something different from their relationships. Not getting what they are after can lead them to have contradictory feelings and, therefore, go from love to hate. And, they can get to do it in a short period of time. For this reason, there are relationships that do not usually last more than a few months or even less. If you want to know how the signs go from love to hate, we will tell you about it. 


The natives of Aries are very impulsive people and, therefore, they turn to the well-being of all the people who come into their lives. However, they have a very marked personality. For this reason, when they feel violated or hurt, they do not usually give second chances. They go from love to hate easily if they feel betrayed by those they love so much. If they have high expectations in a relationship and see that they are not met, or if they feel disappointed, they can react abruptly and leave the other person behind in a very short time. 


His thing is to go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. The natives of the sign of Taurus do not mind that others give their opinions on any subject, but it does bother them when they want to impose them. They can be very open, loving, and empathetic people, but when they see that they are trying to change them, they simply interrupt the relationship. Taureans will go from love to hate in seconds when they don’t feel respected. 


Love and relationships greatly affect the natives of this sign, and when they love, they do it with all their hearts. They are always willing to give everything of themselves and they do so trusting that the other person, so special to them, will do the same. However, when they see that this is not the case, they feel used, and when the Geminis sense that they are trying to take advantage of their good faith or, if they are hurt, they go from love to hate in a short time. 


Cancers are not people who go from love to hate easily; rather, they are people who like to talk things over and try to communicate fluently and productively. However, when they see that there is no way to reach an agreement, they simply walk away. They know very well that there is no space in their life to come to hate a person. They know that feeling this way does them no good or brings them anything. Therefore, they simply carry on with their life without further ado. 


Leos are people who easily go from love to hate because they have very clear ideas, as well as a most explosive personality. As long as things go well, they are very tender, affectionate, and attentive people. However, when they see that the other person does not give them the attention that they seek and that they so badly need, they can go from loving them intensely to wanting them as far as possible from their life at any moment. 


The natives of the sign of Virgo are powder kegs in this regard. When you’re just starting out with someone, they quickly require your attention; of all your attention. And this is not something that everyone can or wants to do right out of the box. Therefore, if Virgos see that things are going slower than they would like, they start to get nervous, which makes them end up forcing situations without realizing it. If the other person adapts to them, there will be no problem and Virgo will give them the purest love. However, when things don’t go their way, their feelings will change quickly and go from love to hate in less than a minute. They will kick you out of your life without any explanation.


The natives of the sign of Libra are not people to go from love to hate quickly, and this is due to the fact that they are very balanced people. They try to put themselves in the other’s place and understand the reasons that lead them to act in one way or another. They will always try to reach a middle point, provide solutions and offer alternatives. But, if this is not possible, they prefer to end the other person well, although limiting their interactions with them.


Due to their vengeful character, those born under the sign of Scorpio have the facility to go from love to hate at any moment. Above all, if they are engrossed in an opinion. They do not usually change their way of thinking and find it difficult to accept other points of view. Although it is true that they do not refuse dialogue, they do so to reach agreements and not to rethink their way of being. If they are pushed too hard or do something that offends them, they go from love to hate so quickly that the other person doesn’t even realize it.


Sagittarius are very open, dynamic people with a big heart. They do not conceive of hate in their lives, because they know that it is a feeling that, far from bringing them well-being, will only make life more difficult for them. Sagittarius are people who live and let live. If there is something that does not quite convince them in a relationship, they end it gently and in the best possible way to open up to others that correspond more to what they are looking for. 


Capricorn natives are quite easygoing in a relationship. They are not the most demanding, but they love with all their hearts. When they are hurt, they are people who suffer a lot, but they do not go from love to hate quickly. They tend to be people who forgive and, if they truly love, they give another chance. If it goes well, better for everyone. If that’s not possible, they end the relationship gracefully but firmly and move on to other things. 


Those who have been born under the influence of Aquarius are very independent people who are not afraid of loneliness. They tend to get along with everyone and simply want to enjoy life. They are very emotionally intelligent, so they don’t go from one extreme to the other easily. They know that nothing is gained by being like this, quite the opposite. Hate, frustration, or anger is not part of their DNA.


Pisces can easily go from love to hate, but not in all situations that are more or less contrary to them. They tend to think very well before acting and make decisions based on the experience they have accumulated throughout their lives. They have very clear ideas and know how to choose well who they let into their lives. For this reason, they are not people who experience tense situations very often. Now, if they have done everything for a person and he betrays them, then we can see them with the purest of hatred. 

Going from love to hate is something that, if we could choose, we surely would not do. The problem comes when we feel damaged or betrayed and it is difficult for us to manage those feelings. At this time, each of the zodiac signs has a different way of acting and the outcome of our relationship will depend on it. 

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