Knowing how to overcome the pain of the heart is never easy. Heartbreak is very difficult to process, for many people it can be a trauma to the height of the loss of a loved one. Breaking up with someone and getting the idea that this person will no longer be in our lives is a very painful thing, but in this life, nobody dies for love. If you want to find out how you can overcome a heartbreak according to your zodiac sign, take note and read on …



Aries is not the kind of person who needs to stay at home locked under a blanket to overcome the end of a relationship. He/she needs to go out and feel wanted, he needs to know that there is still a future in love for him/her, he is a very independent person, but to be alone forever does not make him any grace.

Starting a new relationship is probably not a good idea, but Aries will think of it more than once. What you have to do is to have a casual occasion or go out with your friends to realize that this person with whom you had something very special is not essential in your life.


Taurus likes stability too much and heartbreak can be very difficult for him/her since, if or if it will produce a great change in his life, especially if he/she was not the one who started the separation. Taurus is a person who takes refuge in his pleasures after suffering heartbreak, that is, going out to eat or cook his favorite dishes will be one of his distractions, but if he already joins the food with the sofa he will disconnect, but he must keep in mind that It is the healthiest way to overcome heartbreak.

After a break, you can go ahead and spend all your savings on nonsense and swollen binge, but soon you will realize that really all that does not help as much as expected and will change to a much healthier routine.


Gemini is a very outgoing person, cannot be locked up, needs to relate and feel that the world does not end. A heartbreak can be very intense for him/her, but despite suffering, Gemini will go out to the street to try to connect with others. He will join any event that he is invited to, he will not hesitate to leave his house to keep his mind occupied, he is a person who keeps turning his head, so he knows that the busier his crazy head has, the less he will suffer.

The problem that Gemini has is that it avoids feeling the pain of a separation and that is something that will bring consequences in the future, you must learn to overcome it as soon as possible in order to live in peace …


Cancer is another person who likes security, he needs to know that there is nothing that can harm him, so when he suffers a heartbreak he feels that his whole world is falling apart, he does not understand how that person so special to him / She is no longer going to be part of her life. To overcome a heartbreak, Cancer needs a place to which he can safely withdraw to be able to unload all the sadness that he has inside, this can help him very much to realize that after the storm always comes out it is Sun.

Cancer should rely much more on all the potential it has inside, it will cost, but in the end, it will always succeed.


Leo has his pride and sometimes heartbreak can become a very big wound for his proud nature. He is a person who has a huge heart and the pain of heartbreak can become much deeper than people think. To overcome all that pain, what Leo needs is to meet a person with whom he can create a special connection, a connection that makes him forget everything and makes him look forward to life.

Leo is a person who needs to see that love can continue to be present in their lives, does not conceive a life without loving or being loved. Leo has a very special essence, an essence that does not correspond 100% with the image that the rest of his / her people have and that is why others believe that a separation is not so serious for Leo.


Virgo is a person who prefers to keep everything he feels for him/her, it is so difficult for him to express everything he feels that sometimes he/she is not clear about his feelings. It is for all this that heartbreak can become something agonizing for Virgo, it is a person that love takes it very seriously, it is not someone who falls in love very often and when he does, he gives everything.

The best thing you can do to overcome a heartbreak is to focus on ordering your life, you are a super tidy person and know that as long as you do not put an order in your feelings you will not be able to move forward. You must analyze everything thoroughly to learn from mistakes and not make them again and then Virgo will be him/her again without any problem.


In many ways, Libra is a person in a relationship, and suffering from heartbreak can cause him/herself to be lost. He is a person who gives everything when he is in love, although people believe otherwise, Libra is a sensitive person, he is always trying to avoid problems and to make his relationship as healthy as possible. It is for all this that Libra suffers greatly when her relationship comes to an end.

The best thing you can do to overcome a heartbreak is to analyze in the most realistic way everything that has happened so as not to fall into the same mistakes, you can tend to lock yourself in and not move forward, but your sociable nature will make you go out to The street to interact with everyone, needs the love of their loved ones and will not be cut in claiming it.


Scorpio is a very passionate and intense person with everything he feels, that is why he suffers greatly when he suffers a heartbreak. He feels that his whole world fades, he is a person who has a hard time trusting others and seeing that the person he trusted with all his secrets is no longer going to be part of his life causes him to collapse.

Scorpio does not open his heart to anyone, he needs to trust the other person 100% to know that he can express everything he feels. The best thing you can do to overcome all this is to take refuge in all those people who have always been by your side. You may be thirsty for revenge, but you will soon realize that it is not worth it to continue spending your valuable time on someone who no longer wants to be by your side.


Sagittarius is a person who suffers a lot from heartbreak but is also a person who does not waste time and knows how to move forward very quickly. You need a little time to realize all your feelings and solve all the conflicts you may have inside. Of course, when people least expect it, Sagittarius will already be releasing love arrows to be able to live new experiences that take him to the top.

For him/her the best option to overcome any separation is to be as social as possible so as not to miss any opportunity. In addition, Sagi is a person who once overcome the heartbreak will realize that he is free and will have a huge desire to eat the world, he may be the person who best takes things or at least with heartbreak is what shows…


People have a very wrong idea of ​​Capricorn and that cold facade makes everyone believe that Capri has no feelings, but it’s the opposite. He is a person who feels everything very deeply. When he falls in love he gives everything he has, of course, without losing control. It is for all this that when he suffers a heartbreak, Capri sinks and leaves his whole world aside.

The best thing you can do to overcome that sad feeling is to focus on your goals and not lose sight of them, work can serve as a distraction tool and you know it, but have let go of the most special person in your life makes Capri is very decentralized.


Aquarius is a person who does not like to stop his life for anything, that is why he does not consider stopping when he suffers a heartbreak, but he should keep in mind that it might be a good idea to stop to think about everything he feels. He is a person who falls into his own trap, he thinks he does not have to waste time with hardships, but what he must do is stop and reflect to heal.

Aquarius has a unique essence, an essence that makes it encompass an entire landscape instead of focusing on something specific and that in the end always takes its toll. The best thing you can do after a separation is to give yourself some time and clarify everything you feel because otherwise, it will be impossible for you to be happy.


Pisces can handle heartbreak in two different ways. He is a very intense person and his whole life is full of intensities, he/she knows it, but the truth is that he doesn’t care a bit. When you suffer from a heartbreak either ends in the depths of pain or makes the pain disappear quickly. He is a person who has suffered a lot and that is why he can make one decision or another, he needs his world to move forward because he has already lost a lot of time, but he also knows that he must give something of importance to everything that happens in his life.

The best thing you can do to overcome heartbreak in the healthiest way possible is to find a balance, that is, not to fall into the depths of pain, but also not to pass the issue as if nothing had happened because in the long run all that pain will come out and It will be much worse.