Aries, now, in the middle of 2020, you realized that you need to appreciate your family and friends more. It’s not that you were a person that not everyone cared about, but that you always went to your prom and rarely had the time to make a call or just send a message asking how your people were. But now you have realized the importance of taking care of them and, most importantly, appreciating them as they deserve. 2020 teaches you to care for your loved ones more than ever. Because after all, that is going on in the world, you have realized that deep down, you cannot live without them. During these difficult months, you discovered that you are what you are thanks to them.


You begin to realize that you are stronger than you thought. During this year and part of the previous one, you had to endure a lot, you endured beyond your capacity. And all of this made you learn a lot. This 2020, Taurus, makes you aware of your abilities, how far you can go. You learn to value yourself and see that there is a lot more in you than you think. In the hardest times, while people were groaning, you were there at the foot of the canyon, doing what you could and doing your best. It’s welcome, Taurus. 2020 has changed you for good. He opened your eyes with a touch of reality and made you see life differently.


It’s an intense year for you, Gemini, but in reality, every year is. What is happening is that this year, you take everything from a different angle. You started the year with a thousand illusions, a thousand plans, a thousand dreams to realize, but in the end, between certain things and others, these dreams ended up shattered. And it hurt you and a lot, in fact, to this day, it still hurts you. But 2020 has taught you to take things differently. You are much more relaxed now. So many days locked up at home have given you food for thought, Gemini. There have been times when you’ve had a worse time than you imagined, but thanks to those low moments, you’ve opened your eyes. Now,


What 2020 has taught you the most is that nothing lasts forever and the longer you want something to stay in your life, the faster it will disappear. This year there have been many changes in your life, changes that were against your will, Cancer. They have taken away many things you had in your hand, many opportunities to live your dreams and continue on your way. For this reason, this year, you have learned to make a greater effort to live in the present moment, to make the most of all the opportunities you have in the present, to take advantage of what life offers you at this moment. Now, Cancer, you enjoy good things as long as they are in your hands, so don’t regret having benefited from them yet.


Your problem, Lion, is that this year you have been silent and have seen with your own eyes the consequences this can have on your life and your relationships. With all that you have experienced and learned, you are now much more open to expressing your feelings. You are not yet an expert, you are there, but at least you have realized that this is the best thing you can do. You know that many of your relationships are over because of this and you cannot continue to lose people who are dear to you because of your pride, Leo. Who sees that you are super sincere when you think about it and that you never open your mouth to lie.


2020 has made it difficult for you, Virgo. This has kept you away from your people and locked you in your house for a long time. And with so much time empty, all you’ve done is to spin the coconut without stopping. Now, after all, you have realized that it is not worth being so critical, neither with yourself nor with others. During this time, you have discovered that you are demanding too much from others and you do not want it to happen again. You know that now everyone is going through very difficult times and that they have a lot of things to solve, especially emotional problems. And you don’t want to be a burden on anyone, you don’t want people, because of you, to have to put in a lot more effort. This year,


2020 has tested you in many ways. With each passing day, you realize that you are highlighting a different facet. And all of this makes you more aware of yourself. You are the typical person who always helps others, who always advises others, but never applies to all of this. But, Libra, this year, with so much time for you, you have realized what your faults are and what your virtues are. What do you look for in others and what don’t you want to have in your life again. And that’s fine, Libra, even if it meant a lot of downtime for you. Realizing reality sometimes hurts, but it is necessary. Thanks to this, you are now working to overcome your weaknesses and improve your flaws. There is no doubt that from 2020,


This year has meant a lot to you, Scorpio. You are going through difficult times and you have a hard time looking up. But it seems that you are slowly emerging from the tunnel. This 2020 has made you much more introspective. You have always been a very intense and spiritual person, but in the end, you always end up doing things the way you feel in the moment. This year everything has changed. Now, before you make a decision or just before you open your mouth, you think about it a thousand times. So long locked in the house has given you many coconut tricks. You have thought a lot about your life, your past, everything you have experienced, what matters most to you now. This 2020 makes you much deeper.


You know it is not an easy year for anyone. You have never had a problem helping anyone who needed it, but there are indeed times when you go to the ball and you do not realize it. This year, you have discovered that it is much more important than you think to be kind and generous with others. After all that you have seen and suffered, you now know that you would help anyone who needs it, anyone who needs everything you can give them. It doesn’t matter if it’s something physical or something more emotional. You know that you would go very far for anyone, you are even able to lend your friendship to someone who is alone or an arm for someone who needs to get out of the depths.


You have always been a very introverted and reserved person. But so much time locked up at homemade you change the way you see life. You have known what true loneliness is, Capricorn, and although you are comfortable being alone, you know that you need contact with humanity. It also makes you happy to surround yourself with people and receive love and attention. This year has changed you and made you a lot more social. You have missed your friends and family a lot. You who have always said that you could live on a desert island without anyone bothering you, now realize that you would not be able. This 2020 has made you appreciate people you love a lot more, and even foreigners. Now,


This year has been a challenge for you, Aquarius. There have been many changes, many problems to face, many difficult situations to overcome, many criticisms to listen to … All of this, even though it was going to be difficult, the only thing he did was to give you more confidence. This 2020 makes you much more confident and do what you want without depending on anyone’s approval. You have endured many things from others, Aquarius, you have had a lot of pressure on yourself and a thousand eyes looking at you to criticize you for the least you have done. But it made you grow, taught you to love yourself and not to pay as much attention to your insecurities. In the end, when you learn the most, it’s when the moment is the most difficult.


Without a doubt, Pisces, this year is making you mature more than anyone. You have spent a lot of time away from your people, from your unconditional support. You have tasted loneliness. You’ve been in great tension with no arms to lean on and the best thing about it is that you survived and managed to endure without almost shedding a tear. This 2020 teaches you to live without depending on anyone. Right now, you know you can survive on your own without asking anyone for help. You even learn to appreciate the time you spend alone with yourself. There is no doubt that in 2020, you will end up being a completely independent and mature person.



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