How The Signs Behave In The First Months Of The Relationship

When you start a relationship with someone you get excited thinking that they will surely be the best months. Get to know the other person well, do new things together, surprise you. But sometimes all you get is a feeling of insecurity and many disappointments that mark the future or even the end of the relationship. There are people who at first show you a very attentive and romantic side of themselves but at the same time they are very little committed to what is being created between you. And then come the disappointments. If you want to know how the signs behave in the first months of a relationship, read on:


With Aries you can lower your guard in those first months, it will show itself as it is, with no surprises later on. In addition, Aries is one of the signs that are dedicated to only one person, they are faithful to one love. Even if you are surrounded by people, you will not waste time being unfaithful or flirting with other people. Aries is pure honesty, he will not entangle you with tricks or games, he is direct in everything he does. In those first months, relax and enjoy, you have the opportunity to meet a person full of fire, who fights for his dreams and with a childish touch. You will be able to see what your future will be like and it will be up to you to choose whether or not you want to spend it with this person full of passion for life.


With Taurus you can be calm, but you should not lower your guard at the beginning of the relationship. Because although Taurus is not one of those who give a different face than they really are, what can happen is that you know the dark side that some Taurus have, they tend to be a little jealous and possessive, and you do not realize it for a few months. later, when you have agreed to things that you should not accept. They are not going to suddenly and unpleasantly surprise you with any topic except this one. On the other hand, it is true that they can be shy, and you should get to know them little by little, so those first months can reach a year. Of course, a relationship with a Taurus can be for life, and also full of pleasant moments.


The first face you will meet of Gemini is one of its many facets. That is why Gemini is one of the signs with which you will not be able to lower your guard in the first months. His mind is agile and changeable, just like his humor, meeting a Gemini can take years. How do the signs behave in the first months of a relationship? Gemini, in those first months of a relationship anything can happen, it can surprise you for better and for worse. Suddenly you can feel him very committed to the relationship, and after a few months he suddenly breaks all the bond created. Geminis have their reasons that the rest of us don’t understand. That is why it is better to be attentive to the small details, try to speak everything and make things clear from the beginning. Do not fall blindly in love without knowing the other person well.


Even if Cancer drives you crazy or crazy, you can lower your guard early in the relationship. It is true that Cancer has mood swings that are scary at first, but he knows what he wants, and he understands the word commitment. He may be a little more attentive at first than he really will be later, but he will never disappoint you. You have to understand that one day he can show you his full range of emotions. But this doesn’t have to scare you. Better that you get to know Cancer from the beginning, it is a sign that is worth being with since it will take care of you above all else.


With Leo you can lower your guard during the first months of your relationship, if Leo has decided to give you a chance it is because he is quite clear about it. It will be up to you to be able to measure up. How do the signs behave in the first months of a relationship? To begin with, you will have to learn in a short time how to handle and feed Leo’s ego, otherwise, you will have little time left in that relationship. Although Leo is a sign that gives a lot for the other person, do not forget that he has to feel unique, special and bright if you want to have him by your side. Leo is quite faithful by nature, so you will not have to worry, it is true that since he likes to be the center of attention it can cause doubts, but it is just that, Leo seeks to be admired by the people around him, to be the king or the queen of the meeting, nothing more.


With Virgo you can lower your guard in your first months of relationship. It will be a great time to get to know each other little by little, without fear that something is happening outside of your knowledge. As long as you don’t overreact in life, your relationship is safe. That is, do not go trying to attract attention or mount antics, it is the only thing a Virgo can ask of you. Well, and take care of your appearance, your hygiene. For its part, you have nothing to fear, generally Virgo is not going to come to you with lies, nor does it go down the path of infidelity. They are meticulous but also very loving if you make them feel safe and give them the opportunity.


With Libra, you will not be able to lower your guard. The first few weeks, even the first few months with a Libra can be a bit exasperating. Keep in mind that his way of relating to others is quite affected and affectionate, and it may surely annoy you that he continues to treat his friends or friends the way he treated them before being with you, with little “distance”. Plus, it won’t take long for you to find out that he has kissed half of them. Do not be surprised if one night he prefers to go to dinner with someone else in a super romantic place. Or maybe it takes time to decide between you and others. But when he finally commits to you, he will understand that there may be certain limits with friendships and this does not mean losing them. Of course, get ready for a few months of bad times.


With Scorpio you will not be able to lower your guard, his Plutonian heart can make the thing truncate in a matter of hours. Scorpio is a sign that will always be attentive to every situation, how you react, what it feels, what it intuits … And if you do not live up to its expectations, no matter how well some things go, it will not hesitate to escape. In addition, it is not the most faithful sign, and perhaps he is trying another more suitable relationship for him. On the other hand, you will have to overcome a large number of intense situations for which you may not be prepared, to overcome the first months with a Scorpio you have to be in shape, emotionally speaking.


With Sagi, you can’t let your guard down for the first few months. Although it is a very honest sign, he is not always clear about what he feels, he is not good at distinguishing between true love and friendship. And maybe by the time he realizes what he’s feeling it’s already too late and you’re on your way to the altar. Or worse, the relationship is over and you have lost your true love. How do the signs behave in the first months of a relationship?With Sagi you will feel quite confused the first few months, but what he says in each moment is what he is feeling or thinking, so hold on to that. As for infidelities, anything can happen with Sagi. It will be difficult for you to avoid filtering, to have fun with other people. But this doesn’t mean that he’s necessarily going to cheat on you, just that Sagi likes to tinker with life, to live to the fullest.


For Capri, who always goes the other way around the universe, this was not going to be less. With Capri you will not only be able to lower your guard, but it will surprise you. Capri is one of those who never sell you something they are not. Honesty comes first. That is why you will never be disappointed, but each time you will discover a little more of his heart, which at first seems impossible. The most difficult thing will be to live those first months feeling that things are not progressing much, or that it is going slower than you would like. Capri’s feelings are not on the surface and this can confuse you and make you feel insecure. But trust, if Capri keeps talking and staying with you it is because he cares about you and is interested. As soon as this interest disappears, you will be warned, Capri will not deceive you.


With Aquarius you can lower your guard, those first months will determine if you are the one who can really sustain the relationship with him. Aquarius will not do anything that is not related to how it really is. How do the signs behave in the first months of a relationship? Perhaps with Aquarius there will be some moments of melancholy in which they do not want to leave their world, and you do not understand it. This does not mean that he is not sure of the relationship, it is simply his way of being. There are not many possibilities of infidelity those first months, perhaps it is more likely after a few years. The important thing is that you know and accept the person you are going to commit to, who will have their rare moments, their strange hobbies, and a very hectic inner world.


With Pisces you will not be able to lower your guard in the first months, at any time. To get your attention, he can do literally anything, which is why, on the whole, Pisces does not find it so worrisome to throw a few little lies at you. So chances are high that Pisces lied to you about something during the first few weeks of your relationship. Actually, in quite a few little things. You will have to decide what to believe and how far to go with it. Because in addition, you will surely find out sooner or later, since the lies tend to come out without much thought, so they cannot be maintained. Do not be surprised when you discover his tricks, try to understand why he has done it. And assess whether or not it is convenient for you to be with that person.


How The Signs Behave In The First Months Of The Relationship

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