What you’ve been doing has been sinking into the quagmire of negativity lately, and now is your chance to get rid of it. Between the bad dreams and the constant anticipation of disaster, you’ve got yourself into trouble. It’s not you ! You prefer yourself as the carefree crazy Aries, who can conquer the world. The Quarter Moon in Cancer offers you this opportunity.


You’ve wanted to do something daring for a while, but were too scared to try. You don’t like yourself to be cowardly, and inside you know you are more than that. You love spontaneity and risk, but you held that back out of fear. Now is the time to throw that fear out the window and experience life. With the Moon in Cancer, you will be in touch with your feelings. Act on them. The days of sitting at home are over.


You’ve been undecided about what you really want to do with the rest of your life, and during the Moon in Cancer, you’ll come to terms with the fact that it’s now or never. Action calls to you, Gemini; the time to sit down and heal your wounds is over. You can either carry on, grow mold, go nowhere, or get on board and live your life to the fullest.


You are at the breaking point, mentally and emotionally; you need change and you need it now. But you must also realize that you are the one making the change in your own life. No one is coming to save you. With the Half Moon in Cancer, you have the opportunity to make a power grab for the things that keep you alive. Opt for life, Cancer. Enough is enough – you must act now.


You have noticed that you have backed off and are not as sharp as before. It’s not because you’re getting old, but because you haven’t had the courage to be the person you’re meant to be. This is a crucial transit for you, and you must act now or miss the boat. Midway for you allows you to step into your new and improved life, but it is up to you to decide that this is what you want.


What this quarter moon in Cancer brings to you is recognition that you are either taking the step or heading back into the dark. And it’s purely work-related. You’ve been a good, polite employee and it looks like you’ve been abused for your kindness. Not to mention being incredibly underpaid. This is your moment, Virgo. Ask for more money. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Your quarter moon experience in Cancer revolves around love. You may be in a relationship that has taken its toll on both of you, but you still love each other fiercely. You are at the point where you can either end it or plan a fresh start. It’s your life, Libra — and the person you love is an integral part of it. Make an effort. Make that halfway mark count. Go get the gold.


You are extremely sensitive and intuitive and the half moon in Cancer only serves to make that very clear. This means that if there’s something on your mind, something that hasn’t been completed or that you haven’t been paying attention to, it’s time to make a choice: either you do it or you don’t. don’t do. But know this: your choice will resonate throughout your life. Choose wisely, but choose. Be an active participant in your own life.


You wonder if you should take the plunge and get into a romantic relationship. There’s someone in your life who’s been begging you to get involved, and that’s kind of turned you off. The half moon in Cancer tells you clearly: Make up your mind now, Sagittarius. Life is short. Join this person or release them. Don’t be selfish.


You are at an important stage in your life right now. With the Moon in Cancer, you will feel it in your bones. All you need is the courage to take the step, and only you know what it’s all about. One thing is for sure, whatever you choose will define the rest of your days here on Earth. If change is what is needed, then act now. Do what you set out to do and go for it, Capricorn. No more time to stroll.


On April 9, you will end something. And there’s a good chance it’s health-related. It means that you have the choice to do what is good for you or to go down the unhealthy path, which brought you to this place today. You have to ask yourself if the lifestyle you lead is right for you, because it hasn’t really given you much more than worry. It’s time to change your bad habits. Your efforts will be rewarded.


This one is about money. The half moon in Cancer is a warning signal. Do you get what you want from your job? Are you paid what you are worth, and if not, why not? This is the time for you to accept being used or to do something about it. You are used, Pisces. Defend yourself. Do it. Now.


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