How The October 2022 Blood Moon May Affect You

How The October 2022 Blood Moon May Affect You

This special Full Moon focuses on changes, renewal, and the rebirth of the most positive emotions. It is a good time to reflect, to pamper our interior, and to “learn to walk before running” because risky steps can have very heavy consequences. If you want to know how the Full Blood Moon on October 9 can affect your zodiac sign, keep reading and pay close attention to the important messages. You are ready? Don’t hesitate any longer and read carefully to find out what it may hold for you.


You need a change in your life and to be more Aries than ever, you feel that you have been very stopped with life and with your relationships, even though inside you have been at 1000 per hour. And that is going to change. The energy of this special Full Moon will invite you to take risks and bet on what you really want, as only you know. It is a good time for you to claim what you need, what you want, and what you know you deserve. You have to give yourself the courage and you must not allow your inner strength and brightness to diminish due to stress or anxiety.


You have to make a wish come true that has been dancing in your head for several weeks now. The powerful energy of this Blood Moon will give you the intensity you need to take risks like you haven’t done in a long time. It is very important that you take the decisions you want to carry out very seriously, you have to commit to leaving everything bad behind because only then will you be able to find the good. And remember not to be too cruel to yourself when things get difficult, that’s the most important thing…


The energy of this Full Moon is going to invite you to take action on something that is very important to you. You have to trust yourself and believe in your abilities because if you have confidence in your ideas in the end you will be very successful. Now, be very careful if you are going to start a sports routine or something similar, the ideal is that you go little by little and that you do not get carried away by the crushing intensity to maintain a healthy rhythm. It is also highly recommended that you do meditation before going to sleep, which will help you with insomnia…


what do you want? How are you and what do you really need in your life? These are questions that you miss a lot, lately, you feel a little misunderstood in that sense because you notice that very few people care about your state of mind. With The Full Moon everything is going to intensify, so don’t be scared if you have strange dreams or if you feel that you are not dedicating the necessary time to your interests or your dreams. You have to understand that everything takes time and that before doing anything, you first have to know where you want to go…


This Full Moon is going to invite you to get away from your people and from the routines so that you can pause to have more time and thus be able to look inside yourself. You need to explore your heart and soul to know how everything is going because the pace of life you lead does not allow you to rest as you should. Take advantage of the energy of this Moon to meditate or to talk to yourself, if you can make a solo trip it would be ideal because that way you would have more time and opportunity to meditate calmly and to solve internal dramas.


The energy of this powerful Full Moon will invite you to be brave and more realistic than ever. You are undergoing a bestial transformation, but the most curious of all is that everything is happening silently. You know that you are changing, but you do not get to perceive 100% the brutal and positive change that you are undergoing. You are rising from the ashes where there is a bit of fear and uncertainty, but the transformation you are experiencing is more positive and profound than you think…


You are going to pay more attention to your relationships and what they offer you from now on. You have always been by the side of the people who call you or who are looking for you, but with the energy of this Full Blood Moon, things are going to change. You are going to force yourself to stay exclusively with relationships that appreciate you and with which your heart feels complete. You are very aware of the effect you have on others, but from now on you must fight to be more selective and a little more unattainable so that more than one misses you…


With this Moon, everything is focused on you, on your self-love, on your interior, and on what you need. This Moon is very intense and it is best to self-reflection on certain issues that have worried you these days. You have to heal, Scorpio, your emotions are very important even if you think they aren’t and you can’t overreact to any conflictive situation you experience from now on. Why? Because everything happens for a reason and this Moon is perfect to recharge batteries and to cleanse the soul…


If you feel out of place or a little strange in some aspects of your life, don’t panic, Sagittarius, this powerful Full Moon will force you to think wildly and may even invite you to isolate yourself a bit to find that calm down that you need so much lately. Take advantage of the energy of this Moon to release everything you carry inside, that excess emotional baggage that does not leave you alone and that has to disappear from your life. It is very important that you reflect before continuing with your routine.


If you want to start a new trip, a new job start or something that makes you very excited, you have to let go of the baggage from the past that you still carry on your back. This Full Moon is going to teach you to differentiate what is really worthwhile, what can wait, and what is not so important to you. Now it is not good for you to start something new, first, you have to solve certain things that you know are there, Capricorn, act with the intelligence that always differentiates you from others…


You should show what you feel and say “I love you” more times than you usually do, those kinds of confessions can free you from a lot of emotional burdens. Be careful not to blurt out what you think or without having a drop of tact, this Full Moon is very intense and it is not recommended that you act in a radical way or that you do not think about the things you say before letting them go. It is time for you to plan your affairs from a point of view and with more peace of mind, you have to meditate and reflect well before taking risks.


Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s taken from you. And it is super frustrating for you because you know very well all the effort you have put into your projects. Lately, you feel that you don’t know very well which direction to take and you are afraid to take risks without knowing very well what you want, but with the energy of this powerful Full Moon, everything will change. Do not neglect your self-love, your well-being, or your desires and your pleasure, this Moon will show you that your efforts are worth it, even if you think otherwise…

How The October 2022 Blood Moon May Affect You

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