The time has come to stop, to reflect. There are many things that need a moment of silence to grow stronger later. You are going to think a lot these days, even while you sleep, and you may find many answers in your own dreams. On the 11th the New Moon will bring a dark night, a night to listen to what has been stuck in your heart and remove it once and for all. Do you want to know how the New Moon will influence you in Aquarius this Thursday?

January has been a very busy month and there are many things to assimilate, changes that we have to accept, even if they hurt us. New things are coming but first, you have to let go of the old ones.


You are going to have to face the same Aries problem as always, but this time you can let the Moon help you and face it with more creativity, in a different way. It is your weak point but do not go low. The New Moon has no light, so that you can live everything with more affection and depth, and that will give you a lot of strength, the one that you carry inside Aries, your fire.

Regarding relationships, if you are with someone you need a little Aries space, and that’s not bad. Try to explain it to the other person, without getting nervous because that does not mean that you are going to separate. It’s just having more time for yourselves.


For one night at least, stop fighting Taurus, breathe a little. It seems like you’re angry at the world, and we know you can’t help it. You have more than enough strength to achieve all of your goals at the moment, but not all people can keep up with you and this can lead to arguments. It may be a bit difficult for you to understand yourself with others, but you have a lot to contribute to them, and if you can converse, that is, speak and listen in equal parts, you will discover very interesting things. You need to travel, we know it, but sometimes connecting with other people is like taking a trip, because you discover different ways of living, of feeling life. Your friends will be there to teach you many things, leave tonight to them.


Gemini freedom, that’s what the Moon brings you. Doubting where to go is over, you have it more than clear. You want to enjoy life, feel every moment and really do what you need to do. The moon will let you feel what your body and soul are asking for. You may have a tension between friends or in your relationship, the cause will be that you feel that they are not able to see beyond a topic. And you Gemini have already realized that you can fly. You can also go shopping and have a drink with your friends, than spend time with yourself designing the life you want to have from now on. Because there is no problem, you can be at everything, and whoever says otherwise is narrow-minded.


The Moon will make you want to make a change in your life, to go back to what you always wanted to do, have you considered what your vocation is? What if it is not what you thought? There are many paths in life and some are discovered when we are already mature …

You will also be more open to meeting new people, but do not give them a lot of confidence at first Cancer. They are not going to be very deep relationships, but you can always open your mind to know other ways of living. Maybe you can include some of what you learn for your life, and change your routine a little, make it more fun.


Your life is taking on a bit surreal Leo . You are asking yourself many things, issues related to the depths of your life. It is time to open your Leo mind, to listen to yourself, to look at what others can give you, what you can learn from each friend. Forget about others for a moment and find a way to be happy with yourself, you deserve the best Leo, and that you have to start giving it yourself. Why don’t you start planning a trip? For when you can take a vacation. And now at least one outing in your city, rediscovering it, if it is not possible to go somewhere else.


A much more futuristic way of seeing the world will help you give that project the point you needed, to make it perfect. Open yourself to the energy of this Moon and show the world everything you can offer it. You will be able to connect with people who do not belong to your usual circle and that will enrich your work. Try to control your anxiety to give the image of security that people need so much and to be able to catch opportunities.

In addition, Venus will be on your side, you will spend very strange but also very beautiful moments with someone special, this will give you a break and help you relax as there are many tensions around your life.


In love you are on fire Libra, or at least you are drawing attention in such a way that everyone will want to spend some time with you, or something else … You decide what you want to do, but do not forget to look for a little time to be alone with yourself. In case you had not noticed, it is time for you to trust that the universe is on your side. Give yourself a lot of love these days Libra, the Moon asks you to take care of yourself, to look out for yourself, to buy yourself a little gift. Look within, find what you need to be the best version of yourself. The Moon is going to help you see where you are, and it is going to bring you crazy ideas to make some important changes. Don’t look the other way, trust, breathe and let yourself go.


Make an effort to listen to the people who are closest to you, those who live with you, and also give them their time to be alone. Sometimes we need to process what has happened to us, and the people around you are going to go through it this New Moon. If they overflow a bit, don’t take it into account. The Moon will help you see things from a different place, much more original and interesting. Although you will find yourself talking to many more people you will still feel that touch of mistrust that often comes to you. Don’t worry, not all the people you meet have to be your best friends, some people come through your life to open your mind a bit, teach you something, or just make you have a good time. Enjoy these Scorpio connections.


Someone from your family or closest friends needs you to listen to them, to help them look out for them and take care of themselves. This Moon gives you the power to connect with your loved ones, and to bring them a breath of new, crazy and strange ideas that will wake them up from their boring lives. But what about your life Sagi? The moon will give you a time of reflection to see how you are doing with your projects, you may realize that you are not doing everything you wanted to do, and that some issues still hurt. You know everything you have lived and learned Sagi , lean on your past but do not stay there stuck, to go towards a new and bright future.


Capri this Moon brings you surprises with your partner, games and new sensations. Dare to give way to a much more fun affection, let things flow between you. If you are still not a couple officially, nothing happens, time to time, you know that well, Capri. Take good care of yourself but have a good time, it’s time to get to know each other more thoroughly, the last step to start something more serious. You may have your family in mind, that the Moon brings it to your head, especially if you are far from them. It would be good for you to get a bit of the emotions that this causes you, from time to time it is good to open up a little with someone you trust Capri, do not keep everything to yourself.


It is taking you a bit to get down to earth Aquarius, you have brilliant ideas but you do not finish putting them into motion. On the 11th you will be even crazier, but that is also wonderful Aquarius, just try not to let everything stay up in the air, the world needs your ideas materialized. For work it will be good for you to try to capture little things, you may have to make some adjustments, finish with what does not quite fit.

With friends, you will have the feeling that everything is a little strange. Especially some people who will appear, or reappear for no reason. This Moon will give you a lot of life in that area, you will talk with some and with others, but beware, not everyone will understand you.


Come on Pisces! That the Moon brings you the strength to get away from that person who was not giving you anything good already … It is time to swim between your fears, bring them to light and let them go. You will be creative, you will be a fighter and you will be brilliant Pisces. You are going to connect with a force that you have very deep, it is time to be aware of how special you are. That will provoke the approach of others, because who would not want to be next to someone like you? Let the bad come out and let the good come in.

Maybe you have to change some details of your daily routine, adjust them to new needs, be original and give it something different since you are going to change it.


How The New Moon Will Influence You In Aquarius This Thursday

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