Happy birthday, good season and good life! Aries, the environment is charged with positive energy and your body feels it. The New Moon brings you very ambitious and good beginnings. It’s your birthday present, because you deserve a good streak of good times, it was about time. Plant that seed (or the eight hundred seeds you have in mind) and fight as hard as you can to bring the project you have in mind to fruition. Don’t expect those seeds to bear fruit very quickly, be careful with those impatient nerves. The effort you put in today will be rewarded in a short time, you will see…


How can the New Moon in Aries influence you? Obviously, this will influence you in very good ways. Because? Because it’s dictated by the sky, the stars, and because it’s actually something you’ve long deserved. The energy of this Moon will invite you to go much deeper within yourself. You discover in you a mystical part that you did not know and that you love. Now is a good time to dive into the world of emotional conversation, so that you have the opportunity to share all that you are learning lately. Pay special attention to your dreams…


The energy of this New Moon is going to invite you to have a very important conversation with someone very special to you. You can’t keep your worries to yourself, Gemini, family and friends are also in trouble. Now is the perfect time to close that wound, slam the door on this stage of life, and start something new. If you have a project in mind, you must now prioritize and put aside the excessive use of social networks. To have optimal results, you have to develop a good work plan or a good routine and you have the intelligence to do that and much more…


You are ready to leave a mark. You are ready to silence many mouths and clarify who is in charge here. You are more than ready to value yourself as you deserve and put yourself to the test. This New Moon in Aries wants to witness your rebirth and your new beginning. Take advantage of their energy to gain momentum and enter this area that has scared you so much in the past. Raise your voice, Cancer, speak up and be the center of attention in the working world. You really want to show off everything you’ve learned, now’s a good time to show off the talent you have. More than one will be amazed…


If you feel anxious at night or nervous for no reason, don’t worry, you’re not like a cricket cage. It is all the work and grace of this beloved New Moon in Aries, she is to blame for making you feel your inner being more fiery than ever. Lately the thought of going on a VERY BIG trip has been creeping into your dreams and just thinking about how much you can spend makes you very angry. Research very well and do a good research, because you may have the opportunity to treat yourself. Why not? This New Moon is perfect for great beginnings and unforgettable adventures…


For you to have good order in your usual routine, you need to have mental order and organization and right now you don’t have it and you know it. If you want your routine to change in a positive way, you have to organize your inner world and you have to do it now. This New Moon is going to influence you in a very positive way, giving you that much-needed extra boost of energy. Your relationships (financial and personal) will also experience a big change. But be careful Virgo, you have to act intelligently and calmly, not get carried away by the intensity of the moment, you know, keep your mind fresh and hold your head high in everything you do.


This Moon will awaken in you a new whim: that of regaining your freedom. It’s time to make a big decision. Your maximum thinking time is over, you have had enough evidence, ideas and time to think. You must act as bravely as possible and be very sure of what you are doing. You cannot depend on the opinion of others. You cannot organize your life according to what your people think, your independence has cobwebs and you know it. Look Libra, stop the fuss and do something right now, because you feel like you are losing a lot of opportunities because of the fear of flying away and you can’t go on like this.


To succeed in the beginnings you have in mind, you have to turn the page on certain issues and you know it. Scorpio, the moment has come when you’ve been waiting for a long time: to say goodbye, to give all the attention in the world to the good things that are happening in your life. Slam the door on that person or situation that you know hasn’t been fair to you. You need to better manage your character and your impulsiveness, this New Moon in Aries is perfect for reorganizing your inner world. At eye level, it is also recommended to adopt a new routine in relation to your health. Your new self will do you a lot of good, you’ll see…


How can the energy of this New Moon in Aries influence you? The answer is obvious: better than good. Very very well, it is time for good things to happen to you. The thing is burning, especially when it comes to love and passion, so don’t rush and start scratching yourself with commitment worries and other nonsense because now is not the time. What is it time for? To enjoy it, Sagittarius, you deserve to enjoy your pleasure and the finer things in life. Don’t be afraid to try new things, be the first to make the first move, or experiment in new environments. You are free to do what you want, always with responsibility, but with freedom…


If you think you need an in-depth discussion or something like that, find someone you trust and let it go. The energy of this New Moon in Aries is going to give you a boost and make you do things that you don’t normally do. An example? Well, on the one hand, you’re going to want to talk about something important with someone you care about a lot. We feel the need to open up emotionally and that’s fine. You probably won’t get the answers you want to hear, that’s for sure, but it will help you start a new phase in your life. You should also find a moment to organize your most intimate matters, you know, you can’t pass by and wait for everything to have a magic solution.


The energy of this New Moon in Aries will affect you in a very positive way. Now is the perfect time to let out everything you have inside your heart. Express whatever you feel and do it however you want. Be more Aquarius than ever, use your creativity to show what worries you and communicate better with the most important people in your life. You can’t spend your whole life going your own way, going through everything and leaving the things of the heart until later, because you deserve to have fun with peace of mind. Get closer to your people, friends and business, relationships will now be much more positive.


The energy of the New Moon in Aries is very good, a mini season of high energy and fun is coming for everyone. This is a good time for you to consider a new savings plan in your life. You cannot waste money, feelings and time, these are very precious things. You must establish a much fairer and just order for yourself. Do not let impulsiveness play tricks on you, you can invest this surplus energy that the Moon will leave you to throw yourself fully into a project likely to increase your creativity tenfold. If you immerse yourself in something new to yourself, your level of happiness and confidence will skyrocket.


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