You know that you need space, that you need independence more than ever. The eclipse will help you see where the boundaries are, in all aspects. You will realize that it may not be good to be so independent. You have to learn to express what you need to improve your relationship. In your personal life, Aries, you feel like you lack air and time to rest. It is time to assume that you cannot rule the world and that it is important to take a break. Be careful, don’t give up, slow down and breathe now when necessary.


The energy of this eclipse, Taurus, will help you a lot to concentrate fully on your projects and, above all, on all the problems that you still have pending. You will finally put aside this past which did not meet your expectations. There are going to be changes in your relationships, but don’t panic, these are changes that will improve everything. Do not be afraid because luck is finally on your side. It is time to seek harmony and balance in your relationships, Taurus. Your intuition will be fairer than ever, but be careful in how you communicate your suspicions.


You have been feeling overwhelmed for a few days and you also have the impression that this burden would not bring anything good to your life. But calm down, Gemini, this eclipse will be better than you imagine. This will help you realize the people you want to surround yourself with from now on. A small problem can arise in your work or in your work environment, but do not give more laps than it deserves. You will find yourself in the situation of having to give up certain dreams in order to reach others. This eclipse will revolutionize your feelings, but thanks to this, you will achieve a lot.


This eclipse affects you directly, Cancer, because the Moon is in your sign. During this day, you must avoid power struggles and conflicts with a certain member of your family or household. Be careful to express your feelings, you should know that there are times when it is better to keep things to yourself. There are times when if you are not careful you can hurt the feelings of others. You better think before you speak, Cancer. But, despite that, it’s a good time to make changes and if you still don’t feel prepared for it, open up to all of the information that comes into your life.


You realize how a certain relationship has deteriorated recently. This eclipse will help you see what is causing all of these problems. You may feel a little saturated and overwhelmed these days without having reasons for this. When you find out what problems you have to solve, Leo, it will be time to talk about things and be honest. The eclipse will help you realize that sincerity is what was missing in your life. To avoid drama during these days, it is best to stay away from the world and take time for yourself. It’s time to pay attention to your emotions.


During the eclipse, you will feel how the tension in your group of friends can be cut with a knife. Be careful and don’t speak or think ahead. If there are friends who no longer deserve your friendship, Virgo, wait a bit to clarify things. Avoid any kind of discussion because otherwise, bigger problems can arise. In everything else, don’t force things, wait for everything to subside, for the information to reach your ears, and then, if that happens. Despite the little dramas, Virgo, it will be a very favourable moment for you.


You have been more sensitive than normal for the past few days. There is something in your life that seems to be deteriorating, but, Libra, there is nothing you can do to stop it. This eclipse will maximize your professional life and bring new opportunities related to it. But dramas can arise from another side. The eclipse will cause certain emotional challenges. It’s time to take action and have the conversation you’ve wanted for so long. It is time for the world to see you as you are. Above all, Libra, let things flow and no longer turn the coconut.


You feel that you need to explore, to express yourself, to withdraw all that you have accumulated for days and days. The Full Moon also improves this feeling much more, but you have to wait and hold to avoid the drama. During the eclipse, Scorpio, you run the risk of getting involved in conflicts and problematic situations if you are not careful. But still, the eclipse maximizes your potential and gives you the energy you need to make decisions that will affect you positively in the long run. Pay close attention to hidden signals and messages as there can be many opportunities behind them.


You are living in moments of great tension and uncertainty, Sagittarius. The Full Moon makes you feel very stressed by a certain situation related to your money and your future. It is not time to anticipate, it is time to gradually plan for a stable future. As advice, Sagittarius, this Friday, it is better that you focus on yourself and, above all, on your health which lately has not been the best. You are very worried about your future in all respects, but thinking about it will not solve things. Live the present and what has to happen will already happen.


This eclipse occurs right in your season, Capricorn, and it will make the effects on you a little more intense, but don’t worry. You have been working hard in a certain relationship for a long time. The eclipse will make you begin to understand how important it is to give love, but also to receive. This is a very critical time in your relationships, Capricorn. It is time to let go of all those people who are already doing nothing in your life. The eclipse brings the end of a relationship, but also the beginning of a new one. The eclipse shakes your emotions to the fullest and you will feel things that you would never imagine.


You have been feeling very frustrated for several days, Aquarius, and the energy of the Full Moon makes you more impatient than ever. You feel like you can’t take it anymore and you have to drop everything you’ve swallowed. It is time to talk about these injustices and these problems, so take advantage of it. On the other hand, this eclipse will show you in what aspects freedom is lacking in a certain relationship. It is important that you take your time before you act and decide. Maybe the eclipse is not the right time to make decisions …


This eclipse will awaken your most creative side and this creativity will help you to resolve many open conflicts in your relationships. There will be challenges, obviously, eclipses tend to revolutionize your feelings a lot, but Pisces will be a happy ending. During these days, you will find that you may have to give up a friendship that did not meet your expectations. You will discover that you are not going at the same pace, that you are not on the same wave and that it is better to leave it now before it is too late. Fill your heart with the good vibrations of the full moon and the eclipse.


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