How The Full Moon On September 20th Will Affect You

How The Full Moon On September 20th Will Affect You

A great wealth of spiritual and sensitive energy will be available to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. The Full Moon in Pisces will soften the energy of the Sun in Virgo, and these two together will allow us to express our most subtle dreams and desires much more easily. It is the end of a cycle, the time has come to let go of everything that prevents you from moving forward, and you will. If you hold on to something that has to disappear it will be more painful so flow with the Moon.

The water-energy that Pisces brings can drown you a bit and make you feel a lot of emotions with these endings and discoveries that will be presented to you. You are going to communicate from the heart, you have the opportunity to bring out everything that you carry inside.

Also known as the Corn Moon, it is the last Full Moon of summer, for Native Americans, it is a magical night, which announces the arrival of autumn and the first month of harvests, fills us with abundance.

If you want to know how the Full Moon on September 20 in Pisces will affect you according to your sign, we will explain it to you below.


It may be, Aries, that in this Full Moon in Pisces you realize everything that you have not wanted to see before, but that has been inside you for a long time. Sometimes it gives you the feeling that you need some people to move forward because they open your eyes, but tonight you will open them by yourself. Pay close attention to your intuitions, no matter how crazy they are, and prepare for all kinds of strange situations, because the Full Moon comes to open your most hidden interior.

It is time to start dancing like a crazy Aries, to write or draw the first thing that comes to your mind and to trust life and changes no matter how meaningless you see them. It will be the end of some of your ways of understanding your inner world and the beginning of new relationships, routines and ways of presenting yourself to the world.


A break in the way others see you, those who don’t know you very much, is what the Full Moon in Pisces brings you. You have matured a lot in the last year, things have not been easy and this is now seen on many levels. Some acquaintances may not like your new version, but it is what you are, and you will not change for them. In addition, you may discover things about these people yourself that you did not expect at all.

The Moon will bring you the possibility of communicating in a much more personal way, and will allow some feelings to come to light that you can no longer hold. Possibly, Taurus, you lose control a bit, but you need to say what you feel, and there is already something inside you crying out for a change. You can try to have a moment of connection with yourself and write everything down, this will help you better analyze what is happening inside you.


The Full Moon in Pisces will bring you much-needed changes and adjustments in your work world and in your relationship with the people with whom you interact in a more superficial way. And if you are not of working age, the change will come in relation to your goals and your way of being in society. For you, Gemini, your way of relating is very dynamic, and this Full Moon will help you to go a little deeper, speak from the heart and pay more attention to others. Stopping a little and feeling everything that comes to you will be of great help if you feel a lot of anxiety these days.

The results of the Full Moon are the culmination of a process that you began about six months ago, even if you were not aware, they are the result of your efforts or your lack of effort. They will make you realize what you need right now, and they will help you to end the patterns that you have been repeating and do not benefit you at all. In the midst of this powerful energy, have the courage to look for a moment, accept where you went wrong and where you got it right.


The results of everything you have done to get to know yourself and be able to communicate better come, Cancer. The Full Moon in Pisces brings you the opportunity to close a cycle and open your mind to new ways of looking at life. Very deep things that you carry inside are going to come out, some that may scare you a bit and that have been making you lose stability in all facets of your life for a long time, but now you are ready to speak them from the heart. Try to make your ideas and emotions not only stay in your head, put them in your journal or in some artistic way.

Talk to your loved ones about what happens to you, from love. Cancer, full moons already bring you headaches and hypersensitivity normally, perhaps it has a double emotionality but you will be more comfortable than other times. Open your heart to changes and discoveries.


The Full Moon in Pisces brings the end of a traumatic affair that has been dragging on for months. Admit it Leo, it has been emotionally complicated, but it is still a process to get you to a better place. Trust, things are going to change, one last moment awaits you in which you will look all your demons in the face. You will have to get all the courage of Leo and repeat over and over again that you can overcome that pain that you drag.

Do not be angry with the world, allow yourself to feel and speak from the heart. Go play sports to burn some energy and if you have someone take advantage of it, your love energy will also be quite charged. With the Pisces influence it can be a magical experience for both of you. And strength, Leo, everything will improve from now on.


The time has come to put an end to some relationships and that person who is not doing you anything right, Virgo. The Full Moon in Pisces will help you finish whether you are ready or not, although I will tell you a secret: deep down you are ready, indeed, your self-love is asking you for it. Relationships are ended, but this means that now you have room for new, better ones that really accompany you in your growth.

The Moon will allow you to speak with your heart and connect to that more subtle and permeable world that is that of emotions. You are going to feel Virgo, and this will be wonderful. Experiencing the emotions that you carry inside is what will help you take the necessary steps in the right direction, do not cling to the past, let it go.


With the arrival of the Full Moon in Pisces, that feeling of instability in your routine and the little health problems that you have been dragging ends. Those habits that do not help you at all, which are obstacles to your growth at all levels, can change if you let the Moon transform you. It is a moment of great sensitivity and this will allow you to realize many things that before you did not even dare to look. The change can be a bit abrupt, but it will allow you to get a little closer to the person you want to become and that you already have inside.

You will discover the possibility of ordering your day to day a little more, being more careful with your diet and your cleaning routines. Harmonize at all levels to enter a new cycle completely renewed and more effective than ever.


Get organized, Scorpio, look at your life and all the energy you lose by not adjusting the basics. It’s about observing your habits, and asking yourself if they really measure up to who you are. The Full Moon in Pisces will allow you to let go of what is wasting your time and give you the strength to end everything that prevents you from pursuing what you really love.

It is time to break with all the above and go in search of what makes you vibrate, that moves you inside and makes you fall in love. You will feel it even on your fingertips, so don’t turn your back on it and get going, accepting the changes that come and the discoveries that will open your eyes once and for all. And if something disappears from your life, be thankful that the universe is throwing you a cable, even if you don’t understand it at first.


Sagi, you know that there is a child inside you who wants to go out, who dreams and who is more creative than anyone. The Full Moon in Pisces comes to put an end to everything that slows you down in your search for happiness. It is time to change the way you have fun, allow yourself to experiment and open new horizons. That which stops you from being yourself is over.

Being able to connect with your spirituality will also allow you to connect with other more sensitive people, who can teach you a lot. You are going to see how you discover that life, playing, creating and love are much more than you were sorry for. Your heart will lose a very competitive part that you were quite attached to, although it was actually holding you back in your spiritual expansion. Not everything is merit and work, Sagi, you know that well.


Six months ago you realized, more or less consciously, that there were some things that were holding you back, that were not working in your life. Well, now is the time to finish with what is left and start a new cycle. The Full Moon in Pisces will bring about this ending, and, in addition, the sensitivity it provides could help you with some difficult conversation, favoring that you speak from the heart. Now you can communicate with more intelligence and compassion than ever.

The energy of your origins will be very present and you may notice that the Moon affects a family theme, giving you clarity and stimulating a radical change that may be a little difficult for some members of the family to assume. Trust the changes, give space to these issues, because you have to live this in order to take a step forward in your life. Once everything is in place, opportunities will begin to knock on your door.


The Full Moon in Pisces announces a new way of looking at yourself, of valuing yourself, Aquarius. It is time to give space to your emotions and accept what happens to you, how you feel. It cannot be postponed anymore. It is the moment of results, your economy will show you if you have really worked in what was your turn to create a channel of abundance, to materialize what you are worth. If you want to move forward you need to close a cycle, and this is sometimes painful.

You have to be brave to look at reality and take charge of it. With the Full Moon, cycles are closed, Aquarius, and this time it will be easier to talk to yourself, to give you the understanding that you give to others and that you often forget for yourself. It is time to forgive yourself and move on.


The Full Moon in Pisces is the end of a review of your own being, now you are a different person, who is related in another way and knows himself a little better. For you, Pisces, the Moon will bring you a reconnection with yourself. And if you haven’t done your homework, it can be a bit traumatic. It is about loving and accepting yourself, Pisces, that you are compassionate with your own energy, and that this leads you to reach out to people who truly respect and deserve you.

If one of them has to leave your life, it is no better time than now. A new or a new Pisces arrives breaking all the molds to bring its authenticity to the world. Feel safe in your steps, value your spirituality and stop hiding it to be able to fit into the world. The Moon pushes you to be you.


How The Full Moon On September 20th Will Affect You

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