How The Equinox Will Affect You According To Your Sign

On September 22, the Sun enters Libra, opening an energetic portal called Equinox. It marks the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere (corresponds to the middle of the astrological year) and the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere. The light and the dark will be balanced and will give us a boost for the following months. In ancient cultures, it has always been a day of celebration and magical acts to take advantage of all this energy. The equinox brings us new challenges and some tensions in the plane of relationships, you will have to balance your way of being, begin to listen to others without losing sight of what you say to yourself.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, on the day of the Equinox take a little while to sow something symbolically, and if you feel like it also physically. Think about what you would like to see germinate, grow and become strong in your life. If you are in the southern hemisphere, celebrate the resurgence of life by dancing in the moonlight.

If you want to see how the Equinox will affect you according to your sign, read on.

Happy Equinox.


The Libra season begins and it is going to allow you to get out of yourself a bit, be less selfish and listen more to others, Aries. Sometimes you ignore what they are wanting to tell you and focus on what you think, this season you will find a way to balance and be able to give others a moment, even if you do what you think is most convenient later. The Equinox will affect you causing situations in which you need another person or a group to move towards your goals. It is a month of opportunities and your mind will be very active, so you could use some intellectual challenge, such as reading some books or writing down your thoughts. Aries, you will feel that now you can be more flexible and that you are ready to take another step in your life. And, in addition, all this change will help you in your relationships,


The Equinox will bring you the possibility of improving your way of communicating and therefore of telling what happens to you. It will help you to verify that you are not alone, moreover, that there are many people who are delighted to listen to you and be with you, sharing what concerns you. These conversations and leaning on them will be the best way to overcome everything that was making you so difficult. A greater knowledge of yourself will make you value yourself as you deserve Taurus, stop thinking that you are not enough and perhaps it will make you take the step to make all those small changes that will help you improve your day to day. Now you will have enough capacity to organize yourself and make the best of your routine, leaving room for your self-care. Because you must not forget that you also need time for yourself, Taurus, to relax and give yourself love.


A season of air energy arrives, which in your case, Gemini, can cause you to separate yourself too much from your emotions, to ignore them. And of course, this later brings us problems, because in the end they end up coming out with a painful outburst that nobody understands. So do not forget to use your intelligence to stop and think at least once a day how you feel. On the other hand, Equinox opens up the possibility of being creative at a very high level, don’t let it pass you by and choose something that you are passionate about to put all your ideas at your service. Have fun with what you are creating, bring out your funniest side and do not censor yourself. Of course, when you are in the company of others, do not forget to listen to them, and perhaps something very interesting can come out of your relationships. It is a time to share and value the people around you,


The Equinox will affect you making you want to have more freedom, but at the same time you will feel that you have to be aware of not failing your family and friends. Cancer, to help others first stabilize yourself, be clear about what you need, and if you want time for yourself, it is a matter of organizing. Having a talk with those people who are already in your life will give you the perspective you need, listen to what they need to express and then tell them what has been going through your mind lately. It is a time of change, you have had a difficult time in your life and now it’s time to rebuild. For you, what you live in your home is important and you cannot keep swallowing what you think about the problems that arise just to try to have more harmony, because then you explode and the problem gets bigger.


Equinox will affect you by improving the way you communicate and listen to others. It is about time that you open your ears, that you understand what the people who value and love you are really telling you. You end that need to be alone, to relate to others. It’s hard for you to find people you can really trust, because you only listen to what you feel like listening to, and the good people who come to you usually leave because they don’t feel understood. You don’t need to be flattered, to be told how great you are, because you are going to discover it yourself and the universe will also show you with rewards. You will have to trust in the valuable things that will come into your life, that will not take long to appear. And enjoy rediscovering your friends, even finding someone you like for something else.


The Equinox will affect you by making you feel a bit scattered, in your world. It is a perfect time to connect a little with what you don’t even know you have in your head. Write a lot of Virgo, everything you can think of, and you may realize something very intense that you need to know about yourself. The answers you are looking for are already within you and Equinox gives you the possibility to access them without interference. On the other hand, you may feel a bit extreme in your feelings as a couple, you will never find yourself comfortable if you let yourself go to these extremes, that is, being very possessive with the person you like or needing a lot of freedom. Virgo begins to find the middle ground and have honest conversations, the other person is probably also confused about what you are looking for.


Your season finally arrives, in a big way, with the entry of the Equinox just after a magnetic Full Moon that will affect you giving you a boost of energy, good luck and changes. It is time to focus on being who you really are, to share your potential. It is time to enjoy your relationships and pay attention to what you could change to make them even more enriching. To begin with, do not be afraid to be yourself, because it is time to make yourself known, you will attract attention and people will feel hypnotized with you. See if any sudden fear arises when it comes to creating deeper and more lasting bonds. Don’t let commitment scare you, and don’t get too possessive either. Your balance, Libra, will help you find the middle point that you so often need. Just trust life and let yourself go a bit.


The Equinox brings you the possibility of change, Scorpio, and that you begin to relate in another less controlling and fearless way. Situations will surely be provoked that make you rethink your way of being when you are in a relationship, even with friends. Observe them and reflect on what has happened realistically. Dare to give yourself more freedom and think if you really are the person you want to be or if you are too conditioned by the painful moments that you lived in the past. This magical portal can help you, Scorpio, you just have to trust and cross it. And don’t beat yourself up, you’ve been through a lot and it’s normal for you to be always alert and suspicious. You have the ability to die and be reborn completely renewed.


Sagi, the Equinox will allow you to think more about how you want your life to be and brings you the possibility of focusing on caring for relationships that in the long run can open many doors for you. Do not lose the habits you have gained, Sagi, many times it is difficult for you to take care of yourself, to have time for yourself, and now with the change that the Equinox brings us you are prone to spending much more time with people and forgetting yourself, so try to have your moments of relaxation and solitude, do not disconnect from what you need to be surrounded by friends all day. As for relationships, surely you feel that need for freedom within the couple, try not to be abrupt and give yourself a second to see what the other person is thinking and try to reach a balance.


If you wonder how the Equinox will affect you, the answer is clear, flooding you with the ability to relate that you need so much to be more balanced Capri. Sometimes you tend to do everything yourself because you know how important it is not to depend on anyone, but having the opportunity to connect with other people, collaborate and work as a team can help you on your climb to the top. Listening to others, creating healthy, light and pleasant relationships should be one of your goals this season. You will have the opportunity to put it into practice in your work, so pay attention to the people around you, but among all this, do not forget to also listen to what you want to do. Libra teaches you that balance is where beauty is. And speaking of Libra, it will help you pay a little more attention to your style, the way you dress and introduce yourself to others. Go ahead and let your clothes speak for you, elegant but with an original touch of authenticity.


Feeling a little scattered and with thousands of ideas that do not come to fruition will be your day to day, this is how Equinox will affect you. A lot of air energy joins the one you already have, that is, your head will not stop spinning everything. This may lead you to relive old traumas, bring you pain, because now you think about everything and remember many things. It is time to heal that pain by talking to someone, writing and spending time so that they do not block who you really are. Regarding relationships, you have the opportunity to create very deep and special bonds like you. But you know that sometimes you are a bit contradictory and you get carried away by your unique possessiveness to the need for space and freedom of the relationship. If you keep an eye on this and pay attention to the way you behave with the people you care about, you can find a balance that leads to much more mature and creative relationships. The energy of Equinox gives you a push so that you can get it if you want.


You have learned a lot this summer, Pisces, you have managed to lower your feet a bit to the ground, and you must not forget everything that the beginning of September has taught you. If you want to know how the equinox will affect you, we can say that it will tempt you again to be in your world, that it can scatter you a little from the goals and good habits that you had set for yourself, but also that it will give you a good boost to create relationships. much more special. It is time to get together with other people, listen carefully, open your mind and let them teach you. If something is very difficult for you, you can always ask for advice and it may be easier and more enriching. If you do not have a partner, it seems that Equinox opens some doors for you, and if you already have one, it will surely help you to make your bond much more balanced. You will have moments to share with that person, to get to know them better and enjoy their company. Of course, let her speak and listen to her.


How The Equinox Will Affect You According To Your Sign

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