How The Entry Of Mars In Capricorn Can Affect You

On Monday the 24th, the warrior planet Mars entered the sign Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn is perfect for making sure we know if we are doing the right thing or not. It helps us to discover if we are doing what we really feel and to check if we are right. The decisions that are made during this period will be much more thoughtful than usual. Can they be crazy and daring decisions? Sure, but they will be more measured and structured decisions. It is obvious that each sign of the zodiac affects you in a different way, so it is better to continue reading to discover how the entry of Mars into Capricorn can affect you: 


The energy of this phenomenon goes directly to your home, family, and your work life. In reality, you are a practical person, what happens is that you are fire and you like to let yourself go and destroy everything. Thanks to this phenomenon, you are going to establish rules and new guidelines that are going to help you in your day-to-day life. It is your turn to lead and you are going to do it with a lot of love because your family and your home need a leader with clear ideas and you know it.


Mars in Capricorn will make you rethink many things in your work life. You will start to think more about whether you are doing enough for yourself and not for others. Take time to ask yourself, Taurus, to get to know yourself and know if you are in the right place for yourself. It is obvious that we cannot ask for much because the thing is not to demand too much, but damn, you have to give yourself a lot of value. It is time to listen to you to make decisions.


You’re going to realize that your last name should be: flexible. That’s right, it’s amazing how easy you are to adapt. Seriously, it’s a gift you should get more out of. You are a super adaptable person and that can take you very far. Mars in Capricorn awakens in you the desire to re-embrace an illusion from the past. Something that at the time made you feel very happy. If you want, you can Gemini, you have to be happy with everything you do.


You will be able to concentrate on what is important to you and you will do so thanks to the entry of Mars into Capricorn. The decisions you make are going to be much more measured and this means that you will have a little less stress. Hallelujah, Cancer, blessed be the time when you can breathe in peace and harmony for at least two days in a row. It’s time to be happy and for the universe to be good to you. Don’t you think?


Your playful side wants to do its thing and you are not going to repress that desire. Mars in Capricorn is a perfect opportunity to create a new habit of routines that are much more fun and enjoyable for you. Going in a hurry is not good for you, you get careless and in the end, you do everything except what you have to do. Creating a routine is key at this time, especially so that you do not forget your pleasure and well-being.


Eat, sleep, work or study. One day after another, and another, and another. You can’t go on with those kinds of routines all your life, Virgo, and you know it. Mars in Capricorn will make you see that you have a lot of new possibilities. Deep down you know that you can do more than what you are doing right now, but laziness is very strong and stops you on many occasions. From now on, try to have a more sociable life, Virgo, get out of your comfort zone…


You will realize how important healthy routines are. Eat well, sleep well, do not use technology excessively before bed, learn to speak better, or change habits without fear of what others will say. You have to be more comfortable with what you do and be very clear about what you really want. You cannot spend your whole life accepting advice from others, without your own opinion and criteria. You have to put the Libra batteries.


Mars in Capricorn is a very good opportunity to reconnect with your most ambitious self. The good and accommodating scorpion that the world has grown accustomed to has to evolve to the most powerful level of all. Take advantage of any opportunity to reinvent yourself, get to know yourself better, or put yourself to the test. You are brave and a very determined person, so trust your judgment and your sixth sense. Take a chance and get to know yourself better.


You need new tools to control your interior, Sagittarius. Your mind does not stop at night and you have to work hard so that it ends as soon as possible. You have to be more realistic with your routine, if you can’t get to everything, nothing happens. It is preferable that you set guidelines so that you can organize yourself better, Mars in Capricorn can give you the boost you need to start organizing the chaos a little. Dare to be the leader of your life, do not leave that position to anyone else.


You are at your best, even if you think you are not, it is the truth. You have a very clear vision of what you want in your life, you just have to go for it. Everything you have done is going to shine like never before, you are on the right path, Capricorn. And why now? Because you are yourself. Because you are not letting anything or anyone makes you feel inferior. Now is the time because you have decided so. Face everything that comes head-on and with enthusiasm, because you are going to succeed.


During Mars in Capricorn, you are going to feel something different. You are a rebel by nature, you know that, but now you are going to look for a much more measured routine. You have realized how important it is to take care of your health, so you are not going to neglect yourself anymore. Aquarius, focus on creating a more stable environment in your home, your people are happy to have you close. Value very much the peace that the people you love spread to you, feel very happy to be able to do it.


Mars in Capricorn will encourage you to take care of your people as if you were a mother lion. You are such a good person and so sensitive that sometimes you don’t know how to convey all that you feel. Now is the right time, Pisces, during this transit everything is going to be much calmer than usual. If you know someone who needs a lot of help, don’t think about it and do magic. When you act like a lifeboat you do a lot of good Pisces.


How The Entry Of Mars In Capricorn Can Affect You

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