Love is not only a “strange game” (as Connie Francis once sang), it is also particularly fragile. Only in the right intensity can it withstand greater loads and ensure lasting satisfaction – just like in your case? Check it out

How stable is your love?

Love takes time, confidence, trust and sensitivity. And only when all of this is given can it develop freely and challenges grow instead of breaking apart from them. What challenges are we aiming at at this point? Well, on the one hand there is the matter of everyday stress. We like to take it out unconsciously and unintentionally on our partner. If love is stable, it can certainly cope with it; if it is not stable, the whole thing can quickly develop into a relationship risk. On the other hand, there are technical love challenges, for example in terms of jealousy. A big topic and often more present than one would like it to be. Sure: you want to trust your partner (after all, then everything is a little easier). But sometimes the fear of loss takes over and turns us into hysterical witches, who take any short contact with other female creatures to the occasion of an ugly scene. Precisely then it comes down to love: if it is stable, it can make you forget such and mostly unfounded slip-ups; if it is not stable, the partner quickly takes these slip-ups as an opportunity to downgrade the relationship to the burden. So: you understand what we’re getting at … downgrading the relationship to stress. So: you understand what we’re getting at … downgrading the relationship to stress. So: you understand what we’re getting at …

Hand on heart and listen carefully: Is your love stable enough to be able to defy the various challenges of everyday relationships? Or is there an acute risk? Take the test!


How stable is your love?

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