How Signs React To Drama

React To Drama

How Signs React To Drama

Faced with problems and inconveniences, not everyone reacts in the same way. Some signs make a world, and they need to tell everything that goes through their heads and get it out so that others know how they are and what is happening to them. Other signs take it with less drama, more lightly, and you may not even know what they are thinking or suffering. Other times, it will depend on the circumstances, and the “temperate” will explode, and the “dramatic” will shut up because they are fed up with nobody understanding them. How do the signs react to a drama?


Aries, you, as long as you get away with it, make yourself heard, impose yourself, or mark the path you want and that they follow you, mount a drama, two or the third world war if necessary. Your thing is not the dramas that come from your emotional side but from that strong character of yours. Mars is your planet and it governs war, so more than dramas, what you have on your hands are always continuous battles to get what you want. Sometimes it’s a matter of fighting for your freedom, others of riding it but to help those who are weaker. The end justifies the means, and if there’s a worthwhile goal for you, you don’t mind shouting it to the wind and then rolling up your sleeves and fighting. The good thing is that it gets over soon, the bad thing is that whoever forces you to calm down will come out badly. You need to do it by yourself and when you see it. Spot.


Taurus, you’re not a dramatic person, but when you get overwhelmed by the painful, the difficult, or the bad, of course, you make drama. As if your experience had shown you that this is the only way to make yourself heard. And the one that helps you so that others know where your limit is and warns that you don’t like being put like that, that you don’t like being taken out of your comfort zone. You always avoid putting yourself in evidence, taking your feet out of the pot, and the out-of-tune do not go with you. You move in a sweet balance, and when something or someone makes you lose your temper, and you explode, you mount drama and whatever it takes to make yourself heard. It takes time to reach the limit, but when you arrive, you arrive, you explode and you don’t get over it so quickly. You are warned.


Gemini, yours and the drama go together but only by art and magic of words. That is to say, you are strong and capable of taking on many problems in life, but from time to time everything overcomes you. As if you reached a limit and needed to explode to get out part of what you have inside because there is no more room inside. And you do it by releasing through your mouth what is not written. And that way of expressing yourself with a torrent of words, gestures, expressions, emotions, and fears is an art and a drama. Best of all, you care little what others think of how you wear. It is what the body asks of you, period. Maybe you regret it later, but because you, already cold, are aware of how you have put yourself and if you have gone too far. But if you get to those points it will be because you lack them and subdue them or silence them, it would be like going against nature.


Cancer, if there is something important for you in life, it is feelings, emotions, what runs through us and makes us feel the happiest people in the world, or on the contrary, the most unhappy. Thinking like this it is easy that when the world is black and not pink you suffer, and from there it is clear that you DO make a drama when that happens. A little because you can’t contain yourself, it’s better than you to keep everything inside. you would explode Another bit is because you love to connect, and if sometimes it’s with that part that is so sensitive, and weak at the same time, then you do it because you’re not afraid, that goes ahead. Sometimes everything seems very exaggerated, perhaps, but that’s how you are, and whoever loves you must learn to love you as you are. What you do try is to vent with the people you trust, and who love you, because many others tend to be so selfish that they do not see beyond themselves. And with those, they are not worth showing your heart bare-chested. It would be adding one more frustration to what you already feel.


Leo, you are ideal to make dramas with anything that happens to you in life. But putting on a drama for yourself is not because you’re down and can’t get over it, or because you explode, or because you need others to help you. No. You do it for the pure pleasure of showing what is happening to you so that others know what you think or feel. You like to be noticed (just like you listen to others), and your dramas, are like wake-up calls to get what you want. And if you don’t get it, then you go from light drama to intense drama because another true thing is that you’re terrible for them to go from your back. And when you want, you make a world and the entire universe finds out what happens to you. Of course, everything goes by quickly, so blood rarely reaches the river. If everything gets out of hand, comes your pride, picks you up, and places you where you come out best standing. No problem.


Virgo, you are not to mount dramas, but mainly because you do not have them. You assume life’s problems, heartbreaks, and hard times as circumstantial situations that have to be solved, not start crying about them and gather people around you to listen to you. And if for whatever reason you have to suffer hard, you do it in silence, you give it a thousand turns inside and think of a thousand ways out, but by yourself. So much so that many do not even realize what you hide inside. If they knew! In any case, if you can be accused of something, it is of magnifying something simple, but it is because of your desire to seek perfection, that everything fits, that everything fits, that everything is in order. You suffer enough that part of your way of being. But you don’t implicate anyone, which is what we’re talking about. Deep down, it’s so hard for you to explain what you feel,


Libra, you are not one to mount dramas, despite whoever regrets it. You hallucinate when you remember all those times when others accuse you of being lukewarm, and precisely when the hard times come, your temperance is the one that prevails, and you shut up more mouths than you imagine. But it is that you like to live quietly, and when they have hurt you, you eat it, you work on it internally and you don’t go crying around every corner so that everyone knows how bad you are (and see that sometimes you suffer a lot for things that happen to you). It is true that you also do it because you do not like bothering others with your things, it costs you, and what you would like is that them to be more aware of being there for you, just as you always are for them when they are bad. Once again, what you do is assume how you are, with the good and the bad,


Scorpio, you are that rare mixture of strength and sensitivity that is very disconcerting for many people, even sometimes for you, since you would like to have more control over what you feel. And to control those impulses to destroy everything or everyone who has hurt you, or those who have hurt someone you love. And of course, when they touch you where it hurts the most, you put on whatever it takes, even a drama. You do not like, yes, to do it in a crazy plan, or as a number. You want to be tough, and that in every word and every gesture what you feel is clear. You want others to realize the danger they’re in for picking on you (or picking on something worse). And if for that you have to take out all the artillery, you take it out, period. And if someone gets cool, you are capable of attacking with everything you know about that person, their past, their present, and every one of their weak points. KO you will leave it if necessary.


Sagittarius, you are someone strong and optimistic but also someone who, as your wires get crossed, puts on a tremendous number to complain, make yourself heard and make clear what you like and what you don’t, or what hurts you. You don’t play games with you, and so that no one forgets, you make a forceful presentation of the facts, dramatic if necessary, exaggerated… because you don’t want them to do it to you again. You don’t do it continuously, nor does it last long, just long enough to solve, and another butterfly thing. And quickly you focus on another matter, that life has a lot to offer you and you do not like to waste time with continuous confrontations about what is not important. But making it clear that you have no problem facing anything if necessary. Zero fear, thousand courage. And the others, if they are not with you, they are against you. Let that be clear. And you will act accordingly too.


To you, Capricorn, dramas seem like a weakness, and people who are always complaining, suffering for everything, and drawing a lot of attention to something in their lives, give you tremendous laziness. And you flee from them like a soul that carries the devil. Of course, you allow yourself to think like that because you are someone rational, with a lot of mental power and a lot of willpower to manage your life, not so that your life manages you. But it’s hard for you, it’s not like it just comes out like that, without effort, that’s why you think that if you can, why don’t others also make a little more effort? Do you think that people, if they were more aware of assuming responsibilities, working hard, and not looking at their navel so much, surely would not have so much time to dramatize, nor would they give so much importance to feeling, which for you is a lot of sentimentality and absurd weaknesses?


Aquarius, you take life seriously and with interest, curiosity, and intelligence. But you don’t go where they don’t call you, nor do you make a world of any situation, and less than what you feel or suffer. Your motto is freedom, among many other things, and that leads you to think that everyone should be able to solve their problems (regardless of whether we can help each other). What happens is that sometimes, in some situations, they touch you where it hurts the most, and if you had accumulated too much, you explode where nobody least expects it. Surprising everyone and even yourself, because it makes you angry to always have so much control, and then be able to lose it in minutes. Although you were right to have put yourself that way. Fortunately, you always learn and take notes so as not to accumulate so much, and thus be able to contain yourself better in certain situations.


Pisces, you, despite being idealistic, romantic, sensitive, and imaginative, fully permeate what happens to you, when you suffer, or when you feel that they have been unfair to you. BUT YOU EAT IT ALONE. Going around crying, complaining, and making others feel bad, is not for you. Although you would like them to empathize more with you. Yes, the truth is that you would like others to understand you better and that when they see you badly, they know how to say nice words to you or hug you much tighter. You may hide your dramas so well that they don’t see them, or they may see you sigh so many times and make negative comments, that when they are really, they think it’s not that serious, or that it’s just one more time. In your favor, you are someone who does empathize with what happens to others, and if you can help them,

How Signs React To Drama

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