How Signs Live Love

How Signs Live Love

Heartbreak is a situation that unfortunately everyone goes through throughout their lives. It is a painful sensation that is difficult to recover from, but not all of us experience it in the same way. There are people who need to shut down and cry until they are dehydrated and others who simply need a few days to think and reflect on what just happened in their lives. If you want to know how heartbreak signs live, all you have to do is keep reading.


Aries is a very intense person so heartbreak will be a great shock to your heart. He feels things with a lot of passion for both good and bad and the truth is that he is very proud of it since that allows him to feel that he is alive. The problem is that heartbreak can tear your heart apart. When Aries is heartbroken, he feels in his chest a great explosion of feelings, that is, like a big bang that does not take into account what is around him.


Taurus gives himself completely to a relationship and that is why heartbreak can be a great tragedy for him, but the important thing is that he always comes out ahead. Taurus knows that if someone breaks his heart it is because that person is not ideal. It is difficult to find that person who will make you happy for your whole life first and that is why he does not get too distressed when one of his loves ends. He suffers, but his life does not go away because he knows that another love will come.


Geminis are used to living being a big roller coaster of emotions. Life never ceases to surprise you, but the good thing about it is that it knows how to adapt very well to circumstances. Geminis can suffer a lot with a lack of love because although it may seem that they are fleeing from commitment when they love they do so with all the strength of their heart. Of course, he does not throw away his life suffering for someone who no longer wants to have him in his life.


Cancer is a pure feeling and always gives everything when love comes into his life. That is why a heartbreak can be very destructive to your interior. Love is very important to Cancer and seeing that someone no longer wants to be part of their life shatters their heart. Of course, you can suffer and cry a lot, but sooner or later you will realize that if this has happened it is because another love is about to come and that falling in love again is a feeling that you will never say no to.


Leo has a special personality, he is one of those people who does not need to do many things to attract attention and that is why heartbreak does not make him suffer too much either. Leo knows that he has a thousand suitors willing to win his heart, but when someone breaks his heart the last thing he wants is to get into another relationship. Leo takes advantage of the lack of love to let go of his hair and spend nights full of passion and without commitments.


Virgo tends to have everything under control, he likes things to be done well and cannot stand surprises. That is why when heartbreak comes into your life, you can’t stop thinking that you have failed. He feels guilty for not having seen what was happening in order to have a solution. Virgo does not open easily with people and that of someone who he trusted 100% wants to leave his life generates a lot of distrust towards others. Of course, you will not see him spend his days crying in the corners, he does not like to waste time.


Libra has a huge heart, he is always thinking about others and sometimes he forgets that he also has feelings. When heartbreak comes into his life, he suffers a lot, but he suffers in silence because he does not want to worry others. Libra always tries to look on the positive side of things and tries not to suffer too much because he feels like he was wasting his time, but he still suffers. The idea that a person who has been very important in his life wants to leave his side hurts him a lot and it is inevitable for him not to suffer when his heart is shattered …


Scorpio feels things very intensely. He is one of those people who pretend one thing but then are another. Everyone thinks he is a cold and distant person, but in reality, he is pure feeling. When heartbreak comes into your life, you feel that someone has betrayed you. He does not understand why someone can stop loving overnight. Scorpio has a very good side, but also a very bad side and if he is not able to find a logical explanation for what is happening to him, he will choose to use revenge.


Sagittarius always has a smile on their face and nothing will ever take it away completely. He is a person who always tries to look for the good side of things. He thinks that everything happens for something and if heartbreak comes into his life it is because it had to be that way, period. Sagittarius knows that it will not do him any good to lock himself in his room to cry and that is why he prefers to continue living his life. It is true that it can hurt, but you will not waste time with someone who no longer wants to be part of your life, it is very clear to you.


Capricorn tends to repress his feelings because he does not like others to see his most vulnerable side. He is a strong person who has never broken down no matter how much has happened. When heartbreak comes into his life, his heart suffers a lot, but he never lets others see what is happening inside him. Capricorn tries not to think bad and not to close in the band, but he is impossible. When heartbreak comes into Capri’s life it is to show her that she cannot afford to trust others too much.


Aquarius is a free spirit, he always goes to his ball and does not give any kind of explanations to anyone. He feels love in a different way and that is why a lack of love hurts him, but it also opens the doors to another world. Aquarius is not one of those people who beat himself over and over again until he shatters his heart, he simply analyzes what has happened to learn as much as possible and keep moving forward. He is a very special person and everyone knows that, but very few understand him …


Pisces is a pure feeling and that will never change. He feels things like no one else, he is capable of feeling what others feel and that is why he suffers more than the rest when heartbreak comes into his life. Pisces gives absolutely everything without asking for anything in return when he falls in love and that eventually takes its toll because when that love ends, he is left empty-handed. A heartbreak can be a great blow to Pisces, but it can also be a great opportunity to start from scratch and learn from the mistakes of the past.


How Signs Live Love

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