Aries does everything possible so that no one discovers their most nostalgic side. When it comes to showing the saddest things, Aries always tends to downplay the matter and does so out of sheer protection. He claims he doesn’t care about anything because this attitude can serve as a protective shield. If you talk about your weaknesses you falter and feel like you are losing control and you don’t like it. You prefer to deal with this feeling on your own, with a walk, or in a place that inspires a lot of peace.


When melancholy knocks on Taurus’s door, the tranquility is extinguished. Taurus can turn out to be the complete opposite of what they normally are. When there is a struggle of feelings within you, you start to think too much and never stop turning your head at all times. At such times nothing impresses him, for he only has time to think about what has come back to his heart. When you come back to your real self, everything will continue as if nothing had happened.


When Gemini is calmer than usual, thoughtful and with his gaze fixed on a nonexistent, bad point. This means that he is in his own limbo, facing one of his existential crises. Gemini like to think, sometimes more than talk, which is why they like to go to that other part that they have in mind. Now face what you want to deal with because what you are not going to do is get depressed about something that is neither interesting nor right for you. Conclusion? Gemini like to spin the bogeyman in a melancholy way.


It is not possible to say exactly how the crab handles fits of melancholy, it is somewhat unpredictable, just like cancer. Sometimes he takes on this task with all the peace of mind in the world, even from a very spiritual point of view, but of course, sometimes he doesn’t. Cancer is an emotional person and is more likely to deal with melancholy in more intense, passionate, and sometimes even dramatic, ways. In such moments, he lets himself go and acts as he feels …


Leo is not afraid to face whatever comes his way, he is not afraid and he does not hide. He’ll do it willingly or in a bad mood, it doesn’t matter, but he will. What she doesn’t like is dealing with the blues at times when she doesn’t feel like crying. What angers him is being sensitive in the times when he thinks he should be stronger. That said, we can reflect a little more on Leo and proudly say that his heart is much bigger than everyone imagines.


Do you think Virgo is a very cold person? Well if so, you have no idea anything. Virgo is a very sensitive person and it is difficult for them to cope with the most difficult situations in life. When faced with melancholy or homesickness, Virgo tends to fold in on themselves for sheer protection. He prefers to do it alone, with the assurance that no one will put their finger in the wound. He can isolate himself, it’s true, but what difference does that make? What matters is that afterwards he is reborn as a phoenix.


Do you know the dreadful bad mood of Libra? Well if so then you should know that it could be the result of something much more personal. If you have to face something that is hurting you, this may be one of your answers. When Libra is in a weird mood (to the point that neither he nor he understands each other), it’s for a reason. There’s always a reason Libra isn’t the type to get mad at anything. On the contrary, those who know Libra know that Libra is very capable of putting the feelings of others before their own.


If Scorpio changes their usual energy to a much more distant, distracted, and cold attitude, it has something to do with it. And that something can be an internal battle of feelings. Sometimes it can be difficult for you to contain the whirlwinds of emotions within you. When Scorpios have to deal with melancholy, their thoughts become much stronger and it is more difficult for them to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Scorpio’s usual passion can become more and more intense and can be difficult to control.


Sagittarius’ outgoing behavior comes to a complete stop when melancholy enters their life, head, and heart. Sagittarius doesn’t want to run away, he’s never done that with anything in life, but in such times he would love to. It’s not that you don’t like to remember the happiest moments of your life, it’s that you don’t want to remember the pain that you have already managed to forget. This is why his face may be more serious and more hostile. Sagittarius loves life very much and lets live


Capricorn is very affected by things more than a lot of people believe, but it’s the truth. Capricorn is a person who suffers a lot inside, usually isolates himself and tries to mend his heart always on his own. But when melancholy knocks on your door, you feel like you have to let that energy flow somehow. He may be on the defensive and his sending pace is getting hectic, but it’s his way of fighting those moments, of doing things …


Aquarius will be the best at hiding things, no one doubts it, but sometimes the key to many things can be found in their behavior. When you are in a melancholy moment in your life, your behavior undergoes a silent transformation. The packaging of this chocolate has nothing to do with its interior, because Aquarius struggles a lot in the face of melancholy. You don’t want to go through a multitude of heartaches or troubled times, which is why sometimes you isolate yourself too.


How does Pisces get out of melancholy? It is very difficult for a sign like the fish. It is possible that sometimes he takes it very well, that is true, but in general it is a pretty intense process for Pisces because he is a very emotional person. Pisces carries this process in another way and it can be a bit dramatic, yes, but what difference does it make? The fish are intelligent and are not afraid to face anything that comes unexpectedly.


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