How Signs Act When They Have A Crush

They Have A Crush

How Signs Act When They Have A Crush

There’s no way he’ll notice you and you can’t stop talking about him or her? Well, you’ve finally found your crush and, although he may not seem like it, we all have one (or more). The truth is that having a crush can make you feel very happy or the opposite: you can feel lucky because you know you can love with all your heart, or you can focus on the negative of not being able to have this person. Be that as it may, we all act differently when we find this platonic love that would make us so happy; We want to tell you how the signs act when they have a crush:

Aries: the one who doesn’t give up until he gives up

An Aries native puts a lot of willpower and effort into conquering this person he considers special. However, when he sees that, no matter how much he tries, this person remains unreachable, he will turn off the details and orient himself to other goals. 

Taurus: the sentimental one who does not get over it easily

When a Taurus has a crush, they are going to have a bad time. But very bad. A person who arouses his interest and does not share it is one of the greatest dangers for this sign. On the one hand, his pride will be resented, since Taurus is the most stubborn when it comes to getting what he wants; and, on the other hand, his heart will break into pieces, because they love with all their strength. A crush is one of the biggest weaknesses of a Taurus. 

Gemini: always making the best of everything

When Gemini has a crush, they have a model. She always knows how to make the best of situations and having a crush, she lets him know what kind of love and person she wants in her life. She is not going to become obsessed with this person, but rather she will make him or her a reference point for finding the true love of her life. 

Cancer: from love to indifference in…

Cancer is one of those who gets tired quickly. He will lose his mind for a while, but from today to tomorrow, he will forget this person. The natives of this sign are going to have many similar experiences throughout their lives and they are fanatics about love. However, they are the ones that give this person the least amount of time to react…either yes or no, but halfway to nothing. 

Leo: waste time? Maybe not…

Leo is clear: a crush is not something that enters into his plans. Wasting time is not their thing! A relationship in which only one feels admiration and passion for the other is a relationship that is not going to work, and Leo is very clear about this. Either you listen to him or he forgets about you: you won’t have him behind you for long.

Virgo: controlling, fanatic… but open to everything

Obsession! A Virgo is all passion and when his crush appears… there is no way he can stop thinking about him! In addition, you can become so obsessed that your most controlling side will come out… How many hours do you spend on the Internet? Are you connected? Who will he be talking to? Virgo will leave everything aside in order to get information about this person without realizing how much this attitude damages them. Of course, when he finds a new crush…. This one will go down in history quickly. 

Libra: a crush in your life? Will finish him off quickly

Not at all! No joke! How is Libra going to waste time chasing a crush if things are so clear? Libra will let this special person know how they feel about them. But, if she doesn’t respond, it will become history. Libra knows what she wants and if someone becomes a crush, platonic love that can’t be had, Libra will look the other way. It won’t take long for her to overcome this “addiction”.

Scorpio: clear, forceful, and without turning back

The things clear and the chocolate thick…. A Scorpio is not going to give if he does not get… Although he may have the deepest feelings for this person, a Scorpio knows well when to put an end to situations that do not compensate him. He’s going to be direct and sincere… Does his crush not respond to his interests? Well, the crush is over…. That easy. 

Sagittarius: wasted energy, quick forgetfulness

Sagittarius will go crazy when he finds his crush and will fight, fight to make this relationship possible. This fight that he is going to engage in is going to steal a lot of his energy and, it is at this point when he will give up. Sagittarius knows how to flow with life and if this relationship does not bring him something, it will be… It goes from everything to nothing in a matter of hours or days, at most…

Capricorn: change? Not at all

He is neither going to get upset nor change his life. A Capricorn will never alter her routine to keep an eye on another person, and even less so if they don’t pay any attention to her… Have you had a crush? Well okay. But, this does not mean that he is going to change anything at all… His crush will be there, like another person he has met… No more, no less. 

Aquarius: give in a little? Okay, but up to the limits

Although it may seem impossible, Aquarians can enter a spiral of brutal changes in order to get their crush to notice them. But weren’t Aquarians independent and solitary people? Well, when they have a crush it seems that it is not like that. They will be able to give up part of their space in order to move on to adults with this person. Of course, after a while, they do not get the attention they seek, they will go to the other extreme…Total ignorance. 

Pisces: Is the world still spinning?

Ugh…When Pisces has a crush…. The world stops, no one moves and Pisces spends the day in the clouds dreaming of what can become… Something that will never come and that will end up leaving him on the ground. But hey, you learn from everything and a platonic love will teach Pisces to reduce their expectations… You can’t fall in love with the first person who crosses your path, Pisces!

Having a crush is inevitable and we are all going to go through this type of relationship at some point in our lives. But what is the best way to act so that this platonic relationship does not leave us out of the game for a while? Well, understand that a crush will always be a crush… A relationship in which we can dream, but in which we cannot obsess. 

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