As a sign of fire, you don’t feel so powerful when a powerful sign of water dominates the atmosphere. Your usual spark and flair may be a little weaker during the Scorpion Zone. Expect to lose arguments.


You really like to party – that’s your thing, and the Scorpion Zone brings out that love in you. You will find yourself spending too much money on entertainment during this time, but all of what works best for you is fine. Take advantage of the month!


If there was one thing you didn’t need, it was the Scorpion in the sky, which hindered everything you were doing, which is very little, because you still can’t decide if you want to wake up or sleep. life away. The Scorpion is there to exacerbate your already raw mood.


The Scorpion area will surprise you here. Suddenly you are in everything: sex, food, partying, drugs. Oh yes, in this cosmic change, you try everything and say “to hell” if you fail. And fail, maybe you could, but worry about it? Surely not.


If there is something you really want, this is the time when all of your mighty nerves will go up so you can get what you want, thanks to the scorpion’s burning power. You will do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal, no matter what it takes.


The Scorpion area makes you feel a little under the weather. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself with a cough or cold. It’s brutal, and if there are germs to pick up, Scorpion makes sure you catch them all. Sorry, Virgin.


If you ever had time to get in touch with all of this heartbreaking hatred in you, it’s here. The Scorpion area is cool, cruel and relentless and your revenge fantasies are in full swing during this time. Try not to have a brain hemorrhage by focusing on your hatred towards everyone.


Start spreading the word! It’s your time, baby Scorpio – cruel, sadistic and sexy mofo. You are in your brilliant hour, and my boy, you do not know it. Pay attention to how much you are delivering this month, your partner’s body can only handle that much.


This is where you have to take out your inner b ****, Sagittarius. And if you’re about to succeed, you might as well be a full-fledged Scorpion. In our interest, try to reduce this pettiness and, if you can refrain from dropping all of your friends, do so then, in your own interest.


The Scorpion zone only reminds you that it is the end of the year and that, if Halloween is here, your birthday is the next big party that will take place … after the boring old Thanksgiving. It all depends on you during the Zone, as always. Start making your birthday list now and stay focused on what really matters to you.


You hid behind the tasteless behaviour of Aquarian throughout the year. But during the Scorpion zone, you will be surprised how nervous you will feel. This is the time when all the good Aquarians are really bad. Please do not put cat treats in the Halloween candy bowl. Kids really hate cat treats.


Tired of being the Zodiac Wimp? Well, because that’s your big problem, Pisces. The Scorpion Zone will open you like a can of sardines and make you feel right at home as you rebel against everything you have always believed in during this time. This is the time when Pisces breaks the mould and does not turn over.


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