You fall in love very quickly. You love the adventures, novelties and exciting experiences. And when you fall in love with someone, it happens with lightning speed and with all the passion. However, when the initial stage of a relationship ends, you leave it because you are afraid of commitment.


You fall in love faster than all the signs of the zodiac. You have a big, open heart, and you are always looking for a partner to whom you can hand it. Your jealousy may prevent you from firmly loving your chosen one, but you are not able to prevent your feelings from taking possession of you.


Gemini, you are too busy to know yourself, let alone know someone else. You have an active social life, attractive nature and a lot of romantic opportunities. You just do not know who you are and what you want, and until you find out, you cannot fall in love quickly.


You fall in love quickly and easily. You live in harmony with your emotions and experiences that allow you to feel alive and vigorous. And, although you have been wounded in the past, this does not prevent you from quickly falling in love.


You are a very warm and loving person. However, you urgently need to control everything and everyone, and prevent yourself from falling in love by looking for reasons why your partner is not good enough for you.



When it comes to dating, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of doubts and negative thoughts, such as those that the relationship will fail and will be a waste of time, etc. Because of your tendency to predict future events and look for problems where there are none, it is very difficult for you to fall in love.


You do not fall in love quickly, but do not slow down on the way to love. At first, you are a little confused when you are trying to find out if a partner is worth your strength and effort, but as soon as you are determined, you are completely absorbed in feelings.


Like Leo, you have many wonderful qualities. You are a passionate, fascinating and attractive personality. But you are also very closed, jealous and stubborn. You do not want to put your heart under fire, you want your partner’s attachment to be obvious and guaranteed. Your need for everything to be yours is the reason you often keep yourself from jumping into feelings.


You adore love. You are attracted to bright experiences, so it is not surprising that it does not take long to fall in love with someone. You are very optimistic and too fond of your partner, but for the most part, if you find the right person, you quickly fall in love with him.


You are the slowest sign in love, mainly because when it comes to love, you are incredibly stubborn. You convince yourself that you need to choose a successful career, not a relationship. However, with the right person, you can certainly combine relationships and work. So give love a chance.


When you’re in love, you’re just a darling. You are honest, loyal, focused on important things and very exciting. But you need a lot of time to fall in love, as you yourself slow down. You slowly fall in love, because you are shutting yourself away from people to whom you feel something, fearing that you will lose control and be injured. Be that as it may, you will fight with love until you relax and surrender to the will of the senses.


It is easy for you to fall in love with someone because of your sympathy and tenderness that overwhelms you. But you are easily distracted by new, exciting perspectives. Thus, you have no opportunity to achieve deep love, because you are always distracted by something new.



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