How Much Narcissism Is There In You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Narcissism refers to a group of traits that describes pathology or mental disease . Anyone, born under any sign, can become narcissistic even as anyone born under any sign can suffer from the other mental disease , however the signs may express narcissism in several ways.

Aries becomes narcissistic because they need blinders to other people’s feelings and it’s easier for them to ascertain their own ambition, albeit they believe they’re doing something to profit others. likelihood is that they’re considering their own gain first and foremost and like to be the hero or heroine.

Taurus likes to be admired albeit they aren’t clinically narcissistic. When suffering from narcissism, Taurus will expect to be admired and supported financially and should expect promotions and gifts or assets they didn’t earn.

Gemini expresses narcissistic traits through mind games including gaslighting. they’re smart and that they realize it and aren’t above using their intelligence in contortionist ways to convince you the sky is red when it’s really blue.

Cancer expresses narcissism by corrupting their gifts for nurturing. they’re going to pretend to require care of others but are literally holding them hostage during a subtle game of smothering and codependency in order that they won’t find yourself alone.

Leo expresses narcissism by insisting on being within the spotlight. they’re going to pretend to try to to things for you when really using the chance to market themselves and let the planet skills wonderful they’re .

Virgo’s narcissism is subtle and masked under the guise of service. they’re going to attend great lengths to undertake to manage others’ lives but really try to dis-empower others and dominate their decisions. Before you recognize it, the narcissistic Virgo has full control of your finances, schedule, medications and even the upkeep of your car.

Libra expresses narcissism by pretending to be helpless in order that you’ll feel compelled to try to to everything for them, at an equivalent time they command the eye of everyone they meet and pretend to be friendly and flirty but are really just trying to remain on top of things of others.

Scorpio expresses narcissism through explosive fits of anger and jealousy and emotionally manipulating others. Mind games aren’t beyond Scorpio also as they’re going to maintain control at any cost, learning the inner secrets of others and using this as blackmail.

Sagittarius shows narcissism through their desire to be affiliated with status and wealth and their pursuit of luxury even at the value of others.

Capricorn’s narcissism is related to their desire for other people’s money and resources and their use of cash and financial control to regulate their relationship with others.

Aquarius acts aloof and detached but can explode into fits of rage if their brilliance isn’t recognized and admired by others.

Pisces narcissism is typically linked to their addictions to other mind altering substances and their self delusions of grandeur and fame, success and talent. They sleep in phantasy world when not healthy and can insist that others invest their illusions. they’ll also play the victim and use threats of self harm or relapse on drugs and alcohol to stay others on the brink of them.


How Much Narcissism Is There In You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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