How Much Does It Cost For The Signs To Say ‘I Love You’

How Much Does It Cost For The Signs To Say ‘I Love You’

“I love you” are two words that are not always easy to pronounce. Despite the fact that, on many occasions, it crosses our minds to say them to this person with whom we share great moments, the truth is that, sometimes, we end up leaving this idea aside and continuing as before. Some cost more than others and we want to tell you how much it costs you and why. Here you will discover how much it costs the signs to say ‘I love you:


Courage is one of your most characteristic traits, as well as impulsiveness. However, you also have problems when it comes to opening up to others and expressing how you feel. This, not to mention, the fear of commitment: you are afraid of losing your freedom. However, you love when others do show you affection. Doesn’t that seem a bit paradoxical to you? Don’t cut yourself anymore. If you feel you love this person, let them know. You will see how everything will work out.


You have a hard time saying these words because you don’t easily trust people (or the one you share your life with) and you become paralyzed by the possibility that this person doesn’t feel the same as you. Taurus, you move away from everything that can hurt you and this prevents you from living great moments in love. However, have you ever stopped to think that you will never know how this person feels about you if you don’t ask? Sometimes the best thing to do is loosen up a bit and take the first step. As much as it costs.


Communication and dialectics are in your personality, as well as your duality. Sometimes, you would love to shout to the wind how much you love this person. However, in others, you back down. Yours is, to tell the truth at all times and you do not usually let the moment lead you to say things that you are not sure of. Therefore, saying “I love you” to someone costs you a lot. Not to mention, furthermore, that you are terribly afraid of suffering again. But keep in mind that this only deprives you of stable, healthy, and most enriching relationships.


Cancer, you are a careful romantic and it is not difficult for you to share your feelings with others. And, less, with that person who makes you feel special every day. However, you have had your heart broken hundreds of times and this has led you to be a little more careful when saying “I love you” to someone. You don’t like to be played with, it’s normal, and it’s okay to take your time when taking important steps. However, waiting too long can also cause the other person to distance themselves from you, or end up losing them. Think about it.


Expressing how you feel is something that can cost you at times and it is that you know perfectly well how you are. You shine wherever you go and you are always the center of attention. You love it, you love being who you are and you will never give it up. However, you are also very aware that there are those who do not like this way of being: there are people who prefer to be calmer, to live a little more in the shadows. You just need to be with someone who likes to go unnoticed! For this reason, you usually analyze the situation very well before releasing an I love you!


You are not characterized by being a person who likes to express their feelings and it is that, not only have they taken advantage of you thousands of times when you have done so, but they have also broken your heart countless times. And when they break your heart, they destabilize you. That’s why it’s so hard for you to pronounce these words. You are a perfectionist and a fighter, and you are not willing to let other aspects of your life suffer from heartbreak. However, remember that there are opportunities that do not happen twice in life. For this reason, Virgo, study this relationship well, take a little perspective if necessary, but do not always refuse to say “I love you”. There are people in your life who deserve to hear it.


You don’t like to hurt anyone at all. And, at times, he can be most indecisive. You don’t like to say “I love you” if you’re not sure about it. Or that the other person feels the same way about you. However, you love to be surrounded by your loved ones, to show your love, and for others to offer it to you. So why not open up a little more to this love of your life? They won’t always break your heart. Libra, reflects on this relationship and ends up making a decision. You can’t keep a person on tenterhooks all their lives.


You are the king of mystery and you never fully open up to anyone. You know well that this is not the way love is played; or, at least, in your case, but you also know that you don’t care much. You are clear that whoever wants to be by your side must accept you as you are. In addition, you are one of those who prefers to show things more than to say them. And, in fact, you are right. Words, after all, are words and you have it very clear. You prefer to show, day by day, how much you care about someone (although it can also cost you a little), rather than go with kitsch.


These two words, for you, are synonymous with commitment. Of something very serious. Of something that you are not sure of. Sagi, you love your independence, being around people, and living life to the fullest. And, having a person next to you who limits you is not something that makes you very funny. However, have you thought that this person may be similar to you? Not everyone who comes into your life plans to limit you. Many people will know how to respect how you are. And, even more, the one who loves you and supports you in everything you do. And, deep down, you know it.


You are most responsible and have great control over your emotions. You like to go slowly through life, especially when it comes to serious things. You need to analyze, you need to reflect and you never make desperate decisions. It is, in part, for this reason, that you are not one of those who run to pronounce these words. It’s not that you’re afraid to commit, but you want to be super sure of it before taking a step. First, you must be sure of what you really feel, and then it will be seen.


Saying “I love you” costs you horribly because emotions are important to you and you don’t like to play with others. You know well that pronouncing them will lead the other person to have expectations of the relationship, that they want to go further. And this, let’s face it, is something that gives you an unspeakable fear. Yours is to go to yours, do what you want, and, above all, keep certain distances with people that allow you to maintain your space. You like to feel free and say a few words, you know that this way of living that is so much yours can cost you.


Being in love is your thing. Being in a couple is your thing. Pisces, you give everything from the first moment and you love to feel loved and love others. Yes, you love loving others. But, when it comes time to say “I love you”, sometimes it can be difficult. You know that you have been broken a thousand times; still, you are still searching for this perfect relationship. Now, you have learned that you should not always be the one to make the first move. And, therefore, now you contain yourself a little more.


How Much Does It Cost For The Signs To Say 'I Love You'


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